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The Best Ice Ball Makers of 2024

An ice ball maker is an utmost necessity if you love having your drinks on the rocks. Iceballs add an elegant touch to your glass and give out a classy vibe. However, you cannot make iceballs with normal ice trays. As a result, it becomes pertinent to opt for an iceball maker. An iceball maker has been made from high-quality materials. Thus, you can easily use them to create iceballs without any issue.

However, which one to buy and which one should you leave behind? Well, buy ice ball makers online after consulting our list and get a solution without working hard.

Why should you buy ice ball makers?

If you love to host parties, this can become an eye-catcher in every glass. Normal ice cubes are boring looking, diluting your drink far too quickly. But for the bigger ice balls, the ice melts relatively slower, so you can enjoy your cocktails at a comfortable pace, as well as, enjoy the very look the spheres will give your drink. Besides, some ice ball makers even make use of a special technique, because of which, the ice crystallizes into a clear ball, with no fogginess, which further enhances the look.

Best Ice Ball Makers Review 2024

10. Glacio Ice Ball Maker

glacio Best Ice Ball Makers

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Presentation is as important as the drink itself. For that reason, now you can experiment with a new mold in town. Unlike the usual cubes, this product creates ice in the shape of balls, catching the attention of your guests. Although, if you would rather prefer the traditional squares, then this item comes as a set of 2, also providing you with a mold of large cubes.

The cubes are just under 2-inches, making them perfect to go with any type of drink. Each mold contains six spaces, so that, you can freeze up to 6 balls, and 6 cubes at once, saving you a lot of time. The ice trays are flexible. Hence, you do not have to worry about them coming apart when you try to pull out the ice.

Key Features

  • The mold is also thoughtfully made non-stick so that you can easily take out the ice without much struggle.
  • Furthermore, it is made from food-grade silicone which is completely BPA-free.
  • You can clean the tray properly without leaving behind any stains.

9. Varwaneo Ice Ball Maker


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If you are looking for a slightly bigger size for your parties, this 2.5 inches mold will satisfy you. Besides, you will be able to use this mold for a number of different liquids from soups, to baby food, to simple or infused water. Hence, the bigger ice balls will really come in handy. More than that, this product comes with a funnel. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to pour down the liquid without making any spills all over.

Moreover, this product is even microwave-safe, if you feel like defrosting a bit before you take the mold off. The top part of the maker has a plastic bit. So, you can hold to cleanly take off the mold without making any mess.

Key Features

  • Because of the sturdy bottom part, carrying the mold to the freezer is very easy.
  • This has a flexible construction that will make it easily pop out.
  • The item being dishwasher-safe saves you from the hassle of cleaning.

8. Tinana Ice Ball Maker

TINANA Best Ice Ball Makers

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This product makes the use of silicone and PP plastic for the material of the maker. Therefore, it has an exceptional temperature resistance ranging from -104°F to 428°F. Well, making it ideal to be used both in the freezer as well as the microwave, without you requiring to worry about any damages. Besides, the unique material while being sturdy enough is also really flexible. Thus, you can bend the mold to take the ice balls out easily.

Also, the trays are designed so that, they can be stackable, taking up lesser space together. With the right closures, the leak-proof design prevents even a single drop from falling out of the tray.

Key Features

  • If the predictable colors are not your cup of tea, this ice ball maker comes in three different shades that you can select from.
  • This reusable product makes 2.5-inches balls to easily make your drinks presentable.
  • Because of the funnel, it’s more convenient to fill as well.

7. Adoric Ice Ball Maker


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For the ones who cannot choose between all-time cubes and the alluring spheres, you should go for this item. The product comes as a set of two trays, having both large cubes as well as spheres. The silicone used for this ball maker is of the food-grade kind. So you do not have to worry about any harmful elements getting mixed up with your drink.

Furthermore, the product is reusable, so you can get as many cubes or spheres as you like. The silicone makes the ice ball maker soft so that you can squeeze the ice balls out of the mold. This ice ball maker has been intentionally designed with raised edges. This prevents the item from getting stuck anywhere in the cold.

Key Features

  • In case you are not a fan of unknown smells mixing with your food, you will be relieved to know this contains no odor.
  • You get two trays with it. One is square in shape whereas another one is of the round shape.
  • It is completely temperature resistant between -104°F to 446°F.

6. HomeBuddy Ice Ball Maker

HomeBuddy Best Ice Ball Makers

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This product is on a whole new league of its own. The ice ball maker comes with a special shell. This acts as an insulation layer, locking the temperature in for a long time. As a result, you do not have to keep running to the freezer to get new ice balls. If that was not enough, this ice ball maker also makes the wise addition of a stand-up freezer bag in the package.

Because of this, the bag runs no risk of lying down and breaking the ice spheres. Plus, at the same time, allows you to store as many as 6 ice balls at once. Thus, you do not run out of ice balls in the middle of your little party. You can expect the temperature to stay locked inside the shell for as long as 18 to 24 hours. The freezer bag has baby grade EVA plastic construction for assuring about the safety standards of construction.

Key Features

  • The tray is very easy to remove.
  • This product is fully leak-proof and so, nothing will go to waste.
  • The clarity of ice-balls that you are going to get from these is better than the regular tray.

