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10 Best Car Air Mattresses in 2024

Are you looking to go on the road trip and want to ensure the tour stays free from worries? If yes, then there is no way that you will wish to have the best car air mattresses that can be useful for a variety of purposes. It is a perfect accessory that will allow you to enjoy extreme comfort during the tour. This great option can make sure hiking and camping become better. There is a substantial variety of this equipment available in the market for catering to the needs of different buyers. The majority of buyers often get confused about the choices available in the market due to a lack of necessary knowledge.

Having such a mattress will ensure you get extra convenience and savings because you won’t have to use the money to stay in the hotel. A car air mattress can also be beneficial for having terrific lunch naps during the adventurous tour. That’s not all; it is fragile furniture that makes the transport very easy. The companies manufacture them in a variety of colors and designs for making sure everyone can easily buy according to their needs.

The majority of our buyers stay worried about buying the right option because they often get confused by the advertisements of companies. Don’t worry, we are here to help the users in choosing the perfect product, and the same goes for this one. Our team has adequately researched the various models and succeeded in creating a list of top 10 best car air mattresses available to buy in 2024. Let’s check all the models and buy the one that you like the most.

Top Best Car Air Mattresses in 2024

10. King Camp Universal Car Inflatable Air Mattress (best for the long ride)

KingCamp Best Car Air Mattresses

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We will begin the list with this universally compatible model that you can shop for extended trips. It is a waterproof model that you can even use outside camping.

It is a leak-proof product that will let you enjoy sleeping on a smoother material like a sofa. The company has coated it using the skin-friendly flocked surface to avoid skin irritation.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Made using skin-friendly material
  • Super easy to clean
  • Very positive reputation


  • Little bit thin foam

9. Berocia Air Mattress (best for design)


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The next product is for the people who look for the options crafted in the best designs. It is a super comfortable product whose flocking surface will win your heart in every manner.

The company sells it in two different variants to give you enough choice to choose. Invest money in this environmentally designed mattress and enjoy a fantastic tour.


  • Super comfortable to sleep
  • Manufactured using environment-friendly material
  • Available in two different variants
  • Very easy to inflate and deflate


  • Low-quality pump

8. Smart Speed Car Air Mattress (best for deflation)

SmartSpeedCar Best Car Air Mattresses

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The individuals who hate the deflation process should invest money in this quality model. It is compatible with most of the vehicles and creates a very comfortable space for the system.

The company has manufactured it using top-quality PVC material whose authenticity has passed all the tests.


  • Super convenient to carry
  • Deflated within seconds
  • Very soft & durable construction
  • Affordable to buy


  • Set-up takes times to complete

7. Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattress (best twin car air mattress set)


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If you are a romantic couple, prefer going on long road trips, then this air mattress from the Sound Asleep brand is you need to buy. It is a brilliant automatic pump that can add comfort to your experience.

It can be charged using a car charger quite quickly, along with maximum security. This twin pack is an exciting option that a couple can buy without any issue.


  • Equipped with coil technology for extra comfort
  • Delivered with a quality storage bag
  • Made using eco-friendly material
  • Enough space for couples


  • Setting up takes time

6. VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress

VaygWay Best Car Air Mattresses

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This air mattress from the VayaWay brand manufactured using premium quality material for better durability and performance. It has a brilliant construction allowing you to set the unit in almost all types of cars without too much issue.

There are two pillows added to the mattress for making sure you can use it for longer trips. Overall, it is an excellent option that deserves your investment in every sense.


  • Capable of getting inflated quickly
  • Give better comfort
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Long lasting product


  • Very poor packaging system

5. QDH Air Mattress (best for portability)


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The fifth position deserved by QDH air mattresses that are known for their fantastic portability. It made using skin-friendly PVC material that eliminates the chances of any allergy. The company has provided a head crash proof and drop-proof design to this mattress for providing extra safety, especially to the kids.

It is capable of fulfilling the needs of various car owners that range from saloon cars to MPV and even SUV. This easy to use model can inflate using the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.


  • Super convenient to carry
  • Wear-resistant finish
  • Made using skin-friendly material
  • Can be used for camping due to waterproof construction


  • Little bit costly when compared with others

4. Olivia & Aiden Inflatable Car Air Mattress (best budget-friendly pick)

OLIVIA & AIDEN Best Car Air Mattresses

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The next product made for people looking for a budget-friendly car air mattress without paying too much money. It is a quality model that makes sure you have a quality sleep thanks to its full backseat design and cushioned material.

