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10 Best Honey Extractors in 2024

Honey extractors extract honey from honeycombs without damaging them. Using these devices, you can both extract the honey and keep the combs intact, allowing the bees to reuse them. It is possible because they use enough force just to spill out the honey from the combs.

There are different methods of extraction like tangential and radial, which again can be classified as manual and electrical. The honey extractors are beneficial for beekeepers as they extract honey with less effort and also save their hives for the next produce. The below-mentioned honey extractors are top-notch products that will give you the best results.

Top Best Honey Extractors in 2024

10. RBAYSALE Large Bee Honey Press Extractor

RBAYSALE Best Honey Extractors

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Honey extractor from the brand Rbayscale is capable of extracting 10 liters of honey at a time. This extractor comes with a T-shaped handle that makes the job easier. The barrel is made up of metallic mesh, which helps to extract the maximum beeswax. As its building material is stainless steel, so the nutrition of the honey is maintained throughout. With this extractor, getting honey through the DIY procedure becomes more straightforward and accessible.

Here the capacity is roughly around 10 liters, which is a considerable capacity. Suppose it is easy to assemble and dismantle if you want to carry it. You can easily clean and maintain it. This extractor is mainly used in farms, bee yards, health, and beauty industry. This extractor can also squeeze juice from fruits and make wine.


  • Multiple Use
  • Simple and Easy to Operate
  • Retain Nutrition
  • Large Capacity


  • It is more useful in vineyards.

9. Goplus 4 Frame Honey Extractor


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The brand Goplus brought to us a fantastic honey extractor that can be operated manually. This extractor is equipped with a stainless steel frame to retain the nutritious value of honey for a more extended period. Goplus Honey extractor comes with a transparent lid to cover and protect the content from farm-dust. As the height is adjustable through screw holes, it meets most people’s requirements.

Using the manual crank, you can control the operation without much effort. To pour out honey readily, you can use its tap. The drum has four frames of shallow, medium, and deep size. As it can produce a large amount of honey at once, it saves both time and energy. You can wash it easily with soapy water. People in the apiculture domain mainly use this.


  • Adjustable Height
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy to Clean
  • Manual Crank for easy control
  • Transparent Lids for Cover


  • Often the screw holes designed at the bottom of the adjustable height stops functioning.

8. Little Giant 2-Frame Extractor Hand-Crank Honey Extractor

Little Giant Best Honey Extractors

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Little Giant has launched one of the best honey extractors that have a plastic queen excluder to keep the queen bee away from the honey supers. You can use it to collect honey while harvesting from your honey bees. The honey extractor is equipped with a tangential extractor that makes the squeezing process more straightforward with the help of a hand-crank. Then the honey can be stored in its barrel made up of high-quality stainless steel.

The extractor pot can be used with both deep and medium-size frames. The 2-frame extractor kit comprises of a hand crank, honey gate, cover and legs with adjustable height. So, this comes with a ready-to-use manual and step-by-step instructions to operate it. This extractor is suitable for 10-frames Langstroth hive.


  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Height
  • Tangential Extractor
  • Superior quality Steel
  • Additional Queen Excluder


  • When the red paint starts to renege, make sure it does not contaminate the honey.

7. GoodLand Motorized Honey Extractor

GoodLand Bee

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The brand Goodland is a popular name as a reliable manufacturer of honey extractors.  This extractor’s drum is made up of stainless steel to maintain the quality of honey. As its motor works on electricity, you need a minimum of 110V power supply. This motor has a variable speed and makes the entire process faster and hassle-free.

GoodLand extractor has two frames of varying depth. The legs help in quick unloading of stored honey. This extractor comes with a clear plexiglass top to save the honey from getting polluted. Also, you can view it from outside. It can be used for around ten hives.GoodLand honey extractor is equipped with a royal leg stand to enable easy honey offloading. Goodland provides servicing and spare parts throughout the US.


  • Leg stand for Unloading
  • Motorized Extractor
  • Supportive Servicing
  • Clear Glasstop Lid


  • Without an electric supply, it will not work.

6. Vevor 3-Frame Honey Extractor

VEVOR Honey Best Honey Extractors

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Honey extractor from Vevor is one of the best honey extractors in the market based on customer reviews. Vevor extractor comes with three frames of different depths. The drums to store honey is made up of stainless steel, so no worries of quality control. This device runs on cotton reinforcement technology, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

This extractor can be covered with a set of 2 clear plexiglass lids to keep debris off the collected honey. The 3-frame extractor has a unique design in the mesh of the honeycomb basket. The design is rounded towards the internal side to prevent the breakage of honeycombs. This extractor is equipped with a plastic handle and simple crank system, which makes it popular among professional beekeepers.


  • High-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Saves time and energy
  • Plexiglas Top Lids
  • Rounded Honeycomb Mesh


  • The metal gears used to clean the setup gets rusted easily.

5. HappyBuy Drum Spinner Honey Extractor


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HappyBuy is a trusted brand to buy honey extractor. Extractors of this particular model have a drum spinner with a strainer. HappyBuyextractoris equipped with 3-frames and an electric run extractor. The 1300 rpm motor comes with variable speed options. This extractor has three legs made up of stainless steel. Using its two transparent perspex lids, you can cover the drum and protect it from dust and pollution.

The architecture makes it pollution-proof, durable, and healthy. Also, the barrel and inner frames are made anti-rust and anti-corrosive, so even if left outside, it won’t damage soon. Here the mesh of the honeycomb basket is somewhat rounded at the inner side to circumvent wreckage of honeycombs.


