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10 Best Mug Trees in 2024

Keeping your coffee or tea mugs can be quite challenging. It obviously flutters your countertop and makes it look messy. Thus, it is better if you opt for a mug tree. These have an incredible design. Thus, they add a special look to your interiors while organizing your mugs. Most importantly, they are highly durable and last for several years.

Want to decorate and flaunt your precious collections of mugs in a fancy way? Our mug trees review shades light on the best quality products so that you never have to feel betrayed.

List of Best Mug Trees Review

10. MyLifeUNIT Tree Mug Holder

MyLifeUNIT Best Mug Trees

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If you are looking for such holders then going for the MyLifeUNIT Tree Mug Holder is a great idea! The mug holder is crafted from wood and layered in a woody finish to preserve all the natural beauty. It is sturdy and is balanced on a strong, weighted, wooden base. As a result, ensures that it always stays up and does not topple over.

Whether you have square-shaped mugs or the circular ones, this amazing cup holder has enough space. So, you will be able to accommodate all of them easily. This is indeed a display stand that will help in organising the stuff.

Key Features

  • Of course, you can use this multi-utility tool as a decorative mug holder.
  • Most importantly, you can also use it to dry freshly washed bottles and the like.
  • You can hang as many as 6 cups in this.

9. Spectrum Diversified Tree Mug Holder

Spectrum Diversified

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A simple structure is mostly the classiest design and that is definitely true for this impressive mug holder. This simplistic coffee mug rack takes up very little space while getting your kitchen counter all organized. There are 8 aesthetically attached hooks from which you can hang mugs or cups of any shape and size.

The simplistic style of this lovely countertop mug holder adds a modern flavor to your place. Thus, goes wonderfully with all kinds of modern décor ideas.

Key Features

  • The tree mug rack comes with a comfortable and tasteful handle. Hence, you can use it to carry from the kitchen counter to the coffee station.
  • Since this is a metallic coffee mug holder, you can easily clean it by gently wiping it with a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is soft such that you do not scratch the surface.
  • You can easily use this tree holder to store the mugs vertically easily without occupying much cabinet space.

8. DII 5646 Mug Tree

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The DII 5646 Mug Tree is an excellent addition for your homes even if only for the aesthetic value. However, this lovely coffee mug rack has much more to offer. You can easily organize the kitchen counter and keep it clutter-free by hanging all your mugs from this holder. You can set it up in your living room or your dining room. Just place it as a decorative piece displaying your exotic collection of mugs.

Besides, the mug stand features a height of 12.8-inches and there are 15 haphazardly arranged hooks on it. The base diameter of the rack is 9.5-inches which is wide enough to prevent it from tipping over.

Key Features

  • Certainly, you can use this impressive cup holder as a designer item. Therefore, it easily gives a great look to your house.
  • But you can also use it to dry all the freshly washed cups mugs, glasses, and even bottles.
  • This mug holder has an innovative design. Hence, it allows you to easily rest small plates against it to let them dry out.

7. BVLOY Bamboo Mug Rack


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Whether you want a display unit or you are looking for a simple coffee mug holder, the BVLJOY Bamboo Mug Rack cannot go out of fashion. Crafted from bamboo sticks this mug rack is 100% naturally made. The woody polish ensures that the natural look is preserved. It features a wooden base too to give it a complete appearance.

As a matter of fact, the rack is also very easy to wash from time to time. All you need to do is to wipe it down with a clean and damp cloth from time to time. The coffee mug holder is 13.8-inches long. Therefore, allowing you lots of space to hang coffee mugs of any shape or size!

Key Features

  • The amazing mug rack lets you hang 6 coffee mugs. However, it only occupies the space of 1 coffee mug!
  • Most importantly, it comes with a countersunk screw then it becomes very easy to clean.
  • It has 6 hooks that are properly integrated into the rack.

6. Gourmet Basics by Mikasa 885991142683 Rotating Mug Tree

Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Best Mug Trees

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A mug holder is a delicate item that adds both function and aesthetics to your place. So, if you are looking for a crafty mug holder, you should go for this. Yes, it is a rotating mug holder allowing you easy access and storage in a constrained space.

Besides, the holder is 15-inches high and features 8 hooks which you can use simultaneously. This tree holder is handcrafted to give it a unique touch. And give your countertop or dining table an elegant look. Given that, the holder is crafted with a circular base of diameter 8-inches. Hence, gives it a space-saving touch.

