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10 Best Scooter Boards in 2024

All the kids these days love riding on the scooter boards. They are easy to ride and require very little training. Kids can enjoy them with their friends like making train by joining the boards, smashing into each other, or for a race on it. The energy-filled toddlers are difficult to handle, but the scooter boards utilize all their energy and keep them, patient, all along.

It is also easy to carry the scooter board on-the-go and take students outside for exercise. But, the number of scooters available online makes it difficult for parents to compare the features with each other. To help you choose the right one for your kid, we have prepared a list of the top 10 Best Scooter Boards. Have a look at it!

List of Best Scooter Boards Review

10. OLLIEROO Heavy Duty Kids Scooter Board

Ollieroo Best Scooter Boards

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OLLIEROO has designed this scooter board with handles which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. It can handle a maximum weight capacity of 160 lbs. This board is made from robust ABS material, which is durable. The upper surface of the board has embossed animal patterns on it. The rolling duplex castors are made of metal and sturdy rubber.

It has noiseless steel balls and is ideal to use in tile floor, concrete floor, wood floor, etc. The size of the scooter board is perfect for kids of 3-15 years old. The safety handles, along with smooth edges, ensure the anti-scratch floor. You can connect the scooter along with the rope by the two holes on the board. The rope is included in the package. Your kids can improve posture and coordination on this board.


  • Updated rolling castors
  • Wheels can spin at an angle of 360 degree
  • 2 color options
  • Extra rope with the pack


  • No Cons

9. SHOT TAKER CO. EST. 2017 Plastic Scooter Board


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This plastic scoter board supports up to 175 lbs weight. There is a wheel cover on each wheel to prevent the kids from skidding. The handles on both the sides of the scooter board help the children to balance and provide easy steering control. The 360 degrees rotating wheels allow movement in multi-direction and are supportive of any of the floors.

Make sure not to use the board near the stairs or on the slippery floor. The heavy-duty plastic is used in the construction of the scooter board. It is different from those cheap plastic boards available in the market. You can choose among six different colors available in this product.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy wheels
  • The material used: High-quality polyethylene
  • Protective wheel cover
  • Excellent after-sales service


  • The rope is not included in the pack

8. K-ROO Sports 11.5” Super Scooter Board

K-Roo Sports Best Scooter Boards

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It is a solid scooter board constructed by K-ROO for extra durability. You won’t sink or dip while using it. The wheels of the board have been updated to prevent skidding, breaking, or sticking. The safety handles are contoured for proper control of the fingers. Kids can use this board in the gym or on any of the floors to have fun while playing.

Four vibrant colors allow you to choose your favorite one. Lightning yellow, roaring red, blasting blue, and go-go green are the beautiful colors. This model of the scooter board has been improved for better control and steady roll. The safety handle shields protect your kid’s hands from getting injured and allow them to play with peace of mind.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Remodeled handles
  • Extra durable
  • Color options available


  • Wheels are not supportive on hardwood floors

7. Cosom Scooter Board with Safety Handles


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Cosom has manufactured this scooter board with 2-inch non-marrying rolling castors, which allows smooth movement. The high-density polypropylene has been used to make it more durable and sturdy. It is a 12” sit and scoop board. You can buy different colors to make a train of it and feel the ride. It has heavy-duty ribs for extra strength. The nylon rolling wheels provide ease of acceleration.

It is an ideal scooter to increase balance and coordination. The side handles provide you extra control of the scooter board and prevent the risk of your fingers from getting injured. You can hold the board from inside the handles and just bump into your friend scooter and have fun without getting hurt. Do not stand on the scooter near the stairs.


  • Interlocking wheels
  • Smooth-rolling 360 degrees spin
  • Good quality material
  • Easy to push


  • A bit noisy

6. Paw Patrol Toys Scooter Racer

Paw Patrol Toys Best Scooter Boards

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These scooter boards are designed with various themes that provide children a stunning platform to spin and glide effortlessly. All the themes are the trending ones and loved by children such as Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, and more. The scooter boards are not only for fun to ride on but also help in building core strength and coordination.

It is an ideal PE scooter for rainy as well as a sunny day. You can use it for indoor and outdoor games both. This scooter board is recommended for children of 18 months and up. The safety handles are made to have a comfortable grip. The caster wheels move silently and smoothly and do not scratch the floors. GOMO scooter racer boards are made by heavy-duty plastic with extra deck space allowing kids to balance appropriately.


  • Swivel motion wheels
  • Interesting themes
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor


  • The board material used is thin

5. Educational Manual Plastic Scooter Board


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The superior quality material plastic scooter board is suitable for teens, toddlers, kids, and adults. It can handle approximately 175 lbs of weight. The wheels of the 4” tall scooter board have been redesigned by adding a wheel cover on each wheel. The handles on both sides of the board provide smooth steering and control of the board, which prevents the kid’s hands from getting injured.

