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The Best Digital Writing Pads of 2024

This is a digital era and everything happens pretty fast. So, you do not only need a laptop or PC but other advanced devices that will let you work even remotely. You need a handy device that you can carry around for works. If you are an illustrator or need to provide a presentation, then a digital writing pad will be extremely convenient. It supports all the important software and you can work effortlessly on this.

So, know more about the top 10 digital writing pads in this article that is going to help you gather valuable information. Compare the products and find what’s more suited.

Who can use a digital writing tablet?

A writing tablet is an amazing device to have, especially if you happen to spend a lot of time online. If you are a teacher or a graphic artist, then the digital writing tablet has become something necessary over recent times. Even the school-goers and the office goers who work remotely can use it. This is ideal for having online classes as well and you can even arrange presentations on it. In case you are thinking of getting one for yourself, the steps are pretty simple- search for a writing tablet, place an order and wait for delivery.

Best Digital Writing Pads Review 2024

10. GAOMAN S620 Digital Writing Pads

GAOMON Best Digital Writing Pads

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Indeed, a digital writing pad to aid you in your zoom meetings and classes, you could try the GAOMAN S620. This is a wonderful and compact device that is compati9ble with both Windows and Mac devices. You have to run it with Windows 7 or Mac 10.12 and higher versions of the two platforms. Whether you are running excel, PowerPoint, Word or PDF files, this tool can be used with anything.

If you are a professional graphic designer or artist, then you can do all your sketches and designs with this writing pad. It supports a wide array of designing and editing tools. These are such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio, Lightroom, Corel Painter and so on.

Key Features

  • It is a terrific writing tablet that is even compatible with Android devices giving you huge scope for functionality.
  • The pen to be used with this device needs no charging and hence you can easily use it hassle-free.
  • This weighs a little over 8 ounces and so, you can slip it in a bag and carry it around.

9. Ricvhgv LCD Writing Tablet


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A simple writing pad that you can hang anywhere and your child can easily play with. This is a very simple and appreciable tool and you can jot down your grocery list, to-do list, memo board, message board and so on. The best thing is it is battery operated and with each cycle, you can write on it for about 100,000 times. Think of all the paper you are going to save.

Furthermore, the tablet weighs only 10 ounces allowing you to put it up anywhere and carry it around wherever you go. If you are unhappy, then you can call for a full refund within 6 months of purchase.

Key Features

  • This offers you a screen size of 15-inches giving you ample space to write all that you need to.
  • POM material is incorporated in the construction of the stylus which makes it extra durable by making it resistant to wear.
  • It is fully scratch-proof and so, will not catch any random scratches.

8. FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

FLUESTON Best Digital Writing Pads

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This is a unique and useful tool, you will find the FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet to be very handy. Designed to be a kid’s toy, this device is crafted from materials all of which are non-toxic and child-safe. The tablet is available in a tough case that protects it from shock, dust, and drops. The screen is also so made such that there are no harmful radiations and flickering that can harm your child’s eyes.

Given that, you can generate a number of colors on the tablet. You can use the given stylus pain or any hard object such as a needle, spoon, etc. to draw or write on it.

Key Features

  • One small CR2032 button battery could last as long as 12 months with this power-saving device.
  • The tablet assumes a black background and thus is not harmful to the eyes in any way.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of purposes other than as your child’s toy. You can use it for record-keeping, lists, memos, messages and so on.

7. Wacom CTL6100WLK0 Writing Pad


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The Wacom CTL6100WLK0 is a very reliable tablet to go for. This is a medium-sized tablet and offers you an area of 8.5-inches x 5.3-inches. You can connect it to your PC, laptop, and even multiple monitors and get on with working. The tablet is supported both on Mac and Windows devices and can be used to give presentations and educational activities in a video conference.

Plus, the tablet can be used by an expert graphic artist with various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. The pen needs no battery to function and thus you can use it however you want. Finally, it has a slim design but the drawing area is pretty large.

Key Features

  • The stylus pen that comes features 4 buttons with customizable functions to bring shortcuts to your fingertips.
  • It is ideal for both left as well as right-handed individuals.
  • When you register your purchase you will get to use Clip Studio Paint Pro for a 2-year period along with Corel Painter Essentials 7 and Aftershot Pro 3 for 90 days.

6. VEIKK A15 Drawing Tablet

VEIKK Best Digital Writing Pads

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It is an expert tool to get down with all kinds of drawing, writing, and presentation assignments on the PC. Whether you are a graphic artist designing the next big thing or a teacher explaining physics to your class over a video conference, this device could be a great help to you. This will run smoothly on Windows as well as Mac platforms though you have to go for higher versions from Windows 7 and Mac 10.12 onwards. All kinds of writing, editing, drawing, presenting software are compatible with this device.

This drawing and writing tablet has accommodations for USB Type C connections. Hence, it can be inserted either way and thus poses less of a hassle. Finally, the tablet and pen setup is loaded with 12 express keys setup. It is completely customizable to meet all your needs.

Key Features

  • You can use it for online education purposes as well and even ideal for offices at a remote location.
  • The pen works on sensitivity pressure of 8192 levels and so delivers precise results.
  • Its pen facilitates finer and smoother results.