Key Features

  • The simplistic mug holder can be easily cleaned from time to time using any normal damp and soft cloth.
  • Well, the tired basket gives it a classic look.
  • Furthermore, the rotating design offers convenience while saving a lot of space.

5. Colonial Tinworks Mug Rack

Colonial Tinworks

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There are many amazing tree mug holders out there. However, you will not find a piece as exquisite as the Colonial Tinworks Mug Rack. As the name suggests, this handy setup is crafted from metals and features an excellent place to set your mugs. You can have it in the kitchen, in the dining table and also in the center table of the living room.

Moreover, the mug rack is layered in a black paint finish. As a result, it not only adds to its looks but also protects it from rust and corrosion. The base of this mug is 6-inches x 6-inches. Thus, it provides quite a sturdy ground to support the weight of the entire setup.

Key Features

  • With a 10-inches high frame, you can easily place the largest of mugs in this mug holder effortlessly!
  • Furthermore, the rack features 4 hooks for you to conspicuously hang your mugs.
  • Interestingly, this is waterproof and so no sorts of damages will be seen.

4. Gourmet Basics by MikasaMug Tree

Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Best Mug Trees

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A mug rack that adds to the beauty of your place is definitely a unique one and the Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Mug tree is just that! The handy mug rack features an elaborate setup while not taking up too much space. This rack is crafted by hands from wrought iron wires and features a durable arrangement.

Given that, the design of the mug rack is flat from one side. Hence, allows you to easily place it against a wall and look all aesthetic. There are 8 hooks welded into the mug rack and hold 8 big mugs easily!

Key Features

  • The mug rack goes up to a height of 14 ¾-inches and features a unique place to hand your mugs!
  • Mug rack is from materials that you can easily clean using a soft and damp cloth without much ado.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a special wire basket at the top. Thus, it provides you with extra storage space.

3. Neat-O Steel Tree Mug Holder


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If you are looking for a unique arrangement to hold all your mugs, then you should go for the Neat-O Steel Tree Mug Holder. Build to hold up to 15 mugs this holder rack can also be used to place teacups and even glasses. Each of the hooks is 3.5-inches long and features enough length to comfortably hold your mugs.

This aesthetic piece sets a different tone to your kitchen or dining table. whether you really want a place to store your mugs, or you are looking for a showpiece for your display cabinet, this mug tree holder serves all the purposes.

Key Features

  • It features a metallic base at 7.5-inches diameter that is sufficiently large to hold it steady.
  • At a height of 15 ¾,-inches this rack features enough space to comfortably hold all your mugs!
  • Lastly, it can easily hold 15 coffee or tea mugs along with cups and glasses.

2. Blue Donuts Farmhouse Mug Rack

Blue Donuts Best Mug Trees

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The Blue Donuts Farmhouse Mug Rack is a charming companion to set on your kitchen countertop or your coffee table in the living room. It has a metallic frame and displays quite the sturdy rack to hang your exotic collection of mugs. This is an impressive coffee mug holder that takes too little space- its circular base has a diameter of only 6-inches.

However, the base is weighted and this rack will never tip over. You can hang 6 mugs from this lovely coffee mug holder rack.

Key Features

  • The sturdy mug rack is very lightweight at only 16 ounces.
  • At a height of 15-ft, this mug rack features an erratic design. Thus, it allows you to hang the largest of mugs without any difficulty.
  • With this beautiful tree mug holder, you will be easily able to organize your countertop.

1. Clever Modern Mug Tree Holder

Clever Modern

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If you are looking for a modernistic approach to the co0nventional coffee mug holder, then the Clever Modern Mug Tree Holder should be your ideal choice. It is crafted in such a way to feature a modern appeal while it adds to the beauty of your place. Next, it is a sturdy coffee mug holder with a flat, large base which ensures that the mug holder will not topple ever.

There are 8 hooks built into this amazing mug rack and you can set coffee mugs or teacups from these hooks. Finally, it has a base diameter of 8.75-inches and towers at a height of 12-inches from the base.

Key Features

  • The top of this mug holder has a wide base. So, it ensures that it can easily fit in most tea kettles.
  • Indeed, this metallic coffee mug rack comes with a layer of paint coating. So, it will not get rust or corrosion for a long time to come!
  • Besides, it has a wide base which makes sure that it does not tip.

The anesthetic cup holder is quite important and useful artillery to add to your kitchen countertop or even your dining table. Interestingly, the mug tree stands to add a charming look while also giving you a fantastic place to hang coffee mugs.