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10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in 2024

Scrubbing the windows is a very strenuous task. You need to get proper cleaning agents and proper product to properly clean the windows. Back in the days, people could have easily used soap water and cloth to clean it. However, as innovation has changed the way we look at household items, there is a new product that will make cleaning top-notch. The magnetic window cleaners are just the new-age invention that will let you clean both the sides of the windows at one go. Results are squeaky clean and you can do the task effortlessly.

Still, confused about which one to order? Here the picks of magnetic window cleaners online that have gained recognition cause of its quality and user-friendliness.

List of Best Magnetic Window Cleaners Review

10. URMAGIC Magnetic Window Cleaner


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Cleaning your windows can be a tiresome work especially if you do not have any perfect tool. Well, that is the reason why you need to opt for a window cleaner. Of course, the best thing about this product is the fact that it allows you to adjust the strength of the magnet as per the thickness of the glass window. Perfect for windows having a thickness between 0.2-inches to 1-inches, this cleaner wipes your window clean and makes it spotless without any issue.

All you need to do is to open the window a bit and place the exterior as well as interior half on the opposite sides of the window to wipe it clean.

Key features

  • Apart from the cleaner, it also comes with sponges and cleaning cloths for spotless cleaning.
  • You will also get a manual along with this product to ensure hassle-free safe usage.
  • Indeed a handy tool that will fit your hand.

9. terbklf Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Wiper


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Here you have another fantastic window cleaner that you can opt for. The very first thing about the product that you need to know is its build. Of course, the body of this window cleaner is of high-quality ABS material. The ABS material is highly durable. Thus, it enhanced the longevity of the product greatly. It also makes use of natural latex and inbuilt water sponge to provide perfect cleaning.

Most importantly, the product also comes with internal cleaning cotton. Furthermore, cleaning cotton is easily replaceable. As a result, you will get complete ease of usage.

Key features

  • Of course, this product can easily adapt to the glazed windows with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm or 5 to 12 mm
  • With this product, you will be able to clean both sides of your windows with perfect ease and efficiency.
  • You can also use it to clean sliding doors, vehicle windows, shower screens and much more.

8. Madowl Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaner

Madowl Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

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If you live in a high-rise then this window cleaner will surely come in handy. An excellent product, this window cleaner can work perfectly with both single glazed as well as double glazed windows. In fact, you will be able to use it with any glass window with 5-25 mm of thickness. With this product, it can quickly clean the glass surface in a matter of minutes without any hassle.

Besides, it also allows you to adjust the magnetic strength of the product without any trouble as per the thickness of the window. Just adjust the magnetic force such that the cleaner does not fall off and it will be ready to use.

Key features

  • With this product, you will also be able to clean the corners of the window without any hassle.
  • The ABS material construction further makes it durable and offers great longevity.
  • Above all, the premium quality NdFeB magnets are strong which further assures you about efficient usage.

7. Manfiter Magnetic Window Cleaner


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This window cleaner from Manfiter is obviously an excellent product that you can opt for. One of the very first things about this product that you will find interesting is the thickness range that this cleaner offers. In fact, with this cleaner, you will be able to easily clean any glazed glass pane with a thickness of 0.2-inches to 1-inches. Therefore, you will have no trouble using this product.

Moreover, this window cleaner ensures you completely about safety. It comes with special construction well as high power magnets which make it completely risk-free to clean the windows of your apartment.

Key features

  • This product provides you with a special black button which allows you to adjust the magnetic strength as per the thickness of the glass.
  • You also get thick ropes which further prevents the cleaner from falling off.
  • The cleaner also provides you with buckles, cleaning sponge, microfiber cloths and other things to get a hassle-free cleaning.

6. Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

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When you are searching for the best window cleaners then this one from Tyroler Bright Tools must be there on your list. This is a highly powerful one since it comes with a special force control mechanism. Next, the force control mechanism allows you to adjust the strength of the magnet as per the thickness of the glass pane.

In fact, this product can easily work with any window having a thickness between 0.08-inches to 0.7-inches. So, it provides you with complete versatility and makes it easy for you to clean the windows. Finally, it also ensures complete safety and makes cleaning windows an easy task.