You can spin the wheels of this board in any direction as they possess 360 degrees motion to create natural movement. The scooter boards increase the strength of the upper and the lower body. The base of the board is 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. Polyethylene has been used as the material for the construction of the board.


  • Additional color options
  • Portable
  • Large space
  • Perfect as a gift


  • Wheels can scratch the floor
  • Not very durable for large weights

4. GSE Games and Sports Expert Plastic Scooter Board

GSE Games & Sports Expert Best Scooter Boards

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GSE Games and Sports Expert have designed this scooter board for the high-energy toddlers and impatient kids. The plastic material used in the construction of this board resists transformation and abrasion. The weight capacity of the board is 175 lbs. Both sides of the scooter board are covered with handles to keep the children’s fingers away from the wheels while riding.

This scooter board has 360 degrees swivel motion wheels that have extra coverage on them for smooth rolling. These wheels are noise-free, and PU material of them does not damage the floors. You can use it on hard surfaces, also whether indoor or outdoor. Gym, classroom, a basement can be used for playing with the scooter boards. The scooter boards are a great way to build the core strength and increase the balance of the body.


  • Available in a single piece as well as a pack of 6 boards
  • Provides sufficient movement
  • Double bearing on the wheels
  • Affordable price


  • Does not roll well on outside road

3. Champion Sports Standard Scooter Board

Champion Sports

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Champion Sports Store has manufactured this plastic scooter with handles for easy control. The non-marring casters have swivel motion for floor protection. You can use the scooter board in kneeling, sitting, or prone position for more fun and versatility. It is a 12-inch scooter board to help children maneuver themselves around.

From the bottom of the floor, the height of the board is 2 inches. The plastic wheels are easy to ride on hard surfaces. The brand provides the board in 2 colors. You don’t have to assemble the parts of the board. They are already assembled and are ready to ride on as soon as you open the pack.


  • Simple and well built
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Good quality


  • The height of the board from the floor must be 4 inches.

2. Gamecraft Safety Guard Scooters

Gamecraft Best Scooter Boards

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This plastic scooter is available in 6 different colors. The length and width of the scooter are 12 inches, and the height from the floor is 1 inch. It has double ball bearing swivel casters, which prevent your floor from scratching. While riding inside the house, you can lie down or sit on the board to enjoy the ride. Do not stand on the scooter board as it may tip, and you may fall getting seriously injured.

There are some precautions given on the board which you need to check out before riding it. For a safe ride, limit the weight on the scooter. The handguards on both the sides of the scooter provide a smooth movement in all directions.


  • Durable plastic
  • Sturdy swivel casters
  • Handguards
  • Latex-free plastic


  • The height of the board is minimal

1. Hand2mind 66189 Scooter Board with Rollers


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Hand2mind scooter board is highly durable with four floor-friendly wheels and two handles for gripping. The wheels of the scooter are made from plastic to accommodate a variety of movements. Both the curved handles at the side of the scooter board help the kids to sit while steering. This plastic scooter can be used at home or in the classroom to gain experience in studying energy and movement.

The material of the scooter is hard enough to handle 175 lbs of weight. It is great fun for the children as well as a way of exercising their bodies. The scooter ride increases the movement of all the body parts and builds up the core strength of upper and lower body parts. It helps the children to unlock their full potential.


  • Additional color options
  • Made of high-impact polyethylene
  • Multidirectional wheels
  • Light in weight
  • Anti-scratch wheels


  • The seat is small for teenage kids

Factors to Consider Before Buying Scooter Boards

There is a massive variety of scooter boards available online. Choosing the correct one is very important for your child to keep him entertained. The following are some of the factors which you should consider before buying.

Swivel Motion Wheels

The scooter board you select to buy must have 360-degree swivel motion wheels. They should have double ball bearing and extra coverage for smooth movement. The wheels should be made of plastic to prevent the floor from scratching. Make sure that they can ride on the hardwood floors of the gym, basement, etc.


Material is the most crucial factor to consider while looking for a scooter board for your kid. The high-density plastic material should be used in its construction. It should be durable enough to handle large weights. The plastic must be latex-free.

Side handles

Side handles on both the sides of the scooter are molded for a secure grip and control. They allow the kids to hold the board from the back so that they don’t get their fingers injured while riding.

Weight Limit

The scooter board must be able enough to handle the required weight by you. It should not tip while riding and must be sturdy. The weight must not bend the base of the board. Check the weight limit of each scooter and choose accordingly.

Other Features

Some other features to be considered while buying a scooter board are:

  • The height of the wheels from the floor must be 4 inches and not less than that; otherwise, your child may get an injury while playing.
  • The base of the board must have ample space so that the child can easily balance on it.
  • It should fit into your budget.


Scooter boards are great fun that allows your child to have fun as well as build his core strength. They make learning fun in the classrooms. The kids can rely on them in different postures and enjoy a smooth ride. So, choose the one among the Best Scooter Boards and gift it to your kid on a special occasion.