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10 Best Commercial Waffle Makers in 2024

Can you remember the last time you cooked your favorite waffles for breakfast or brunch? Waffles recipes seem challenging to cook. But now, it is not so. Waffle makers have made our work easier. You can cook anytime and anywhere your favorite waffles and enjoy them with butter, maple syrup, or whipped cream. They are easy-to-clean and have a compact design.

If you are looking for a multiple waffle maker, below is the list of the top 10 Best Commercial Waffle Makers in 2024, which can help you to choose the best one for you. The study is followed by its features, pros, and cons. Pick your pen and paper and start listing down the features you like and accordingly choose one of them.

List of Best Commercial Waffle Makers Review

10. VBENLEM 110 V Commercial Round Waffle Maker

VBENLEM Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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VBENLEM has designed this waffle maker with timer and adjusting knobs with a scale of 0-5 minutes. The LED light on the maker indicates the heating status of the waffle. When the waffle gets ready, a melodious alarm rings up. You don’t need to wait near the maker all the time. There is a non-stick Teflon coating inside the maker, which makes it easy-to-clean after use.

The round shape of the maker divides the waffle into four pieces along the lines. The body of the waffle maker is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy-to-clean. At the front, a triangular structure provides stability to the maker. It has a thick handle to assure heat dissipation. The brand gives you a 1-year warranty for the product along with 30 days return policy.


  • Trustworthy mold
  • Superior quality
  • Convenient operation
  • Anti-scald handle
  • Sturdy support


  • Gets too hot
  • Smoke problem

9. KALORIK WM 42281 BK Belgian Waffle


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You can make two waffles at a time with this Belgian waffle maker. The precise temperature control allows it to make 7” by 1” crispy waffles. They are soft from inside with a crisp outer layer. It has got all the smart features. The power button indicates when the waffle is ready-to-eat. The non-stick coated plates provide stress-free cleaning.

The outer stainless steel body gives this waffle maker a professional look. You can use it in bakeries, restaurants, or at your home to enjoy the delicious waffles. It has an extra-large handle for smooth operation. The legs of the waffle maker are designed tall for temperature isolation. The large round button allows you to control the temperature of the maker.


  • Provides two large, fluffy waffles at a time
  • 1-year warranty
  • Non-stick coated plates
  • A cord wrap for hassle-free storing


  • Waffles do not get crispy
  • Wells are not deep enough

8. ALD Kitchen Bubble Waffle Maker

ALDKitchen Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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The ALD kitchen bubble waffle maker provides you two delicious Hong-Kong waffles at a time. This maker has a long lifespan due to the superior quality material used in its construction. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used as its material. You can stuff the waffles with vegetables or any other food to make it more delicious. This waffle maker has a three-layer nonstick coating, which prevents your waffles from burning.

It just takes 3 minutes to cook the thick, crispy bubble waffle, allowing you to serve it quickly. The brand provides you four different designs in this model. You can buy it in the form of gas type, mold, or single design. The wooden handles with manual control allow it to use easily. The heating plates and steel bodies are easy-to-clean after use.


  • Three-layer nonstick coating
  • Equipped with digital thermostat
  • Safe usage with wooden handles
  • User-friendly


  • Instructions are not correctly given

7. CRUX Double Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker


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This Belgian waffle maker is a rotating waffle maker with stainless steel body of 1400 W. It can cook up to 8 waffles in just 10 minutes. You also get a recipe book with this maker along with a premeasured batter cup. It has a feature of browning control, indicator lights, and audible ready signal to inform you about the making process of the waffle.

You can easily take it out when it gets baked. The tray of this waffle maker is dishwasher safe. It is easy to store due to the cord wrap. It has a copper nonstick coating, which is PFOA/PFOS free. Moreover, it uses state-of-the-art digital technology along with space-saving and energy-saving design. The waffle maker has a long life span due to its durable material.


  • Crux double rotating waffle maker
  • 1” copper titanium base
  • Controlled dial
  • Makes eight waffles in 10 minutes


  • No warranty included

6. All-Clad Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

All-Clad Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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It is a Belgian waffle maker with seven browning settings. You can buy it with a 4-square design or a 2-square design. It has a unique feature of steam release for making the perfect waffles, crispy from outside and soft to eat from inside. The LED light indicator alarms you when you have to pour your batter in and when it is ready-to-eat.

The easy cleanup makes it to top in the priority list. The removable nonstick drip tray provides stress-free cleaning. It has the extra-deep pocket design to fill your waffle with your favorite topping. You can easily cut the sections along the lines in the maker.


  • Precise cooking control
  • Sophisticated design
  • Locking latch
  • 7 browning settings


  • The customer service is not good

5. Hamilton Beach 4-slice Nonstick Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach

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You can get this type of small waffle maker from Hamilton Beach. The easy-to-clean nonstick grids make four waffles at a time. There are indicator lights to guide you through the process of waffle making. They tell you when to add batter and when the waffle is ready-to-eat. You can make thick and fluffy waffles with it at your home.