  • High-Speed Electric Extractor
  • Maintains quality grade
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Anti-Rust
  • Professional


  • Rotation speed reduces gradually, and the whole setup loses its effectiveness.

4. Hardin 3-Frame Honey extractor

Hardin Best Honey Extractors

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The brand Hardin brought to us one of the best honey extractors. Hardin extractor has to be operated manually. So, this has a 16-gauge stainless steel tank to store honey and retain its nutritious value for a long time. The 3-frame extractor is constructed with steel gear and sealed bearings to make it durable.

Hardin’s extractor is equipped with legs that work as stands and is optional. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and the servicing team acts very promptly. Further, this has three frames of the shallow, medium, and deep size. You can cover the drum with transparent plexiglass lid to cover and keep debris away from polluting the extracted honey.


  • Transparent Plexiglas Lid
  • Steel Gear Construction
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • You need an expert professional to extract the honey manually.

3. Goodland Professional Manual Honey


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Goodland has recently launched the manual version of Hardin’s professional Honey Extractor. This extractor came with a 16-gauge stainless steel tank and sealed bearings to make it durable. You can cover with clear plexiglass lids. There are two frames od medium and deep size. Because of its 3-piece leg stand, you can unload your honey without much effort. If you can balance the frames properly, then in just a few seconds, you can spin out the entire amount of honey except the crystallized ones.

The honey extractor is meant for beekeepers who manage 1-10 beehives. GoodLand extractor is easy to assemble and offload honey using this setup. As you can quickly dismantle the setup, you can clean it with ease except when it is not in ball-bearing mode. Just soap and hot water are sufficient to clean the entire setup.


  • Easy to Assemble and Clean
  • Simple Extraction
  • Transparent Plexiglas Lid
  • Durable


  • As it is coated with grease to avoid rusting, the honey may initially taste a tinge of oil. So scrub it well before use.

2. BestEquip Electric Honey Extractor

BestEquip Best Honey Extractors

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Honey extractor from the brand BestEquip runs on electricity. This extractor has 4-frames of varying depths. The honeycomb spinner crank is made up of stainless steel of high quality. So, this is considered as an apiary centrifuge equipment. The machine is rolled with seamless welding to make it durable. As the steel is highly polished, it is resistant to rust and abrasion. There is a gear upon the frame to prevent the pollution of honey.

The heavy-duty handles make it durable. It is easy to assemble through some simple steps. BestEquip extractor is popular among the people who take up the apiary as a hobby. There is a honey gate towards the bottom of the tank to let the honey flow freely. In the settling tank, there is a provision for filtering and bottling the honey. Using its clear perspex lids, you can monitor the harvesting process.


  • Durable and Safe
  • High-speed
  • 4-frames honey holder
  • Easy to assemble


  • As it runs on electricity, there is no provision to operate it manually while there is no power supply.

1. Vingli 3-Frame Honey Extractor Separator


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The best honey extractor in the market is said to be manufactured by Vingli. This extractor comes with three frames of shallow, medium, and deep size. The legs are of adjustable height so that buckets of varying sizes can fit below the extractor. These legs are built of stainless steel so that it can be bolted to the floor. These legs are removable to use as a tabletop.

The highly polished 201 steel is resistant to rust and corrosion in the long run. The sleek design of the barrel through seamless welding made it durable, and that why you can easily clean it with warm water and soap. This setup comes with a honey gate valve and transparent glass lid free of cost.


  • Anti-rust
  • Large Frame Holder
  • Square threaded hole handle
  • Free apiary-related accessories


  • Gears are not appropriately aligned and burst out if not handled with care.

Buying Guide Best Honey Extractors

As you see that honey available in the market are adulterated and not at all healthy but expensive, you should purchase a honey extractor. Honey extractors may consume some time on your weekends, but you can treat it as a hobby to spend your leisure. Today there is so many honey extractor from several brands. How do you know which is best suited for you? It is pretty simple. We have carried out extensive research on the top 10 best honey extractors to help you out. Just judge the extractor based on the following criteria:

Building Material

As you are going to store honey for a considerably long time, the holding tank or drum should be made up of material suited to store food maintaining its quality. Further, this helps to retain the nutritional value of the extracted honey. Usually, high-quality stainless steel is being used.

Adjustable Legs: If the standing legs are adjustable in terms of height, then you can place containers of varying sizes under it. This way, you can collect any amount of honey to fulfill your requirements.

Manual Or Electric: Electric honey extractors save time and manual effort. But all may not have the provision of power supply in the farm or garden near to the beehive. So as per your convenience, look for the manual or electric extractor.

Capacity: If you are a professional and maintain 1-10 beehives regularly, then you need drums of larger capacity to store the extracted honey. Else you have to offload and load honey continuously.

Cover Material: It is necessary to cover the drum else your garden debris may pollute the honey. But make the cover is transparent and made up of clear glass so that you can keep an eye over the harvesting process.

Mesh Design: The mesh of the honeycomb basket should be rounded towards the inner lining to prevent the breakage of honeycomb.


After going through the detailed review of the honey extractors, by now, you should be able to figure out the best honey extractor suited for your requirements. If you consume honey daily, then you should invest in one of these extractors. Generally, this makes honey free of any additives and preservatives. Also, this gives you the cheapest yet healthy honey.