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10 Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards in 2024

Advanced games requiring swift moves are increasing these days with the growing technology. Such gaming requires suitable hardware to meet the challenge it provides and to stay ahead in your game. The quiet and quick-acting keyboards with special keys and lighting effects are one such hardware that gives you with this speed.

Know how these best quiet mechanical keyboards will enhance your gaming experience to the next level. The reviews include key features that provide you with information on crucial aspects of these keyboards.

Top Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards in 2024

10. HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

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The RGB LED integrated into the keyboard makes the keys glow with a rainbow lighting effect. The unexpected spills of beverages will not diminish the stunning radiance of the keyboard as it is spill-resistant.

The keys are quiet when tapped, and they operate silently using the soft keys. Anti-ghosting technology used while playing games, which helps you to be able to press more keys within less time, registering all the keys separately and quickly.

Key Features

  • The spill-resistant property of the keyboard can withstand 120ml of accidental liquid spills.
  • RGB LED-backlit keyboard has six effect options to choose and make your keyboard look stylish from time to time.
  • Compatible with the PC’s using Windows OS of versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • The reinforced plastic allows this keyboard to be lightweight in comparison to the mechanical keyboards.

9. PICTEK TKL RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


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Scintillating 27 LED lighting modes will never stop to amaze you as you get along with your gaming. All the 87 keys are without any conflict, and the keys adapt well to your quick moves and support your speed seamlessly.

The size of the keyboard is compact and is designed ergonomically, which does not strain your fingers. The classical blue switch mechanism allows you to provide the highest tactical feedback with each press, and the clear click sound confirms the press.

Key Features

  • Dedicated color zones with 27 designated lighting modes that are useful for different game setups.
  • The lettering on the keypad does not scratch off, and the unique molding technique allows uniform backlighting.
  • Anti-slip feet keep the keyboard in place, and the foldable design helps you to set it as required.
  • Durability guaranteed by 10,000,000 keystrokes tests.

8. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

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The gold contact switches with mechanical keys using Cherry MX technology deliver high performance providing ultimate advantage while gaming. The RGB LED lighting allows the backlit keyboard to display rainbow colors making it an exciting and useful model to identify the switches quickly.

Your gaming profile of customized lighting effects stored on the 8MB storage provided on the board. The number of customizations is unlimited, as you can create any number of the impact and save them.

Key Features

  • Multimedia keys provided separately, and no need to use other keyboard keys that interrupt your game.
  • USB-pass through the port provided so that you can add a mouse or a headset is required.
  • Mechanical key switches that are swift and offer a competitive advantage.

7. SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard


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Illuminated keyboard with tactile switches has a 10 zone RGB color schemes that produce gorgeous effects. The keyboard is Ip32 classified water-resistant and is safe from accidental water spills. It sounds as soft as a whisper as it has low friction during keypresses.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard contains a magnetic wrist rest supporting your full palm for comfort. Separate multimedia switches for volume and settings.

Key Features

  • Magnetic wrist rest that rests your palm placed as required by either attaching or detaching it from the keyboard.
  • Low friction keys make very less sound, which is almost inaudible.
  • The RGB LED lighting has 10 zone effect resulting in a vibrant backlit keyboard in rainbow colors.

6. Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

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The dedicated media keys on the Razer BlackWidow gaming keyboard are handy to access settings like volume. The magnetic wrist rest provides the much-needed support for clicking the yellow mechanical keys while you speed your way through the game. The Chroma RGB lighting and USB-pass through are the advanced features of this keyboard.

Key Features

  • The yellow mechanical switches are linear and quiet during operation, helping you concentrate on the game.
  • The 45 G of force required to press the keys helps you in achieving high speed leading to fast-paced action during gaming.
  • Tested for 80 million clicks and durable as it is made with the metal top plate of military-grade.

5. NPET K10 USB Wired Floating Gaming Keyboard


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The ultra-thin keyboard by NPET has a 55±7G key elastic force allowing you to apply less force for depressing a key and hence move faster between the keys. The 3.6 mm distance that key travel when pressed is an optimum distance among gaming keyboards. This keyboard has a life of 60 million keystrokes.

Key Features

  • The keys caps are UV coated, make a low noise, and have faster response speed.
  • The steady support to keys is provided by the key housing mechanism.
  • The tactile dome functions as a foundation for keys.
  • 26 anti-ghosting keys are provided for better user experience.
  • Shortcuts can be used for controlling the lighting effects, including modes and colors.

4. Redragon K556 Backlit 104 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

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The Redragon keyboard with 104 keys is a robust keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting keys, which is essential for gaming performance. Adjustable LED lighting as it is RGB backlit and has six themed backlights and 18 lighting modes.

The brightness of the lights can be adjusted using the function key and up and down arrow keys. The keyboard can also be backlit using a single color, and there are nine such modes.

Key Features

  • The complete anti-ghosting keyboard with zero lag performance allows you to play efficiently.
  • Additional 8 back-up switches along with a key mover are provided to create your keyboard.
  • Original brown switches for quick linear action and seamless experience of online gaming.

3. Razer Cynosa 168 Keys Chroma Gaming Keyboard


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The membrane keyboard by Razer has 168 quiet and cushioned keys that provide supreme experience to the user. Each key is individually backlit and is macro programmable, offering complete personalization through Razer Synapse 3 software support.

Spill-resistant and protects the keyboard from accidental liquid spills. You can rebind the buttons, save the configurations of your profile to the cloud, assign macros, and perform many more exciting and advanced experiments with this keyboard.

Key Features

  • Ability to execute up to 10 commands simultaneously using in-built rollover anti-ghosting.
  • Ability to light up from a choice of16.8 million colors separately for each key using customization software.
  • The 80 million clicks tested keyboard is warranted for two years by the manufacturer.

2. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

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The ultra-minimalistic design provides you with exceptional gaming experience. The small size of the keyboard without the extra number of keys allows space for mouse movements and useful for FPS to improve their expertise. The steel metal plate adds sturdiness to the console. The cable is braided and can be removed when not in use, allowing you to store or transport it safely.

Key Features

  • Extra number pad removed compact keyboard with a linear design and backlit with red LED
  • Quite functioning using cherry MX red-based 87 anti-ghost keys when switched to game mode
  • The detachable cable which is flexible and durable enhancing its life and also supports portability
  • The lighting uses dynamic effects where the individual or group of keys are lit accordingly.

1. Redragon K552 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard

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The Redragon K552 keyboard is useful for gaming with most of the windows, other prominent brand pcs, and gaming systems but has limited functionality with mac OS keyboard. The lighting is crystal clear, and the keycaps of the keyboard engineered to work with absolute speed. All 87 keys are N-Key rollover compatible, and you get 12 multi-media keys enhancing your gaming experience.

The metal plate with compactly set keys gives you durability and supports your gaming vigor consistently. The keys are tested for 50 million keystrokes and them

Key Features

  • The black-colored keyboard of 87 keys with RGBrainbow LED-backlit for gaming.
  • Made up of metal alloy and ABS plastic as it needs to withstand rough gaming action.
  • Compact, tenkeyless, dust-proof, quiet, mechanical keys, fast action, and minimal resistance.
  • Two user custom user modes, 19 different illumination effects, and six colors with multiple brightness levels.

Gamming experience can never be fascinating without using the best quiet mechanical keyboards as the speed, durability, and tactile support they offer is unmatched with standard keyboards. You now have a reason and desire to buy a suitable gaming keyboard and have ten perspective choices at your consideration.