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The Best Glass Door Mini Fridges in 2024

A glass door mini fridge is a perfect addition for keeping cold drinks & beers in the game room. They let the users see what they have left in the fridge without any need to open it. There are plenty of best glass door mini fridges available in the market, but each of them isn’t a true model considering the limitations. We have to think about a tremendous sort of things before actually considering a mini fridge to shop for.

We have to remember that every manufacturer doesn’t care much about the fridge’s durability and functionality. It is hard to find out whether the model is perfect to buy without using it practically. Our team has performed this job for the readers by creating a list of the top 10 best glass door mini fridges available to shop in 2024. Have a look at all & choose the mini-fridge serving your needs.

Best Glass Door Mini Fridges Review 2024

10. Nutrichef 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator (best under $400)

Nutrichef Best Glass Door Mini Fridges

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Equipped with a 24-bottle capacity, this awesome wine cooler is perfect for keeping the bottles of wine cool. It features compressor fan cooling technology that allows the users to control the bottles cool evenly.  This countertop wine refrigerator has an integrated circulation fan & ventilation grill for cooling the bottles.

It is a very lightweight unit having an adjustable temperature system for controlling things according to the requirement. Furthermore, touch controls are used to develop a perfect climate for the bottles kept in the fridge.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Give proper ventilation
  • Compact construction
  • Superb touch screen controls


  • Handle mounting need improvement

9. Whynter BR-062WS Beverage Refrigerator (best for sleek design)


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If you are one of the very few buyers looking for an ultra-sleek beverage refrigerator, buying this model makes 100% sense. It is a quality mini fridge with a stainless steel trimmed glass door that becomes further stylish with a sleek look. The manufacturer has added a recessed handle for giving a flush finish to the door.

It is one of the best glass door mini fridges having a freestanding setup for making things extra impressive. You can choose between two different sizes as per the convenience level.


  • Stainless steel sleek finish
  • Convenient to use
  • Solid capacity up to 60 cans
  • Keep the heat evenly


  • Lock get loose over time

8. Whynter BR-1211DS Beverage Refrigerator (best freestanding wine cellar)

Whynter Best Glass Door Mini Fridges

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The next one in the line is BR-1211DS equipped with a capacity of 121 standard cans without any difficulty. It is a fine freestanding wine cellar with having a solid compressor cooling system for making sure your beer stays cool all the time. There is an internal fan-forced circulation offered by the unit for making the temperature distribution even.

It has an impressive touch screen control having a terrific range between 34°F & 43°F for better functioning. If we talk about the locking system, it has a cylinder lock delivered to the customer’s home with two keys.


  • Keep the temperature distribution even
  • Exceptional powerful compressor cooling
  • Solid locking system
  • Fully durable stainless steel body


  • Temperature customization demands time to understand

7. Danby DWC036A Free Standing Wine Cooler (best wine cooler)


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Without any need to do further research, we will say this model from the Danby brand is the most excellent wine cooler to shop in the market. It has more than 93 liters, allowing the buyers to store up to 36 bottles easily. It let the users customizing the temperature anywhere between 6° & 14° C as per the requirement.

On top of that, it is an energy-efficient unit that will keep your wine collection cool. There is a blue LED-illuminated interior in the unit that creates a perfect showcasing in the living room.


  • Large capacity of up to 36 bottles
  • Exceptionally bright & modern look
  • Versatile wire shelves
  • Designed with blue LED-illuminated interior


  • Temperature setting takes time to understand

6. Whynter CBM-815WS (best for large capacity)

Whynter Best Glass Door Mini Fridges

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If you are looking for a large capacity glass door mini fridge, we will say the CBM-815WS is the most suitable choice to make. It can keep up to 230 12 oz. cans that are brilliant for sure. The addition of digital temperature control adds beauty to the location for sure.

You will find five slide-out wire shelves with chrome coating for providing extra durability. Furthermore, the manufacturer has added internal fan-forced circulation for distributing temperature evenly.


  • Unbelievable large capacity
  • Chrome coated shelves
  • Equipped with UV protection
  • Improved fan-forced circulation


  • Very expensive fridge to buy

5. RCA 70 Can Beverage Cooler (best for beer cans)


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The RCA 70 Can Beverage Cooler is an excellent option that can serve various purposes as per the needs of buyers. It is a compact & portable model having a small footprint that doesn’t compromise the storage capacity in any manner. There are two vinyl-coated shelves added to the unit for withstanding the can weight without any issue.

Apart from 70 cans, it can easily accommodate up to 17 beer bottles with ease. Furthermore, investing money in this mini fridge will let you add aesthetic value to your area.


  • Removable & adjustable shelves
  • Cooling with low energy consumption
  • Very space-efficient design
  • Solid cans capacity


  • Lack of interior LED lights misses the modern look

4. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator (best budget-friendly pick)

Nutrichef Best Glass Door Mini Fridges

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The Nutrichef PKCWC120 is arguably the perfect mini fridge for those who love enjoying a beer in their fast integrated compressor cooling technology with adjustable temperature settings for ensuring pee time. It can be delivered to the customer’s home without asking for huge chunks of money.

