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Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts in 2024

Selecting the right cup holder for the mobile phone is quite difficult considering the tons of choices available out there. We all spend a great sort of time in the car daily, and it is quite obvious to attend phone calls during this time. A quality cup holder should have the required qualities for keeping the phone in place. We have made extended research & testing for finding out the top products for the customers.

Our team has created a list of the top 12 best cup holder phone mounts available to shop in 2024. Go through the list once and make a choice according to your needs adequately.

Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts Review

12. Scosche Magpcup Magnetic Cup Holder (best multi-device cup holder)

SCOSCHE Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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Capable of keeping nearly 4 charging devices, this cup holder from the Scosche brand offers the required security to things kept in it. A highly flexible neck is added to the unit for giving extra functionality to the system. It is an adjustable upholder base that offers solid stability at its best.

The availability of a single flexible arm and 12-volt power adapter makes things extra convenient for the buyers. You will find LED indicator lights on this unit for showing whether the phone is charging or not.


  • Very flexible neck
  • Capable of handling up to 2 USB
  • Compatible with all types of mobile phones
  • Extremely durable build


  • The expensive choice to make

11. Macally Cup Phone Holder (best under $15)


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This cup phone holder from the Macally brand has everything demanded by the buyers nowadays. Having an adjustable base, it can be a perfect fit for most cars. The presence of this best cup holder phone mount will ensure your phone has an exciting place to relax.

It has a swivel holder that lets the users see the view comfortably quite any issue. The mobile phone you place in this unit doesn’t attain scratches at all during the entire usage.


  • Extremely soft grip
  • Fully rotatable in a variety of directions
  • Capable of keeping bulky devices
  • Super affordable to buy


  • Plastic gives a cheaper feel, but you can’t get better at this price

10. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount (best for wider compatibility)

iOttie Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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People with more than one phone often look for compatibility while shopping for a phone mount for their car. If you are one of them, we recommend the buyers to go for this model from the iOttie Store without thinking even for a second.

This unit’s biggest specialty is its magnetic cord organizer that makes sure cords stay organized all the time. It comes with an enhanced suction cup with a brilliant gel formula for a stronger hold.


  • Secure to adjust
  • Give long-lasting hold
  • Compatible with a great sort of devices
  • Customized viewing angles


  • Heads need to be flexible

9. WeatherTech CupFone Universal Cup Holder (best for rotation)


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We will place this brilliantly designed & engineering cup holder at the ninth position from the WeatherTech brand. It comes with interchangeable cups for giving a highly snug fit to the system. There is open access bottom available in the unit for making charging convenient.

None of the buyers will question this product’s position in the list of best cup holder phone mounts, considering the tons of exciting features present in it. The manufacturers have tried to ensure buyers get access to everything an average buyer need.


  • Highly customized snug fit
  • Compatible with all types of mobile phones
  • Top-quality construction
  • Easy charging system


  • Very average construction

8. Lexso Car Cup Holder Phone Mount (best for color selection)

Lexso Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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Many buyers are very picky about the color selection, and we understand this thing for our readers. It is a brilliant pick available in a variety of variants for extra convenience. That’s not all, it has a newly designed telescope for brilliant viewing while driving.

Apart from being simple to install, the company has designed it in a very secure design for added functionality. You will only have to deal with minimal issues during the entire installation task.


  • Super convenient to attach & detach phone
  • Causes little vibration during driving
  • Quite a decently price phone mount
  • Quick-release button for extra convenience


  • The design definitely could have been improved

7. Wixgear Magnetic Cup Holder (best budget-friendly pick)


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We know many of our readers are smart buyers who prefer buying products at a budget price. In terms of cup holder phone mount, this unit has everything such individuals are looking for. This phone mount has excellent compatibility for ensuring a broad range of phones can be covered.

If we talk about the installation process, it takes less than a minute for most cases. Overall, this phone mount has everything the buyers with a limited budget want to buy.


  • Solid stability & adjustability
  • Incredible magnetic for easy installation
  • Awesome view without hindrance
  • An affordable phone mount to buy


  • Average magnet at its best

6. Bracketron Universal Phone Holder (best under $25)

Bracketron Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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This one is a very reliable phone holder that you can use on-road as well as in choppy waters. It can be set comfortably on both cars as well as boats quite easily. The availability of one-click arm expansion ensures the unit can accommodate all types of devices.

There are 2 amp total outputs available on this unit for making things easier. It has folding support legs to offer exciting support on the requirement.


