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10 Best Drywall Hammers in 2024

Hammers are a useful tool to have in a household. From driving in nails to breaking stuff, hammers come in handy in a lot of situations. However, if you use any regular hammer for the drywall, it will be certainly hard to work with. Hence, in such situations, is no substitute for a good drywall hammer. These cause less vibration and you will not feel any sort of obstruction while working with this. Thus, if you want an exceptional hammer that is ideal for a wide number of practices, then look through the list.

Need to know what more these have in store for you? Or how these are special compared to the regular ones? Then do not forget to check out our drywall hammer review.

Best Drywall Hammers in 2024 Reviews

10. Estwing Drywall Hammer

Estwing Best Drywall Hammers

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A terrific name of its own, this hammer is forged into a single piece. It has all the utilities of a hammer. These are namely a round milled face to drive in nails and a nail remover apparatus. Next, it also has a sharp blade that is immensely helpful in driving the drywall.

Moreover, the hammer comes with an ergonomic grip. Therefore, you can hold it strongly and confidently and go for repeated long-time use. The construction comes with a shock-absorbing grip to keep it friendly to your hands even after a long time of use.

Key Features

  • The hammer setup is built in such a way that it weighs a meager 14 ounces only.
  • Get a firm grip and you will not feel tired even after wearing it for a long time.
  • This certainly weighs 11 ounces; it will let you do your job in precision.

9. Ox Tools Drywall Hammer

OX Tools

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The hammerhead is beautifully designed. To be precise, it is crowned and scored. This ensures that the head is less likely to leave an imprint on the wall. It also comes with an amazing blade that is very capable of cutting through lathes. The blade setup is also quite helpful to pull out a wrongly driven nail.

As a matter of fact, the handle has an ergonomic design that ensures that the grip is strong. It is also soft such that it is shock-absorbing and doesn’t cause pain in the hands.

Key Features

  • The head of the hammer is entirely from steel for high durability and a wide range of uses without failure.
  • Its body is of rubber to load it with all the amazing features that it has.
  • There will no chance of slipping also the grip is pretty top-notch.

8. Stanley 54-015 Drywall Hammer

Stanley Best Drywall Hammers

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This hammer will do the job without too much burden at your end. Lightweight and efficient, this hammer is designed to get all kinds of work done. This hammer weighs very little at only 0.88 lbs and thus does not produce a great impact on the hands. Besides, the ergonomically designed hammer is forged into a single piece with the handle.

The handle is layered in shock-absorbing foam-like material to ensure that your hands are not fatigued from use. As a matter of fact, there will be no tension from the vibration caused by the Anti-Vibe technology which is patented to the brand.

Key Features

  • When you buy this, you have immediately backed a limited lifetime warranty on the product. Misusing the hammer will, however, void the warranty.
  • The entire hammer is from stainless steel which ensures the longest time of use without rusting or corrosion.
  • Wondering about weight? It’s just 0.88lbs and will feel great to work with.

7. Vaughan and Bushnell Drywall Hammer

Vaughan & Bushnell

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Want an impressive hammer? Then you should go for the Vaughan and Bushnell Drywall Hammer. This is a lovely tool, crafted in the USA and made for all kinds of odd jobs for the home. From hammering nails onto the wall to scoring on the wall using the blade edge, this hammer can be used for many different functions. The flat-topped hammer design is patented and is an excellent friend to strike near to the corners.

Finally, it is also has a milled grip that ensures that the nails do not slip out when you are hammering.

Key Features

  • Its handle is from springy hickory wood that has excellent shock-absorbing properties.
  • The head is from carbon steel which is not only exceptionally hard and durable but also highly resistant to corrosion.
  • With the Sure-Lock wedge, you can efficiently work with it.

6. Stanley FMHT51303 Drywall Hammer

Stanley Best Drywall Hammers

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Stanley is a big name when it comes to hardware tools and such is proved from the FMHT51303 Drywall Hammer. This is an amazing tool entirely crafted from forged steel. Its handle is layered is a soft rubber-like grip that not only promotes a comfortable grip but also acts as a shock absorber.

Furthermore, the handle is ergonomically designed to prevent fatigued hands even after long tome use. Lastly, the hammer is a great companion if you are thinking of installing drywall or gypsum board.

