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10 Best Light Up Shoes for Adults in 2024

We all have different style statements. Some like neutrals whereas others prefer prints, well, the choice is all theirs and one can’t blame it. When it comes to shoes, we do not think of wearing a lighted variety as an adult. However, people who are into dancing or who prefer a more funky style love light up shoes for adults. These shoes literally light up due to the presence of inbuilt lights. Plus, these look extremely appealing.

So, to help you figure out the best options, we present to you an in-depth guide about what to buy. Hence, make no mistake and be confident about the product you use.

Best Light Up Shoes for Adults to Buy in 2024

10. electric styles – LED Light Up High Top Sneakers

Electric Styles Light Up Shoes for Adults

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With this pair of shoes, you will be able to impress everyone out there in your next race or dress up party. The shoes come with marvelous led lighting which you can easily control by the Electric styles app. As a matter of fact, the app allows you to choose from 10 different color modes like chasing or rainbow for the shoes.

Most importantly, you will also be able to sync the light in your shoes to the beats of music from your smartphone. Apart from that, you can also opt to let your shoes light up by the sound from the surrounding. So, if you are a concert or an exciting rave party, this feature can come in pretty handy.

Key features:

  • These shoes are obviously from high-quality vegan leather. Thus, they are lightweight as well as waterproof.
  • You will able to choose from 256 different colors apart from the ability to set the brightness thanks to the Electric Styles app.
  • These shoes provide a battery life of at least 4-6 hours. Nevertheless, you can easily recharge it with the help of a USB cord.

9. APTESOL Unisex LED Light Up Shoes


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Here is another amazing pair of high-quality light up led shoes that you can opt for. It also comes with 11 different color modes. While there 7 static color modes, you also get 4 different dynamic color modes. Also, it is very easy to shuffle between the color mode with just a press. You can also easily turn off the lights by pressing the button 12 times or a long press for 5 seconds.

Furthermore, it also notifies you when you need to charge the shoe with the help of red flashes. Above all, it charges completely within 2.5 hours. Thus, you will not have to worry at all.

Key features:

  • The upper part of the shoe is from highly breathable material. Hence, it keeps your legs comfortable and dry.
  • It also comes with a USB cable which you can connect with a phone charger or your computer to charge your phone.
  • Lastly, there is a plastic cover above the USB interface. Thus, it helps in keeping it protected.

8. UNN Led Light Up Shoes

UNN Light Up Shoes for Adults

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This one is undoubtedly a great choice for anyone trying to set their own statement in front of others. The very first thing that you will find interesting about this light-up shoe is its build. Of course, it makes use of high quality fly woven fabric for the upper part of the shoe whereas it also comes with rubber soles. The fabric construction makes the shoe completely breathable and keeps your feet dry.

Furthermore, it comes with a hidden switch near the charging port. You can press the switch to turn the LED lights on. And to turn the lights off, just press the button 12 times or for 3 seconds.

Key features:

  • Of course, it offers 11 different lighting modes. So, you will have a wide variety to choose from.
  • While the first seven modes offer static lighting of different colors, the last 4 modes offer dynamic lighting showcasing different colors simultaneously in a pattern.
  • Lastly, it offers a brilliant battery life of 8 to 11 hours upon 2-3 hours of charging.

7. MILEADER Unisex High Top LED Shoes


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Apart from having a robust design, this shoe takes care of your style as well as safety completely. Of course, this shoe features a stylish buckle closure. It not only ensures an excellent fit but also adds a special look to your shoe. Moreover, the PU leather upper of this shoe is highly durable as well as stain-resistant. Plus, it is highly breathable too. So, it keeps you comfortable at all times.

Also, this shoe features a rubber outsole. Thus, it ensures a highly safe wearing experience. Lastly, it comes with 11 different lighting modes. You can choose between them with just a button.

Key features:

  • With four dynamic and seven static flash modes, it easily catches attention and makes you look cool.
  • The pair also comes with a special USB cable which you can connect with a phone charger, power bank or computer to charge the shoes.
  • It also provides you with a remote control to remotely control the lighting in your shoe.

6. Idea Frames Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes

Idea Frames Light Up Shoes for Adults

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One of the best shoes in the market, this one is definitely unlike anything that you have seen. The most unique thing about this light-up shoe is the fact that it uses a special fibre optic cloth for designing its upper part. The LED lights are embedded in the optic cloth in the upper part. Apart from providing an exotic look to the shoe, the use of optic cloth also provides excellent folding endurance and water repellence while making the shoe extremely light in weight.