It perfect chill. Also, there is a button-activated child safety auto-lock function for extra safety.


  • The very affordable choice to make
  • Highly unique & attractive finish
  • Brilliant child safety auto lock functioning
  • Give near-silent performance


  • Low capacity when compared with others in the list

3. Staigis Wine Cooler Fridge (best for beer bottles)


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This low noise & vibration cooler is created for individuals who want to enjoy sediments of wine without any disturbance. There is a durable safety lock added to the bottom front for keeping the bottles away from kids’ reach.

It is one of the best glass door mini fridges designed using top-quality stainless steel material for an attractive look. You may have to pay a little bit extra bucks, but it will let you enjoy wonderful cooling.


  • Impressive 30 bottles capacity
  • A highly energy-efficient cooling system
  • Minimal vibration & sound
  • Beautiful stainless steel design


  • Too costly to buy

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler (runners up)

NewAir Best Glass Door Mini Fridges

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Having a capacity of 126 cans, this beverage refrigerator has adequate space for keeping all your beer & cold drinks can. It is one of the few models offering full value to the money for the buyers.

If we talk about inside, numerous storage racks are allowing you to set bottles & cans as per the beverage type. Additionally, the availability of a super quiet compressor makes the unit ideal for dorm rooms and homes.


  • Great value under budget price
  • Enough storage with different shelves
  • Different customized settings
  • Extremely quiet operation


  • Few complaints about rattling in the compressor

1. Whynter BR-130SB Refrigerator (editor’s choice)


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The BR-130SB is made for those who want to buy a free-standing & contemporary glass door mini fridge for keeping their drinks cool. It has a 5.75 cubic feet capacity allow the buyers to store nearly 120 standard cans with ease.

There is mechanical temperature control & interior LED lighting added for making things extra brilliant. Furthermore, its eye-catching design & attractive stainless steel body catches a glimpse of guests for sure.


  • Exceptionally well fan-forced cooling
  • Highly flexible interior storage
  • Extremely elegant design
  • Solid capacity up to 120 cans


  • Doesn’t come with the door lock

How have we selected the best glass mini fridge?

We checked a plethora of features before adding a glass mini-fridge to the list about which our team has mentioned in detail below:

  • Compressor Cooling

Always invest in a model that depends on the compressor for cooling instead of thermoelectric elements that are very common these days. It will ensure longevity to the cooling system in the long run.

  • Budget

The budget of a glass door mini fridge varies greatly according to the features and size. It can range anywhere between US$ 130 & US$ 500 as per the set of features.

  • Size

The next thing to address is the sizing of the mini-fridge you choose as it should fit in the area you have in mind.

  • Body Material

A very important thing to address while buying a glass door mini fridge is its material. No matter you choose stainless steel or any other material, make sure it is durable enough to last for years.

  • Shelves

There is a very critical role played by the shelves in the cleaning of the mini fridge. Wired shelves are easy to clean when compared with the smooth shelves, so choose appropriately.

Best Glass Door Mini Fridges – Frequently Asked Questions

Is extra power consumed by glass door mini fridges?

That’s true, a glass door mini fridge uses up to six times power when compared with a normal household fridge. There are many variables in this equipment on which the exact energy usage mainly depends.

Are glass door mini fridges worthy of buying?

If you ask for convenience & style, buying a glass door mini fridge perfectly sense for sure. It loses very little cold air when you open the fridge’s door compared with the normal fridge that ensures drinks stay cool.

Are our mini fridges costly to operate?

Yes, they are slightly costly to run when compared with normal fridges available out there. The reason behind its costly operation is a high amount of energy usage to perform cooling.

Can we put a glass door mini fridge in a cabinet?

We suggest avoiding keeping a mini fridge in a non-customized cupboard due to lack of ventilation. However, keeping them in a properly customized unit doesn’t cause any downgrade in the performance at all.

Do mini-fridges easily catches fire?

If it doesn’t get ventilation, it is likely to catch fire that is the case for most refrigerators irrespective of the variant. That’s why we suggest using the glass door mini fridges carefully in each sense.

Is it compulsory to run a mini-fridge all the time?

Not at all, there is no need to run the refrigerator all the time at 100% capacity for an extended time. A compressor needs to take a break from time to time.

Can we keep a mini fridge on the carpet?

Well, it isn’t a good thing to place a mini fridge on the carpet due to a reduction in airflow to the condenser. It will result in poor performance because the carpet retains heat.

What places should be avoided to keep a mini fridge?

Never place the mini fridge near a heat source or areas that block ventilation. Also, it isn’t suggested to place it on the sides or the carpet as it can retain the heat.


There are many manufacturers involved in the creation of mini bridges, but every model isn’t up to the market. Choose from any of these best glass door mini fridges as per the requirement for better convenience.  This equipment are a great option for meeting small-scale needs and keeping drinks cool.

If you still have a query regarding the mini fridge with glass door, write about it in the comment section for getting answers.