Key Features

  • When you buy the Staley FMHT51303, you get a lifetime warranty that will cover all kinds of manufacturing defects.
  • The hatchet mechanism attached has a notch loaded onto it that allows you to easily pullout nails.
  • You will attain the utmost balance with the use of this and not miss any spot at all.

5. USG Sheetrock Drywall Hammer Pro

USG Sheetrock

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This is indeed a knife-cum-hammer set to raise drywalls efficiently. Without a doubt, you should go for the USG Sheetrock Drywall Hammer Pro. This is an excellent tool loaded with all kinds of knives that you may require for drywall taping. The size comprises of 8-inches, a 10-inches and a 12-inches sized knife which will help you with all kinds of applications.

The handle is ergonomic for a comfortable grip and use while a hammer is also loaded for driving in nails. Lastly, the designs are from steel and thus you can be sure of the longevity of this product.

Key Features

  • The handle is layered in a non-slip material to reduce accidents from the accidental slipping of this tool.
  • Its anti-slip layer on the handle also gives it a soft touch which makes it highly shock absorbing.
  • Not only does it offers extreme comfort but also full control of the product.

4. Hi-Craft HC535 Drywall Hammer

Hi-Craft Best Drywall Hammers

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Whether you are looking forward to driving nails into the drywall or want to simply trim the edges in a rough manner- you need a drywall hammer. This hammer is a great companion to help you with all such operations and much more. Loaded with a forged steel head on top of a wooden handle, this hammer is a great tool to drive nails. The checker makes it even better to drive in nails perfectly and without impacting the drywall. Besides, the steel top is long-lasting. Hence, it will not peel off, corrode, or show any sign of defect even when you have used it for the long term.

As a matter of fact, the forged head weighs about 14 ounces and will easily pull out the nail or hammer it,

Key Features

  • The hardwood handle is from a 16-inches long piece of wood which makes driving nails so much easier.
  • Having a mere weight of 1.75 pounds, you will be free of unwanted fatigue and pain.
  • It’s the ax blade that helping in precise operation.

3. Goldblatt Drywall Hammer


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The Goldblatt hammer is an amazing companion for you if you are looking for a well-balanced, lightweight hammer. It is particularly designed to raise drywall but will also come in handy for other functions of a hammer. The hammerhead and the body are forged together into a single unit. Plus, it is given an ergonomic design that makes it so much more worthy.

The ergonomic design not only allows for shock absorption but reduces vibration to a great extent. Hence, keeps the hammer user-friendly. The hatchet end also loaded with a notch which is very efficient and helpful to pull out nails.

Key Features

  • It is very lightweight and weighs just 1.63 pounds.
  • The hammerhead and body are entirely from steel to give it a solid appearance and make it suitable for tough actions.
  • Balance is the key to get perfect results and this hammer is just the product you must opt for.

2. Vaughan Multifunctional Tool

Vaughan Best Drywall Hammers

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Hammer, drywall, crowbar, and a number of other operations- that is what you get when you go for the Vaughan Multifunctional Tool. This is an incredible tool from the best of materials and having the best of design. It is such an efficient set up such that all its individual components easily exceed all the required testing in any industry. This is a tool comprising of the utmost craftsmanship and is designed to go well with even the toughest of jobs.

Besides, the tool body is layered in an ergonomic, shockproof layer that allows you to hold it comfortably for all kinds of jobs.

Key Features

  • Carbon steel was obtained, forged and then treated with heat to craft this amazing hammer for your use.
  • The multi-purpose tool weighs only 2.5 lbs for making it easy to move.
  • It is quite a friendly setup for a wide number of indoor as well as outdoor applications.

1. Level5 Metal Drywall Hammer


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The Level5 Metal Drywall Hammer is crafted by a group of highly expert professionals and is quite a charming product. This hammer is particularly important to professional woodworkers, farmers, painters, and whatnot! The entire hammer body has a smooth stainless finish that gives it a shiny as well as durable appearance.

This is ergonomically designed such that you never fatigue your hands even while using it for a long time. Finally, the smooth design is very helpful when you are trying to hammer nails into the inside corners.

Key Features

  • The hammer has a long handle of 11-inches. Hence, ensures that it can be very easily used to drive nails into the toughest of surfaces.
  • It has construction from stainless steel material such that it will come without any defect or corrosion.

So, why rely on cheap products when you can get high-quality drywall hammers to get your job done. Be accurate in your work and do not skip any chance of attaining perfection.