Key features

  • This product can easily clean hard to reach areas in a breeze.
  • It also comes with two microfiber cloths that allow you to remove dirt and add polish to the glass surface easily.
  • Easy to use, all you need to do is to adjust the screws to fit on the window.

5. COJOY Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner


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The best thing about this product is the fact that it is completely environment-friendly. Makes use of ABS plastic, this product is highly durable. Thus, it promises to serve you for years to come. Furthermore, the ABS material is free of all kinds of toxins. Besides, it also does make use of natural latex which is a completely environment-friendly top.

Nevertheless, the thing that sets this product apart is the use of NdFeB magnets. These magnets are very powerful and provide you with the best quality service.

Key features

  • The double-sided design is of course completely safe as well as convenient to use.
  • It can easily work with any double glazed window having a thickness of 5 to 12 mm.
  • Lastly, it is a heavy-duty weighing 0.9 kg. Hence, it offers stable and precise cleaning.

4. KOKITEA Double-sided Window Cleaner

KOKITEA Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

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With this window cleaner, you will be able to save a lot of money on cleaning windows while getting an efficient solution for performing the job. Having a marvelous design and build quality, this product is capable of providing much faster as well as more efficient window cleaning with half the effort. In fact, you will no longer need to change the cleaner from window to window since you can adjust the magnetic strength of this product as per the required thickness of the window.

Most importantly, it has a triangular shape that offers more stability and can clean hard to reach corners easily.

Key features

  • Due to its unique shape, it ensures less friction and complete flexibility of rotation. As a result, you can keep your hands acid as well as mess-free.
  • The powerful magnets lock two sides together thereby making it easy for you to clean both sides.
  • It also comes with 6 sponges which increase the cleaning area as well as cleaning efficiency by 60%.

3. Neo Chimera LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner

Neo Chimera LvDD

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Another marvelous product, this one from Neo Chimera LvDD truly makes the job of cleaning windows very easy. Having a triangular shape, this window cleaner can easily your windows with minimum friction and maximum flexibility of rotation. It locks wipers on the exterior and interior of the window at the same time using high-quality magnets. As a result, you can get a professional level of cleaning with complete ease with this product.

Furthermore, the cleaner also comes with a special 2 m long anti-falling rope. This rope gets tied to your hand while cleaning and protects the cleaner from any risk of falling off.

Key features

  • ABS plastic construction provides the product with excellent durability and ensures longevity too.
  • You can easily use it with any double glass surface of 15-24 mm of thickness without any hassle.
  • The magnet does not demagnetize whereas the cleaning cotton can be replaced easily. Therefore, it offers complete ease of usage.

2. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gladwell Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

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This product from Gladwell is undoubtedly one of the most unique window cleaning devices that you can opt for. Then the best thing about this product is the fact that it comes powered by artificial intelligence. Thus, it will clean your windows easily without any issue. More importantly, it makes use of an advanced algorithm. Thus, it can detect the dirt and clean your window with the utmost efficiency.

Furthermore, it can easily clean the hard to reach places with efficiency so that you can have your windows cleaned in almost no time.

Key features

  • It takes care of your safety completely. Apart from using high power magnets, it also comes with a safety rope that provides safety to the cleaner.
  • Also, it can be easily controlled by the press of your palm. Thus, you will have no trouble in using it.
  • It provides you with a detailed manual so that you do not face any problem while using it.

1. Baffect Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner


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Occupying the first position in our list, this product is surely one of the best ones out there. One of the best things about the product is that it makes use of high-quality neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are one of the strongest magnets available on our planet. Thus, it sticks to the glass pane efficiently and removes the risk of falling over completely.

You will also get a scouring pad as well as a rubber strap. Therefore, it can easily clean even the corners as well as the hard to reach places with accuracy.

Key features

  • The window cleaner obviously comes with 3 sponges along with water collection. Thus, it keeps the moisture and cleans the windows perfectly.
  • With 5 different magnetic strength adjustments, it can easily fit on any glass with a thickness between 4 to 30 mm.
  • Besides, it is perfect for windows, greenhouses, conservatories, car windows and much more.

So, keep your windows clean and free of stains for a long time. By using a magnetic window cleaner, you can do a lot of cleaning tasks easily and properly. Hence, keep the windows shiny and polished.