  • Give extra support to the phone
  • Provide brilliant portrait viewing
  • Equipped with a dual amp output
  • Perfectly fits with width up to 3.5 inches


  • Expensive considering the set of features

5. Leagway Phone Cradle Mount (best multi-functional phone mount)


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We can’t miss the position of this incredible phone cradle mount that you can use for mobile phones along with MP3 players & GPS. It comes with a very powerful magnet that perfectly fits with the soft holder quite easily.

One of the best cup holder phone mounts has a curved arm & a smoother base that makes sure the device doesn’t wobble during driving. Also, this unit comes with a flexible neck that can be adjusted for maximum visibility.


  • Give unobstructed view during driving
  • Easy to adjust the base
  • Super affordable to buy
  • Very convenient to install


  • Not as durable as top four picks

4. Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount (best for added flexibility)

Lorima Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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If you are searching for a flexible phone mount, investing in this product from the Lorima brand fully makes sense. It has a pretty long gooseneck that can go up to 12 inches in terms of length.

Furthermore, adjusting this phone mount’s height is easy, even if you are using it for the first time. There is also a one-button release on the rear side for quick release.


  • Equipped with a top-quality base
  • Sits convincingly inside the vehicle
  • Astonishing flexibility
  • It fits with most vehicles


  • Confusing warranty policies

3. Cellet PH650 Car Cup Holder (best for iPhone)


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The PH650 features a jointed arm design that ensures a very stable viewing experience with the utmost flexibility. It has an excellent adjustable base that makes sure you can install the holder quite easily.

We will say that the manufacturer has made all the arrangements required for accommodating the phone mount. Also, you can use this unit for both small & large vehicles with ease.


  • Give added security to phones
  • Highly flexible 360-degree swivel
  • Works fine with most of the vehicles
  • Made from heavy-duty material


  • Release button places at little bit awkward place

2. Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount (runners up)

TOPGO Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts

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This cup holder phone mount is quite an impressive unit that can perfectly fit the vehicle’s cup holder with ease. It is simple to install thanks to the availability of an adjustable base and neck. There is an anti-slip surface & secure grip present on the phone mount for extra convenience.

It is a universal phone holder that can keep a variety of devices securely. Investing in this product will give you great results for upcoming years.


  • Super easy to install
  • Give 360-degree rotation system
  • Keeps windshield free
  • Available at a good price


  • Check to size before buying

1. Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup (editor’s choice)


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Created for fitting rectangular devices, this adjustable holder comes with a cradle grip that secures the phone at its place comfortably. You won’t have to deal with any tug or pull for retrieving the device due to its one-button release.

There is a heavy-duty curved arm added to the unit that can rotate for impressive visibility. It is a neat product for topping the list by all the possible means.


  • Highly firm cradle grip
  • Capable of keeping bulky cases
  • Easy to use with one button release system
  • It fits with all types of phones


  • Tightening is hard in few cases

How we have selected the best cup holder phone mounts?

We suggest never missing the important feature before making the selection of the phone mount. The list of those factors is mentioned in detail below:

  • Cradle or Magnetic

Cradle models come with soft rubber for gripping the sides of phones, but there is a limitation in most cases. On the other hand, the magnetic mounts are easy to use but cause scratches on the phone’s backside many times.

  • Budget

Although a cup holder phone mount isn’t a costly affair, still budget plays a crucial factor in the selection process. They are available anywhere between US$ 10 & US$ 50 according to the quality and features, so choose precisely.

  • Line of Sight

The next thing to care about is the line of sight while setting the cup holder mount. It shouldn’t cause any trouble while driving the car.

  • Compatibility

The cup holder you choose should be compatible with the phone you are using. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money that you should avoid doing.

Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best location in the car for keeping a phone holder?

The windshield mount is the most appropriate place for setting a phone holder for ideal placement. In fact, it is considered the safest place considering the health of a mobile phone.

Is it legal to keep the phone on the windscreen?

There is no strict rule for setting up devices like GPS navigation & mobile phone positioning. As per 297 (2) Road Rule, a driver should drive the vehicle if he/she has a clear view of traffic behind.

Can I mount a mobile phone on the dashboard?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use the mobile phone on the dashboard using the phone holder with minimal issues. Make sure that it doesn’t obscure the view of the road for the driver.

Will I get fined if my car passengers are on the phone?

There is no fine for the driver if other passengers are using their mobile phones. The authority hasn’t set any fines for the fellow passengers while using the phones in any manner.


Cup holders have a great history that started way back in the 1950s for the automobile industry. Its utilization has changed every decade as per the requirement of the users. Today, it is mostly used for keeping the mobile phone use safe while driving the vehicle.

Our team has made things easier for the readers by mentioning the best cup holder phone mounts with proper details. Don’t forget to tell the fellow readers about the model you have chosen after reading our suggestions.