Moreover, it can easily withstand high temperatures too. Thus, it eliminates the risk of broken LED lights completely and assures a long time service.

Key features:

  • It also comes with EVA high abrasion as well as endurance outsole which provides you with better grip and makes it completely non-skid.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the shoe is very easy too. All you need is a wet towel or sponge to clean the shoe.
  • Also, there is a hidden button under the pull strap on the heel. You can use it to turn on the lights and change the lighting modes.

5. Lxso Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes


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Here is another fantastic LED light-up shoe that you can opt for. Like our last entry, this one too makes use of high-quality optic fiber cloth for making its upper part. This shoe also comes with 7 single color modes and 4 dynamic flash modes. You can easily shuffle between these modes by pressing the button hidden inside the strap on the heels.

Also, you can turn off the lights by pressing the buttons 12 times or a long press of 3 seconds. The shoe is easily chargeable too thanks to the USB charging port it comes with. Charge it for 2 to 3 hours only and it will serve you for 5-8 hours constantly without any problem.

Key features:

  • The optic fiber upper cloth offers complete physical endurance, makes the shoe water repellent and breathable.
  • Plus, the EVA outsole further makes the shoe completely skidproof.
  • Above all, the shoe is very comforting on your feet and keep them dry at all times.

4. ATS Unisex LED Shoes

ATS Light Up Shoes for Adults

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This one from ATS is truly a marvellous choice. Perfect for men and women, this light-up shoe has an impeccable style and design. Of course, this product comes with high-quality PU leather. As a result, it is not only breathable but water repellent too. Moreover, it also comes with a special rubber outsole. Hence, makes this shoe very comfortable to wear while providing a good grip on the ground.

Finally, it also runs on a 3.7V 450 mAh battery. Hence, you can be sure about a hassle-free service.

Key features:

  • With this product, you surely get a different static and dynamic color modes.
  • Also, it offers a dual USB cable that you can use to charge the shoes without any hassle.
  • There is also a switch near the charging port that allows you to change between different modes with ease.

3. softance Fiber Optic LED Shoes


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Here is another excellent optic fiber led light up shoe that you can opt for. Having a unisex design, this shoe can be worn by men and women alike. Next, you will get 7 different static color modes with this shoe. As a result, you will be able to choose between red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, purple and white colors.

There are four dynamic flash modes too where you will be able to showcase dynamic patterns of different colors at different frequencies.

Key features:

  • The upper optics fiber cloth construction provides the shoe with complete breathability, water resistance and complete endurance against folding. Thus, it does not damage the LED lights embedded within the shoe at all.
  • Also, the EVA outsole is comfortable on the feet and completely slip-resistant.
  • Above all, there is a hidden switch under the strap on the heels which allows you to turn on the lights, shuffle between different modes and turn off the lights.

2. LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

LeoVera Light Up Shoes for Adults

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Having a high-quality fabric top along with rubber outsole, this light-up shoe from LeoVera is surely a marvelous product. Due to its excellent design, it provides the shoe with excellent durability thereby promising to keep your feet dry. Above all, the rubber outsole comes with proper grooving. Thus, it provides complete resistance against slipping and allows you to walk on these shoes without any worry.

Lastly, this pair of shoes is perfect for any party or concert since it allows you to separate yourself from others and create your own statement.

Key features:

  • It comes with a special USB port which you can use to charge the shoes through your computer, power bank or mobile charger.
  • Furthermore, it can keep your shoes lighted for more than 8 to 10 hours after 2 to 3 hours of charge.
  • There is a switch beside the USB port which allows you to switch between 11 different color modes with ease.

1. Odema Unisex LED Shoes


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Sitting at the top of our list, this light-up shoe from Odema is surely the best one out there. The high ankle design and a glossy PU leather construction make this product highly attractive. More importantly, this led light up shoe comes with 8 different color modes with 7 static modes and 1 dynamic mode. In the static mode, you will be able to display static colors of green, sky blue, white, red, purple, yellow and blue.

On the other hand, the dynamic mode automatically shuffles between different colors in a certain frequency to create a unique look for your shoe.

Key features:

  • It surely comes with a rubber outsole which prevents you from slipping and offers a good grip.
  • Next, the USB port allows you to charge the shoes easily with 2-3 hours.
  • Besides, the shoe also offers a switch beside the USB port that enables us to change the color modes apart from turning the light on and off.

You will never have a dull entry whenever you are wearing these fashionable light-up shoes for adults. Sport it like a boss and own it!