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10 Best Freezer Mugs in 2024

Not just on hot summer days but also during parties and family gatherings, cool refreshing beverages always steal the show. It gives you a refreshing feeling nonetheless. While you can chill the beverage in the freezer, you cannot stop it from warming up. Well, unless you have a freezer mug. These special mugs keep your beverage chilled for a long time and allow you to enjoy them at the perfect temperature. Furthermore, they are completely food grade. So you will not have to worry about their quality either.

Need one for your gatherings? Here, you will find 10 best freezer mugs down below. Take a look and enjoy the time with your friends.

List of Best Freezer Mugs in 2024 Review

10. Wyndham House Beer Mug

Wyndham Freezer Mugs

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You can never enjoy beer unless it is not chilled. Therefore, this beer mug makes the hassle a little easier. Since a drink is concerned, safety should not be compromised under any circumstances. To ensure that, Wyndham makes use of a material which is completely free from any BPA, so you can enjoy your drink without any worries.

Also, you can depend on the material for durability. Instead of glass which might shatter easily, the mug makes use of polypropylene. Thus, the product will not fail you when it comes to durability.

Key Features:

  • The product has a good capacity of 14oz, so you can enjoy it for a good while before you need to refill again.
  • Also, the product is lighter than glass and more convenient to use.
  • Besides, the item weighs only 1 pound. Thus, it provides an excellent feel to your hands.

9. Liquid Logic Freezer Mug

Liquid Logic

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If you like to end your day with a chilled glass of beer, this is just the item for you. The product has a double-wall construction, making the mug sturdier. Moreover, in between the double-wall, a freezing gel is maintained without any change in the composition. You can pour your beer or any other drink in the mug and enjoy a chilled drink without needing to fuss about ice cubes.

Holding a chilled glass might be a problem though. For that reason, the freezer mug also has a handle which keeps your fingers warm.

Key Features:

  • It also allows you a choice between three alluring colors to suit your taste.
  • The mug is obviously freezer safe, so you do not have to worry about keeping it inside for too long.
  • The product can keep your drink chilled for a really long time.

8. Simply Green Solutions Freezer Mug

Freezer Mug

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With this product, you cannot go wrong. The product has shown exceptional performance, and won the approval of many, getting the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. It will surely have what you are looking for as well. You might want to enjoy your beverage chilled, but adding ice cubes might dilute the drink. To avoid that trouble, you can get this item.

The product has special crystals which do the job of making your drink cold without diluting it. Moreover, these crystals are freezable as many times as you want. So you do not have to keep changing the material.

Key Features:

  • The glass needs to be put in the freezer for no more than 2 hours to be ready for your drinks.
  • Its crystals are completely non-toxic, so you do not have to worry about any health hazards with this product.
  • The acrylic used for the product is BPA free and safe to use.

7. Easicozi Freezer Mug


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If you frequently have game nights or other types of gatherings, this will really be useful for you. The product comes as a set of 4 different freezer mugs you can enjoy with your loved ones. Furthermore, the freezer mugs have been thoughtfully given a different color infusion for each mug.

This way, you will not get confused with each other’s mugs, and do not have to be concerned about keeping the mugs together. The crystal present inside the wall of the mugs also makes it really attractive in appearance.

Key Features:

  • The polystyrene material is well known for being of food quality. So, you do not have to worry.
  • Furthermore, the handles are quite wide and long. Thus, no matter how big your hand is, you will have a comfortable grip on this item.
  • It also has a 16 oz capacity that is certainly sufficient for enjoying a cup of drinks.

6. Ziggy V Freezer Mugs

Ziggy Freezer Mugs

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This one from Ziggy V is surely one of the best freezer mugs out there. If you keep forgetting to set ice to enjoy a perfect glass of beer, this product will be a lifesaver for you. The product does away with all the trouble of filling and setting water. The mug has been designed with double walls. Between the walls, the mug holds the freezing crystal. With the freezing gel, you will certainly not require ice for the cooling effect.

Hence, while the crystal does not come in contact with your drink, it helps to chill down the beverage throughout the mug. To give a marked strength to the walls on the mug, this product makes use of polystyrene material.

Key Features:

  • With a good capacity of 16oz, you will not need to frequently run to refill your mug.
  • This is a set of two cups that will let you have a company while drinking.
  • The much-needed base at the bottom of the mug allows it to have a stable seat on any surface.

5. Anho Freezer Mug


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For those who are looking for freezer mugs which will not burn a hole through your pocket, you can go for this item. Next, the product comes in a set of 4 making it a perfect addition to any party. The surface of the product is really smooth and along with the curve, the shape molds to your hand for ergonomic comfort.

Besides, this product is safe for all ages. Even though the mugs make use of plastic, it is of the food-grade kind. The mugs are eco friendly in nature as well. Because of the double-wall feature, the drink stays cold for a much longer time.

Key Features:

  • The wall of these mugs is 10mm. Therefore, you can take assurance your fingers will not get any frostbite.
  • Since the bottom of the item is thickened, it can withstand a lot of impact without any problem.
  • The mugs only need 2 to 4 hours to serve you with hours of chill beverage.