This multi-purpose pick is perfect for a variety of occasions like long road trips, hiking, camping, etc. Despite being available at a low price, this unit delivered with a durable air pump that allows the buyers to save extra bucks.


  • Equipped with thick and soft PVC top
  • Fits perfectly in the back seat
  • Perfect to sleep for longer hours
  • Inflates very quickly in minutes


  • Minor issues about leakage in a few issues

3. Wey & Fly Air Mattress (best air mattresses for SUVs)


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If you own an SUV and looking for a high-quality mattress for it, then don’t look beyond this excellent model. It comes with a dedicated mobile cushion system that boosts convenience and increases the comfort to a higher level. The presence of thickened and double-sided flocking provides the extended lasting longevity to the mattress.

The specialty of this unit is it comes with four different segments for inflation. It helps in proper inflation of this unit to make it ready for multi-person use.


  • Made using odorless and non-toxic material
  • Highly breathable material
  • Capable of adapting various weather conditions
  • Fits perfectly in most of the SUVs


  • Only available in a single color

2. Goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress (runners up)

goldhik Best Car Air Mattresses

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The second last option that we want to mention is an all-rounder that only makes inflation and deflation quickly, but it gives you the liberty to adjust the process according to your needs. This high-quality mattress manufactured using top quality PVC that allows the unit to last long for years.

It is one of the best car air mattresses having a very lightweight construction to ensure the buyers don’t have any issue while using. Overall, this unit is quite fantastic and capable of staying long for many years.


  • Work with a variety of cars
  • Made using non-toxic material
  • Super easy to inflate and deflate
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not suitable for taller individuals

1. Hiraliy Car Air Mattress (editor’s choice)


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The topper for the list is this foldable bed that is known for providing a high level of comfort to the body. It creates a solid base for camping and touring for adventurous people. Using this thing is very convenient and easier for buyers.

It manufactured using easy to clean and waterproof material for a better experience. Furthermore, this mattress is compatible with more than 90% car models, so most of the users won’t have any sizing issues.


  • Delivered with an excellent 18 months warranty
  • Capable of bearing load up to 440 pounds
  • Super easy to clean
  • Comes with a proper set of accessories


  • Attains scratches quite easily

Buying Guide – How have we tested the best car air mattresses?

There is an excellent variety of things that tested the quality of a car air mattress. However, nearly 10% of people care about these features and select a product without checking them. The motive of our team is to educate the people and help those making perfect choices. That’s why you will see us mentioning the top factors that affect the purchase of a car air mattress below:


The main thing to check in a car air mattress is its size. The reason behind that it should fit according to the size of your car adequately. A common mistake made by people is buying a model that isn’t compatible with the size of their vehicle.

The thing that our team has ensured is mentioning car air mattresses in different sizes for ensuring that everyone ends up shopping the right model.

Ease of use

The next thing that you need to ensure while shopping this thing is to stay aware of how easy it is to use the unit. All the models aren’t the same when it comes to usage, especially among the beginners. However, it is almost impossible to know about its ease to use without using the equipment.

Our team has only mentioned the models that are easy to use in the longer run. Choose the model that you like the most according to your needs.


The buyers need to understand that all the material used for making car air mattress doesn’t have the same quality. The best materials for such mattresses are PVC, Oxford, and TPU. The reason behind that is all of them are comfortable to sleep and have the required breathability.

The models mentioned here are made using material that isn’t only long lasting, but also comfortable enough for sleeping in the car.

Extra Accessories

You need to understand that mattresses come with extra accessories for extra convenience. It is strongly suggested to have a look at the number of attachments that you get with the air mattress you buy. Having a good set of things ensures you don’t have to buy too many things separately.

Our team has a closer look at the number of accessories available with the model and only added the ones that serve the needs adequately.


Always have a good look at the equipment before buying them in reality. If we talk about the car air mattresses, they are sold in a variety of price ranges for catering to the needs of all the buyers.

That’s why you will find the models we have mentioned differ with each other when it comes to price. We have done it to ensure that all types of readers can easily choose as per their needs.


Finding the perfect car air mattress is an essential thing to do if you don’t want to compromise in terms of comfort and convenience. There are several options you can buy from the market, but you should choose the one that can serve your needs. All the models we have finalized comes with the necessary features and fulfill the needs of all the buyers.

Choose one of these best car air mattresses, and we are pretty assured that you won’t to deal with inconvenience at all. If your mind still has any queries related to these mattresses, please write about it in the comment section so our team can answer it.