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10 Best Fruit Pickers in 2024

The job of picking fruits is very real. Not only that, even individuals who have a farm and takes interest in growing everything organic, then they love to pick their own vegetation. In order to make the best out of the vegetation and carefully picking the fruits, get a fruit picker. It is certainly ideal for both professionals as well as individuals who love to spend a little more time with nature. These are easy to handle and will certainly extend to the needed height. So, you certainly do not require a ladder.

The choices are unlimited. But you only need the best options in life. Hence, we have researched and listed the fruit picker manufacturers that will let you do every work with precision.

List of Best Fruit Pickers Review

10. Greatest Products Fruit Picker


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If you have a garden, maintaining it can be a task. This fruit picker tries to reduce some of your trouble. One great thing about this product is that you do not need to worry about compatibility. The fruit picker easily attaches to any extension pole. The basket collar comes with a screw so you can tighten the grip on any pole easily.

More than that, since this product goes with a number of poles, you can exchange between high reaching poles to get hold of the farthest fruit on the tree. The product comes with a spacious basket. Therefore, you can easily keep on picking fruits without requiring to retract after every few fruits.

Key Features

  • Since the basket can hold a lot of items, it also saves a lot of your time by allowing you to pick all the fruits at a go.
  • You can pick a number of different types of fruits with this picker.
  • Interestingly, the pickers weighs is 11.2-ounces, therefore, you will not struggle to handle it.

9. Sandegoo Fruit Picker Tool


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With this product, you will not require to spend one extra penny. The product comes with various accessories, to make sure you have everything you need for picking fruits. A special drawstring black bag is provided with the package. This allows you to put all the fruits inside, so you can carry a bulk inside, without needing to go back and forth frequently.

As a matter of fact, the basket head is wide enough to hold even large, plump fruits without bringing any damage. Lastly, the picker comes with its very own extension pole, which allows you to get a hold of fruits which are out of your reach.

Key Features

  • With the special anti-stretch buckle, the head remains snugly fit onto the extension pole.
  • Since people may have varying needs, to cater to everybody, this comes in two different sizes.
  • It is lined with foam mat for picking and catching the fruits carefully.

8. Home-X Fruit Picker

Home-X Best Fruit Pickers

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This product is sure to come up to all your expectations. Winning approval from many, this product has already rightfully earned the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. Surely it will have what you are looking for as well. The picker comes with the unique feature of an adjustable clamp. Therefore, the picker can easily fit onto any extension pole without any hassle. The prongs of the product are designed to be finger-like so that they can pick the fruits very gently without any bruises.

Lastly, you also get a well-padded cushion inside the picker. This provides a safe landing for all the fruits you pick.

Key Features

  • As an added advantage, the poles of the fruit picker are vinyl coated for added safety.
  • This interestingly has a 6-inches width, you can get the beautiful fruits in its best form.
  • With the use of this tool, there will be no bruising instances on the fruits.

7. Coconut Fruit Picker Tool


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Absolutely packed with features, this picker tool is sure to have what you need already. The extension pole of the picker tool makes use of top quality steel for the material of the item. Steel is known for its durable properties. Needless to say, you can depend on the product when it comes to long-lasting usage.

More than that, in order to cater to different kinds and heights of trees, the picker tool is available in as many as 3 different sizes. On top of that, the steel also drives away any concerns you may have regarding rusting of the product.

Key Features

  • The foam padding inside the picker tool has great resilience. Your fruits will be in peak condition, without a single scratch.
  • Because of the use of steel, the picker tool does not bend even while handling heavy fruits.
  • It comes with a special anti pull out screw to make the attachment even tighter.

6. Horse Secret Fruit Picker Tool

HORSE SECRET Best Fruit Pickers

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If quality is the first priority for you, go for this product without a second thought. In order to assure you of its superior grade, Horse Secret provides an impressive 3-year warranty on the product. Moreover, this fruit picker comes with a telescopic handle. This means, when the product is not in use, the compact tool will barely take any space. Therefore, it is great for places with a space crunch.

The picker tool comes with a string bag as an added advantage. You can carry all your fruits in this bag when you are done picking.