5. Wacom CTL4100 Drawing Tablet


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Wacom CTL4100 features a small work area but a powerful performance. This tablet is designed to identify 4096 levels of pressure and can be an excellent tool for writing and drawing. The comfort and ease with which you can use allow you to easily write, teach and present topics to students over video conference. Next, the device features a work area of 6-inches x 1.7-inches and is also very thin.

Moreover, the pen comes with 4 express keys whose function you can customize to suit your needs. The device runs on devices with Windows 7 or higher and even Mac devices running Mac 10.12 or higher.

Key Features

  • If you are a teacher, you should be glad to know that you can easily tap into 3 months of free EdTech software upon registering your device.
  • Since this is a small and compact device it works well with the limited desktop area. Plus, it is easily transportable around as you are traveling.
  • You get two bright color options for matching your taste.

4. Frunsi Drawing Tablet

Frunsi Best Digital Writing Pads

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The Frunsi Drawing Tablet is a lovely device with a versatile set of uses for a large number of people. It can be used as a simple writing pad if you are taking a class- whether online or offline. Besides, one can create digital artwork in a plethora of software. The tablet features a workspace of 10-inches x 6-inches which is huge and is also loaded with 8 express keys. You can set the function of these keys as you like for added benefit. These are such as erase, scrolling, zooming, and so on.

However, this requires a system to at least run Windows 7 or Mac 10.10 to be compatible with the system. The simple pen can be sensitive to 8192 levels of sensitivity to pressure. Plus, gives you a line depending on the pressure applied.

Key Features

  • A very interesting feature about this wonderful writing cum drawing tablet is that it is efficiently designed for both right-hand and left-hand use.
  • It is ideal for presenting data and ideas in a meeting or to your students in a video conferencing.
  • This offers a 12-month warranty from the house of Frunsi to take care of any internal damages.

3. VEIKK S640 V2 Digital Writing Pad


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It is a terrific tablet to go for if you are looking for something powerful and easy to use. This is a tablet that will help you around with all kinds of designing and editing software. Be it the Adobe Studio, software applications from Corel, Zbrush, SketchBook, or whichever software you want to run, you can with this tool. You can attach it to any Windows device running Windows 7 or higher and even Mac devices with Mac 10.12 or higher.

Next, the best thing about this tool would be that you can even connect it to Android devices. These are such as your smartphone using the OTG cable and go designing on your phone. With a workspace of 6-inches x 4-inches, you have ample space for all kinds of work.

Key Features

  • This handy tablet tool for your computer has a weight of only 117 gm.
  • Its 2mm thickness ensures an elegant look always.
  • The stylus that you get in the pack requires no battery to function.

2. Huion HS64 Graphics Tablet

Huion Best Digital Writing Pads

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The Huion HS64 Graphics Tablet is simple, classy and very handy to use. This tablet weighs only 258 gm making it the ideal buddy to carry with you on your travels. The workspace offered by this device is 160 mm x 102 mm. This is a lot for writing as well as drawing. Next, the device can be used with a PC system running Windows 7 or higher.

Given that, it perfectly goes with Mac OS devices running Mac OS 10.12 or higher. The device is also compatible with android devices but it somehow doesn’t show the cursor with a Samsung smartphone.

Key Features

  • Once you get the HS64 Graphics Tablet you can rely on Huion for free technical support for a lifetime.
  • You cannot connect the device to any smartphone running iOS.
  • When you are using this with a smartphone, you have to remember that the workspace on the tablet surface decreases to 102mm x 63.8mm.

1. XP-Pen StarG640 Writing Pad


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The XP-Pen StarG640 is a remarkable tablet to go for if you are trying to choose the best graphics tablet. This not only allows you to do graphic art easily on your system but also allows you to write and present data and ideas. This is a very handy device if you are presenting something to your students or even colleagues over video conference. Besides, the tablet features a working area of 6-inches x 4-inches.

And with a thickness of just 2mm, it is the ideal, compact device to be carried around with you. Shifting between pen and erase has never been so easy with the one-click toggle feature. Run it on Windows devices or Mac OS devices- the choice is yours as it is compatible with both.

Key Features

  • The stylus is not operated via a battery and so you can use it anywhere, anytime, in a versatile manner.
  • This unique and sensitive device comes with a pen that can identify up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

How compatible is a digital writing pad?

The first thing to note when you are looking for digital writing tablets is the work area it provides. It need not be a gigantic work area but it should be sufficient for you. Hence, you can easily carry out all your work. The compatibility factor is also something that you should carefully monitor. Most of the devices nowadays are compatible with both Mac OS and Windows devices. Some devices are also compatible with Android devices. If you are looking for a tablet that runs on your phone too, then you should check that off beforehand.

Why is construction important for a digital writing pad?

The size, weight and compactness of the tablet are also an issue to carefully monitor. In all likelihood, you are going to carry your tablet around with you. Thus you should go for one that is lightweight and ultra-thin. Now, it can easily fit into your backpack as you travel.

Explore your creativity by working on a portable digital writing pad and do every task efficiently. So, never limit your talent for not having the right device.