It has a classic design in black color. You can easily store it due to its compact design. It takes about 4-5 minutes to cook the delicious, golden brown waffles. It is a perfect gift item to gift to your loved ones. You can also store your waffles in the refrigerator by making more and reheat in the microwave or oven when you are ready to enjoy it.


  • Cooks 4 waffle at a time
  • Nonstick grids
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Removable grids and dishwasher safe


  • Heats up slowly

4. Waring PRO WWM1200SA Double Waffle Maker

Waring Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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Waring manufactured this double Belgian waffle maker with a browning control knob. This waffle maker makes extra-deep waffles that are 1 inch thick. It has the rotary feature at the top and bottom for even baking. You can use this waffle maker at your café, at hotels, at restaurants, and at your home. It has the feature of 3 audio beep tones.

The Belgian waffle maker is 1400 W. It has 2 LED’s which shows the temperature you want to adjust with the rotary knob. The two LED’s are for two waffle makers’ temperature control. It is easy-to-clean the base of the maker with ease. This Belgian waffle maker has excellent speed. It makes perfect crisply waffles at a fantastic rate. You also get a batter measuring cup along with this maker.


  • Fast rate
  • Two LED’s
  • 3 audio beep sounds
  • Heats up quickly


  • The handle does not get adequately locked after some time of use

3. Cuisinart WAF-150 Iron Waffle Maker


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The silver-colored iron waffle maker has nonstick coating plates. It has cord wraps under the base and has compact storage. You can store it in the upright position at an end. The red light on the maker indicates when the waffle is still cooking. The green light on the maker indicates you when the waffle is cooked and ready-to-eat.

It has a stainless steel top cover, which allows hassle-free cleaning. The maker makes four waffles at a time with deep pockets. You can control the settings of the maker in 5 different ways. The silver color of the maker gives it a beautiful and professional look. The chrome-plated handle does not get warm during the process and is resistant to heat. The locking lid of the maker prevents the spilling of the batter.


  • Deep pockets
  • Locking lid
  • Chrome-plated handle
  • Five-setting browning control


  • No warranty provided

2. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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It cooks 2 round, crispy waffles at a time. You get a measuring cup and a waffle maker unit along with this maker. The nonstick coating of the Belgian waffle maker allows you to remove the waffle without sticking and provides stress-free cleaning. It has a professional quality for home use. It has extra 1 inch deep pockets that allow you to fill your waffle with butter or maple syrup.

You can easily adjust the temperature of the waffle maker with the browning control knob. The rotary feature on both top and bottom provides even cooking. It uses 1400 W power and has 2 LED indicator lights for both waffle makers. All the three audio beep tones give you a signal when the waffles are ready-to-eat.


  • Extra deep pockets
  • Effortless cleaning
  • LED indicator lights
  • Audio beep tones


  • Not durable

1. Breville BWM 640XL Smart Waffle Maker


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Breville has designed this waffle maker with smart features. It makes crispy, golden brown waffles with even heat distribution. The housing is done with stainless tell, and the cooking plates of the Belgian waffle maker are made of die-cast aluminum. The unique feature of this waffle maker is that it starts cooking the waffles as soon as the lid of the maker is closed.

The LCD indicator indicates when the waffle is perfectly cooked, which is softer and fluffier from inside and crispy from outside. It has a restart button and a bit more buttons. Make sure to off the power button before cleaning it. It has four battery-type custom settings and 12 color settings.


  • User friendly
  • Automatic cooking feature
  • 12 color settings
  • Reset button included


  • The after-sales service is not good

Factors to Consider Before Buying Commercial Waffle Makers

Before you select your waffle maker, you need to consider some factors that can help you choose the best one.

Nonstick Surface

Choose the waffle maker with a nonstick surface so that your waffle does not stick on the maker surface, and it is easy to take it out. Also, the nonstick surface is easy to clean with a damp of cloth.

Temperature Control

A waffle maker with a multi-functional design allows you to cook your waffles crispy or soft as you like them. The temperature control knob adjusts the temperature in the range that you require. Also, the waffle makers have indicators to indicate that your waffle is ready-to-eat. To check whether the waffle has been cooked or not, picking up the lid again and again can destroy the waffle. So, the LED indicators or the beep sounds alarms you when the waffle is perfectly cooked.

Compact Design

Make sure that the waffle maker you choose has a compact design for secure storage. It can be stored in an upright position when not in use.

Heat-Resistant Handles

The handles on the waffle makers should be resistant to heat. They should not get warm during the cooking process of the waffle. Otherwise, it will lead to the burning of your fingers. The handles must be of wooden material as wood does not allow electricity to pass through it.

Easy To Clean

Some people don’t buy waffle makers due to the stress of cleaning them. So, check that the waffle maker you choose to buy has a non-stick surface or copper plates which require effortless cleaning. They can be easily cleaned with a damp of cloth or warm water.


I hope that the above article must have helped you to choose the Best Commercial Waffle Maker. These are the DIY makers that come along with batter measuring cups and recipe books. So, let’s not wait and grab the offer of buying these makers. Enjoy your crispy, golden brown waffles at your home. In case of any query, you can comment below on the comment list. You will surely get an answer to your doubt.