4. Grantan Freezer Mugs

Freezer Ice Mugs Freezer Mugs

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Be it water, beer, or soda, this product will provide you with a chilled drink anytime you want. Your beverage definitely does not taste the same once it is watered down. This product allows you to get the benefit of a cool drink without the inclusion of anything into your drink. As a matter of fact, the freezing crystals present on the mug remain separate. Plus, it does not interfere with the composition of the drink. Besides, since the crystals are well spread out, the product cools your drink evenly throughout the mug.

Key Features:

  • Its handle is quite spacious so that any person can have a comfortable hold, without squeezing for space.
  • The acrylic material used for the freezer mugs is free from any BPA.
  • The crystals in the mug look as good as they work, giving a classy style to your mug.

3. BC Inter Freezer Mug

BC Inter

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If functionality cannot quite cut the deal for you, this freezer mug will definitely catch your attention. Moreover, the mugs come with an attractive cartoon of a parrot in a beach setting. Thus, it immediately gives you the feeling of a vacation.

Besides, this freezer mug makes use of double-wall construction. Hence, the sturdiness of this item can be trusted without any apprehensions. Besides, the double-wall keeps the crystals locked inside, while they work to cool down your drink.

Key Features:

  • Since the product does not use glass, you do not have to worry about shattering the mug and making a mess of things.
  • Also, the handles of this come in different colors, you do not have to worry about getting your mugs mixed up.
  • The product is also easy to maintain. All you need to do is to hand wash it in cold water.

2. TFWell Freezer Mugs

TFWell Freezer Mugs

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Name what your requirement is, and this product is sure to be already catering to it. The freezer mug eliminates all the hassle of filling up water and setting ice cubes on a tray. Since the mug has an innovative freezing gel. All you need to do is pop the empty mug in for a couple of hours, and any drink you pour inside will be chilled in no time for you to enjoy.

Further, the product makes use of acrylic. Since the material is not glass, the material turns out to be much lighter which reduces any strain on your hand.

Key Features:

  • The handle is wide so the pressure on your wrist is distributed well.
  • With the presence of a large rim on the mug, drinking is much easier and convenient without any spills.
  • The thickened bottom makes the mug sit stable on any ground without any tumbling.

1. Lily’s Home Freezer Mugs


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If you tend to move around a lot when you throw a party, this product will be perfect for you. The product is designed in the shape of a mason jar, making it stand apart from the crowd. Although, you do not have to worry about the jar since the much-needed handle is attached to the design.

Moreover, these mugs come with their very own lid. This prevents any chances of you spilling your drink while you are moving. The product turns your drink cold almost instantaneously, so you hardly need to wait.

Key Features:

  • The bottom of the freezer mugs come in different colors, adding to the appeal of the product.
  • It can make an amazing and practical gift for any event.
  • Coming with their very own straws as an added trinket, enjoying your drinks cannot get better than this.

Why do you need a freezer mug?

Freezer mugs can ease out your daily trouble more than you care to think. If you tend to be forgetful, or if you do not like all the labor of setting ice cubes, you are often left with a beverage which you cannot enjoy chilled. With a freezer mug, you can say goodbye to the trouble, and welcome the hassle-free way to get your drink cold in no more than a few moments. Since the crystal in the mugs freezers when exposed to cold temperatures, you have no duty to change it. Besides, the product is also eco friendly that way. The crystals can be frozen again and again, rather than requiring you to use new cubes every day.

Also, the taste of the beverage might alternate if you do not hurry, and the ice cubes melt and dilute the beverage. Since the crystal does not physically interfere with your drink, you can enjoy the same consistency no matter how slowly you drink. Besides, the innovative gel keeps your drink cold for much longer than simple ice cubes can serve you.

How to choose a freezer mug?

First and foremost, the material of the freezer mug must be polystyrene, acrylic, or some similar other plastic. All these are not only BPA free, but food-grade, so they will not influence the drink in any harmful way. Moreover, the plastic takes away your trouble of dealing with glass. If the glass breaks, it might leave you with cuts here and there. Since this product uses tough plastic, the sturdiness of the item is not easy to damage in any way. Even though this makes the mug sturdy, the product still remains really lightweight. This way, you do not feel a heavy bulk on your hand when you hold your mug.

In case you are buying a set of freezer mugs, one thing you should definitely consider is color-infused handles. This way, when all of you are enjoying your drinks together, you will still know which mug belongs to whom without wracking your brains after it.

A freezer mug should not skip on a thick bottom. The base of the mug makes the product stable on whatever surface it is put, so there is no spilling. More than that, you should check if the handle has enough room to fit your hand freely, without getting your fingers stuck and hurt in really slim spaces.

What capacity should one take into consideration while buying?

If you like to enjoy your drink in handsome fills at once, then you will want to check the capacity of the mug. While most mugs hold a good amount of fluid, going for a mug with at least a capacity of 14oz is advisable, so you can have a relaxing time before you need to get up to pour yourself another drink. Since the crystal is stuck between the double walls on such mugs, your mug will truly be able to hold a good capacity of any beverage.

Final Verdict

Now, drink while watching a game or share it with your friends. The freezer mugs with gel or without ones are equally effective and will keep your beverages chilled for a long time.