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10 Best Kids Luggage in 2024

Traveling with your kids is always thrilling and fun. Children enjoy copying, like adults, while traveling. Often carrying luggage by themselves creates a sense of responsibility in them. Being a parent, you should always encourage that fact.

With the best kid’s luggage, children can roam around comfortably. Again, they look stylish and have ample space to keep the necessary things related to your kids. Therefore, you will not have to worry about things being misplaced inside their suitcase.

Here, we are presenting a detailed review of the top ten best kid’s luggage, which are in high demand in 2024.

List of Best Kids Luggage Review

10. PUQU Yellow Truck Monster Design Travelling Kid’s Suitcase

PUQU Best Kids Luggage

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It is a vibrant yellow-colored cute luggage set for the kids. A durable ABS material is used in the making of this product. Therefore, you can expect a long-term durability benefit. The luggage has a weight holding capacity of around 15-20kgs quickly.

You can use it as a stroller for the children. The design is sturdy enough. Often kids get tired of walking in the airport; in such cases, you can make them sit on this luggage and pull it nicely.

Key Features

  • The space inside this luggage is adequate to keep all the toys, clothes, and necessary things. It is around 17-18 liters.
  • There is a stable shoulder strap with a length of 87cm approximately.
  • The design of this bag is incredible, and your kids can use it as a book pack for school trips.

9. Unicorn Travelling Carry On Girls Pink Wheeled Suitcase


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The manufacturers have designed this lightweight pink bag for your girl child. It is made of sturdy ABS material for excessive durability. There are strong ergonomic handles and wheels for smart portability.

The design is exclusively suitable for the kids, and they can easily stroll them while walking through the airport. It can be used as a school bag too. Your kids will develop a sense of independence by using this luggage set.

Key Features

  • The handles have extended height settings. Therefore, you and your child can push or pull it according to your preference.
  • You can move the wheels in 360 degrees quickly. They have fantastic mobility benefits.
  • There are playful graphic designs on this luggage bag that easily attract kids.

8. Goplus Spinner 2Pc Luggage Travel Set For Kids

Goplus Best Kids Luggage

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If you want to invest in a piece of comfortable traveling luggage set for children, then you can think about this significant product. In the bag, you will see an attractive picture painting. It attracts children easily. There is an adjustable dual pulling handle. Therefore, the product will not break easily. Your kids can lift this bag smoothly without any extra support.

A sturdy polycarbonate and ABS material are blended with nylon in the built of this product. Hence, you can rely on this product for long time use and no breakage.

Key Features

  • It comes in a two-piece set. Hence, you will get ample space to keep the necessary things inside it in an organized way.
  • The lightweight bag is ideal for traveling or merely using it as a school bag.
  • The durable wheels are multi-directional. You can move it in 360 degrees. For fast mobility purposes, you can depend on this product for your kids.
  • This bag has a waterproof feature. Moreover, cleaning this product is also easy due to the Pc protecting layer.

7. Stephen Joseph Rolling Classic Travel Luggage

Stephen Joseph

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Bring this zipper-closed bag today. The colorful, functional character design on this bag makes it unique. Another reason to opt for this product is the size appropriate for your children.

While carrying it to the trips or school, they will not feel any unnecessary pain or burden. The carry-on feature of this bag allows you to pull it and roll it wherever you go.

Key Features

  • High-end polyester is used in the making of this product. It can resists wear and tear for the long term.
  • Again, the design of the wheels is durable. They freely move while traveling and never cause any skid.
  • The entire luggage looks stylish with the cute zip compartments. It is spacious.
  • Your kids will love this trendy bag. With the extendable handles, they can roll this bag in airports.

6. American Tourister Luggage Upright 18Inch Disney Suitcase

American Tourister Best Kids Luggage

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The brand is renowned for designing brilliant luggage and bags. If you are looking for sturdy built and soft designs in the bags, then it is a viable option.

You can easily roll the wheels and carry it according to your convenience. Another benefit of this bag is the push button feature. The handles are extendable. Therefore, you can adjust the height of this bag according to your child’s preference.

Key Features

  • For this specific luggage bag, you will get it in Disney princess design.
  • The weight of this bag is light around four pounds.
  • All over the luggage, there is a mesh cover design and small compartments to keep useful things.
  • Just to prevent any damage to the bag while traveling, there are cross straps on it.

5. Skip Hop Unicorn Wheel Kid’s Set Luggage

Skip Hop

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You will be amazed to get the six varied animal designs in this luggage set. There is an extended 13-inch handle for a firm grip of your kids. You can present this product to your child for a daily school bag or solely for vacation purposes.

The detailed design of the bag is the main attraction of this bag. It is kid-friendly. There are zipper pulls on for security.

Key Features

  • The wheels are sturdy and provide ample portability.
  • It is a toxic and BPA free product to rely on
  • The entire luggage is made of poly canvas, and on each bag, you will get different animal designs.

4. American Tourister Upright Disney Carry-On Minnie Mouse 18 Inch Luggage

American Tourister Best Kids Luggage

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The primary advantage of going with this brand is a wide variety of Disney characters printed on the luggage bag. It attracts the children automatically. The sleek design of this bag is impressive.

It is a functional luggage set that you can gift your child on their birthday. The lightweight product comes with an in-line wheel system. With the help of this smart wheel, your little one can travel smoothly around the airport.

Key Features

  • There is a zipper-pulling section inside this bag. It is sturdily designed and provides ample security while traveling. If you want, you can put a lock on this zipper.
  • The clothing straps inside the luggage set helps to make the clothes stay in one place without unnecessary moving.
  • With the push button on the handle, you can adjust the height of this bag according to your child’s needs.

3. Trunki Ride On Kids Original Carrying Luggage Travelling Set


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It is a mini suitcase, which your children will surely love. Parents who are looking for a user-friendly option where they can make their child sit on the bag while traveling can opt for this.

The lightweight of this product will let your kids or toddlers travel independently with you. It is excellent for a short vacation or trips.

Key Features

  • The straps have multi-functional benefits. Therefore, you can tow your child well with this while traveling around.
  • It is spacious, and you can keep all the toys or clothes of your child in an organized manner inside it.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Durable 4 Wheel 20 Inch Luggage Size Cabin

Kenneth Cole Reaction Best Kids Luggage

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Bring this product and create a new style statement for your kid’s luggage bag. For a swift and effortless movement, there are four wheels. You can expect free rolling with tremendous portability from this product.

There are two organized sections for keeping toys and clothes neatly. The lightweight of this product is ideal for kids and toddlers. Again, the water-resistant and shockproof technique of this product is safe for your little one.

Key Features

  • You can lock the handles of this bag with the retracting push buttons on it.
  • In the two sections inside the luggage set, you will get a significant part of keeping clothes and a small zipper area for tiny useful things like brushes or toys. Even there are straps to protect your clothes inside the bag.
  • It is durable, and you can clean it with a wet cloth for long-term usage.

1. Rockland Pink Dots Upright Fashion 2 Piece Luggage Set


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If you are looking for a fancy looking bag without spending much money, then it is the best choice. You will get this luggage set in two-piece designed all over with small pink polka dots.

Another benefit of this bag is the superb height adjustability. There are shoulder straps inbuilt in this bag for rolling it like a suitcase.

Key Features

  • The telescopic designed handle and skate wheels are lovely in this bag
  • There are durable grips on the handle, and extra cushion padding on it will not cause any pain for holding it a long time.

Investing in a sturdy suitcase for children which have beautiful style is always what you are looking for. Based on your requirement in the list mentioned above, we have presented the best kid’s luggage that is fashionable and affordable. We hope you choose the best one from this list.