Key Features

  • It has prongs which are designed in the shape of a claw. This allows you to gently pick the fruits without hurting the skin of the fruit.
  • You can just use it in a matter of 3 minutes of installation.
  • It weighs 2.1-pounds and you will certainly not struggle to work with it.

5. GKanMore Fruit Picker


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Innovation has a new name with GKanMore. This interesting product comes with a bag attached to the head itself. This means you will have a much broader surface area to hold your fruits. This can get your job done much quicker as you hardly need to pause to take the fruits out to keep in some bigger bag.

Furthermore, the bag of the fruit picker has a combination of nylon and cotton for the material. The cotton is soft, so the skin of the fruits does not get bruised. At the same time, the nylon provides the required strength to the picker, extending the life of the product.

Key Features

  • With teeth like metal tines to assist you, you can easily cut down fruits from trees without any mess.
  • Since the product is really light, your muscles will not get easily strained, and you can pick fruits for hours without a problem.
  • One useful feature of the product is that the bag of this picker is replaceable, allowing you to keep using clean bags.

4. Tihood Fruit Picker

TIHOOD Best Fruit Pickers

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If functionality is not enough for you, this fruit picker is sure to sweep you off your feet with the much-needed accessories. The picker comes with a pair of gloves you can use while picking. This gives you a layer of padding, between your hand and the pole, so that you can pick fruits comfortably without making your hands ache. The teeth of the ring allow you to make perfect cuts, bringing no harm to the tree or the fruit.

With a good depth of 7.87 inches, the bag provided with the picker is able to hold a good quantity of fruits without a problem.

Key Features

  • Because the fruit falls in the bag, the fruit always has a soft surface and can avoid any bruises.
  • Not only slim as well as lightweight, but this is also even labor-saving and you will not need any extra energy to deal with this.
  • It is so useful that you do not need to climb a ladder to catch the fruit.

3. Home-Organizer Tech Fruit Picker


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With this fruit picker, you can kiss goodbye to the trouble of ladders forever. The picker is able to reach tall trees, so you can easily pick up fruits, cutting downtime and labor required for the job. The product can easily go with any extension pole. It is a bright red color that allows you to easily see the item when you are going for the fruit on the tallest branch.

When it comes to edible items, safety should always be the first priority. For that reason, this picker uses pure cotton for the bag. So you are be assured you are free from any harmful materials.

Key Features

  • The availability of the screw tightening band makes sure you can have a firm fit on any pole without a complaint.
  • The sturdy iron used for the picker maintains the shape, without bending over time.
  • Whether it is a hard or soft-skinned, big or small fruit, this product promises to take care of it all.

2. Rebel With A Garden Fruit Picker

Rebel With A Garden Best Fruit Pickers

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If you are afraid of heights, this product will be your savior. The fruit picker can easily attach to any type of pole, from broom handles to PVC pipes, and reach the tallest tree in your orchard. Moreover, the picker makes use of galvanized metal as the material of the product. The metal provides the required sturdiness to the product.

While at the same time, the product being galvanized also provides protection against rust. Hence, the product can easily last you for ages without any damage.

Key Features

  • With the soft pair of cotton gloves, you have a comfortable grip on the product, allowing you to work for a longer stretch of time.
  • The product also provides a cotton bag which can hold quite a number of fruits at one time.
  • If the cotton bag is worn out over time, you can easily replace it rather than buying a new product.

1. WOLF-GARTEN Fruit Picker


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When it comes to quality, Wolf-Garten tries to provide you with the very best of what they can offer. The fruit picker comes with a very thoughtful addition. The lip of the picker has concealed blades. Because the blades are concealed, you have a lesser chance of any mishaps. Besides, the blades allow you to have a clean cut of the stem, every single time, without hurting the tree, or bruise a freshly picked fruit.

Finally, the picker has the exclusive feature of being flexible. The basket can adjust to 180 degrees, to be able to reach fruits at any angle.

Key Features

  • With a matchless 10 year warranty, what more can you ask for?
  • The catching bag has a soft cloth for safe-keeping the fruits.

Make sure that the fruits are nicely picked and are ready for use or for selling purposes. The fruit picker basket will let you have the fruits in its best form.