5. Ticent Ice Ball Maker


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Once you get one of these, you will not be able to go back to a simple store-bought cube anymore. The very appearance of the crystal balls will make heads turn in your next party. Besides, the product not only creates beautiful spheres but is absolutely safe to use as well. The item makes use of food-grade silicone. Hence, you do not need to worry about toxic elements such as BPA, getting mixed with your drink through the spheres.

Also, having silicone makes the structure really malleable. You do not need to wait more than a few hours to take out these crystal balls either.

Key Features

  • Although silicone may be flexible, it is at the same time highly durable, standing the test of time.
  • Having a bigger size than standard cubes, the ice balls also take longer to melt, so that you can enjoy your drink at ease.
  • If you still are not sure about the quality of the item, this product assures you of a year-long warranty.

4. Housewares Solutions Froz Ice Ball Maker

Housewares Solutions Best Ice Ball Makers

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If you are looking for a cost-effective ice ball maker, this can be a great affordable option. Although, do not judge by the price. Even though it is affordable, the item has been able to win the approval of many with its performance, earning itself the prestigious title of Amazon’s Choice to speak for its quality. The product itself weighs no more than 0.35 pounds. As a result, the item is easy to carry even with the water-filled in.

This promises to be leakproof. Well, this means it does not allow any cracking when the spheres are freezing. Since the ice does not absorb the taste of the freezer, you get clean tasting ice to go with your drinks.

Key Features

  • The raised bottom prevents the structure from slipping down.
  • It’s not only safe for use in the freezer but also in the microwave.
  • For any party or occasion, this can make an amazingly practical gift for anybody.

3. Trenect Ice Ball Maker


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If one product can perform many tasks, then the item literally pays for itself. While making ice spheres are no big feat with this item, you can also try it for a number of different things. From ice creams to chocolates, to soaps, make whatever you like into spheres for presentation. Since the silicone on the top is soft, your ice balls run no risk of getting cracked up when the temperature goes down, and the water starts freezing.

As far as the bottom goes, the solid and sturdy tray makes it possible for you to carry the item to the freezer. Hence, without making any spills on the way. It has the exclusive feature of a quick open buckle. This does not take any effort to take out the ice balls.

Key Features

  • With the balanced design at the bottom. So, you do not have to worry about the structure leaning and ruining your sphere.
  • You also get a handy funnel with this product for eradicating spills.
  • Be it alcoholic drinks or coffee, you can turn anything into ice.

2. Chillz Ice Ball Maker

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Best Ice Ball Makers

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This ice ball maker pays extra attention to the safety of the structure. Hence, the ice balls do not roll down or crack under any circumstances. The product comes with raised sides, which prevents the ice balls from moving to any size. Yet, since the item uses silicone, you will be able to squeeze them out without a struggle. As far as maintenance goes, you hardly need to bother with this ice ball maker.

Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe, saving you both time as well as the labor required to manually clean the product. The item is completely non-toxic. And so, you are never going to be in contact with toxic ingredients when freezing ice in it.

Key Features

  • You get 1.78 inches spheres with this product.
  • As many as 4 ice balls can be created in one sitting.

1. Better Kitchen Products Ice Ball Maker

 Better Kitchen Products

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When it comes to quality, this product really outdoes itself. The item not only comes as a silicone mold but is also accompanied by an insulated immersion reservoir. Because of this, not only do your crystal balls stay frozen for longer, but they are get frozen slowly. That way, the spheres have no chance of cracking during the process of freezing.

Also, the reservoir works to decrease any gas particles in the ice. So, you can achieve clear ice balls like never before. With this mold, you will get 2.4-inches sphere-shaped ice cubes.

Key Features

  • You can use simple warm water from the tap for this product.
  • It is so designed that bourbon, scotch or any liquid can be turned into ice balls.
  • The mold is of the 2-cavity kind for two ice balls at one time.

Which material is ideal for ice ball makers?

For the top lid of the maker, you can only get silicone. Although, only affirming the material is silicone will not do. You have to get those that are of the food-grade variety, so that, your ice ball makers are completely free from any BPA, and other toxins. The silicone material keeps the lid really soft as well as flexible. Therefore, while the material will be durable, you will be able to take the ice balls out without any fear of breaking the ice balls or the lid apart.

For the bottom part, you will have to go for sturdy plastic material. That way, if you try to pick the ice ball maker up, it will retain its shape, helping you to carry the product in and out of the refrigerator without any problem.

What are some of the essential features of an ice ball maker?

If you are a perfectionist, spilling the water is not an option. To achieve the perfect sphere, you should opt for the makers which come with a funnel. That way, you will be able to finish the task with great precision. Also, the plastic bit on the lid is essential. It helps you to get a grip to pull off the lid without putting external pressure on the mold itself. If you hate the trouble of cleaning each little item, you also have to check if the ice ball maker is dishwasher safe. That way, you can just pop the item in after use, and not have any time wasted behind the maintenance.

For the legs of the ice ball makers, it is better if the mold is supported by raised legs. Hence, it will have a stable foot on any ground, and not have any chances of toppling over while it is in the refrigerator. Depending on your personal preference, you should also check out the thickness of the ice ball available in the molds. From 2 inches to 2.5, you can pick a mold that serves your purpose.

Final Verdict

So, get hold of these ice ball maker molds and make any beverage or dish fancy. These are safe for consumption and will enhance the look of the entire presentation.