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10 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks in 2024

When you are traveling, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is the safety of your things. Your valuables are equally important, and its always good to make sure that your baggage is not left unattended. Can I safeguard my things? Yes. For this, we have numerous options of many anti-theft backpacks that come with advanced safety features to give you the right protection from tampering and theft.

Here in this article, we would be reviewing the top ten best anti-theft backpacks in 2024.

List of Best Anti-Theft Backpacks Review

10. BOPAI 15 inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack


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If you are looking for a sleek and classic black backpack, then the Bopai is one of the slimmest and lightweight bags in this category. They are only 3 inches thin and is easy to carry. The laptop pouch can support up to a 15-inch laptop and has an invisible anti-theft design that makes it an excellent choice for regular travelers. This unisex backpack is easily portable and is concealed with double zippers.

Key Features

  • The bags come with large capacity with six inbuilt pockets inside for better storage.
  • The multicolor zip straps give is a high toned and elegant look. They also have a detachable key chain and soft flannel compartment to protect the computer from any damage.
  • The bags also have breathable designs with a high-density sponge.

9. KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


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The Kopac anti-theft backpack features are lovely and are ideal for daily use or travel. They come in a black and grey combination and can easily fit in a Macbook or Laptop up to 15.6”.

The bag is one of the most affordable options to look at while choosing and come with exceptional safety features. The bags can easily be placed under the airline seat and has multiple compartments for storing any number of things. The bag has two reflective stripes on the front for clear vision at night.

Key Features

  • The bags are water repellent and are ideal for use in any weather conditions.
  • The durable nylon fabric and the dual access zippers make it an excellent choice for one looking for enhanced safety and durability.
  • The overall design of the bag makes it difficult for thieves to access the bags and comes with padded straps for comfortable carrying.

8. Wenig Laptop Backpack, Business Travel Anti Theft Backpack

WENIG Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

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The Wenig anti-theft bag is a classic example of an excellent anti-theft backpack. These backpacks bring in password protection and have double metal zippers and give more safety to your backpack.

Moreover, they have separate storage space for laptops and other pockets for storing mobile phones, pens, keys, etc. They can easily fit under the seat of the airline and are compact for storing anywhere. The two S-shaped shoulder straps have two pockets to make it easier for storing glasses and other items

Key Features

  • The backpacks are made of water-resistant and durable material with metal zippers. This ensures that the bag is highly durable.
  • The bag fits in easily into any suitcase or luggage and has an upright tube for more comfortable transport.
  • The 10 plus compartments provide separate space for each item, and one can even carry clothes for a changeover.
  • The backpack comes with a charging port that is convenient for external charging.

7. AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack

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If one is looking for a backpack for daily use and within a smaller budget, then the AMBOR travel backpack could be the right choice. The bag offers plenty of room for storing essentials, and it weighs 1.6lbs. The grey and black combination gives it an excellent modern touch and is ideal for all.

With a laptop pouch, the bag can carry up to 17-inch laptops safely and risk-free. The bag is lightweight and can be easily be carried on the back effortlessly. The front pocket adds an advantage as things can access easily from them.

Key Features

  • The bag comes with added protection for the main compartment with a three-digit combination lock.
  • The AMBOR is made from durable and eco—friendly nylon fabric while the interior is made of polyester and gives long-lasting durability to the bag.
  • The material is cool and breathable and protects the laptops and other electronic equipment from getting overheated.
  • Both the height of this chair and ottoman are adjustable.

6. Soldierknife Durable Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

SOLDIERKNIFE Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

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The Soldierknife anti-theft laptop backpack is another option in this category that you can look at. The design and the features make it quite a unique product from other bags. They come designed with ample storage space and can accommodate a 15-inch laptop comfortable inside the bag.

The luggage strap ensures that the bag fits easily into a suitcase and can slide over the handle for easier carrying. The bag is suitable for all uses, from schools to daily office usages.

Key Features

  • One can connect to the USB charging without opening the bag.
  • The bag comes crafted with water repellent and durable nylon fabric for lasting durability.
  • They have comfortable and breathable soft mesh fro greater heat absorption.
  • The device pocket ends slighter upper than the bottom of the backpack, and hence the devices or items do not get damaged even if the bag falls.

5. Oscaurt Laptop Backpack, Theft Proof Travel Backpack, Hidden Zipper Bag


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The Oscaurt is one of the most stylish and attractive backpacks that one would like to have. The futuristic design and the enhanced security options make this bag very useful to all. The main compartment of the bag is completely hidden away for the outer look.

The bag also comes with a secret pocket to the rear of the bag for more security. These bags come with the guarantee of safety and security for your things.

Key Features

  • The backpack has anti-theft technology features where the zipper of the main compartment is seen on the back of the backpack.
  • The bag also comes with an elastic band and velvet lining for more protection.
  • The bag also has an inbuilt USB charger and cable for charging the device. There is a reflective strap for safe travel at night.

4. Volher Laptop Backpack, Business Travel Anti Theft

Volher Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

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The Volher laptop is another option that you can look for in the category of anti-theft backpacks. These bags are lightweight and compact and are have a large space to carry things.

They also come with hidden pockets for protecting the valuable items. They come with many padding cushions for enhanced support. The anti-theft safe pocket comes on the back of the luggage sleeve. There is a built-in USB charger for charging mobiles.

Key Features

  • The bag comes with water-resistant material and durable polyester fabric. They have elastic pads and have breathable space for easy carrying.
  • The multi-panel airflow design gives more comfort and back support.
  • The luggage straps give the backpack a perfect fit while carrying.

3. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag


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The Tzowla backpack is one of the best backpacks in the category and stands out due to its elegant and sleek design. These backpacks are lightweight, have a unique anti-theft design, and have superior construction and.

They come with cushioned shoulders lashes that get combined with breathable back to ensure the best comfort. The bag is waterproof in design that ensures that the bag can fit in all weather conditions.

Key Features

  • The bag features a password lock and has durable metal zippers.
  • The bag also comes with a USB interface for charging your device.
  • The sturdy and water-resistant feature with polyester fabric makes it more durable and gives added comfort with widening padded shoulders.
  • The company also offers friendly and round the clock customer support.

2. Mancro Laptop Backpack, Business Water Resistant Laptops Backpack

Mancro Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

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The Mancro laptop backpack would be a great choice for those who are tight on their budget but still looking out for a safer and secure bag. Even though they less costly, they do not comprise quality and ensures that they deliver high performance and comfort to their customers.

The backpack is mainly spacious and lightweight. The backpack comes with two main compartments that enable you to organize your items intact.

Key Features

  • The bag uses all the latest innovations like RFID blocking
  • Features USB charger that gets integrated outside and also a charging cable inside
  • Crafted and manufactured with most durable and eco-friendly nylon materials.
  • They come with spacious laptop space that can hold up to 17” laptops.

1. MatienTravel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft


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The Matein travel backpack is very roomy and is lightweight. Matein is not only a travel laptop bag but comes with many safety features. The bag weighs only 1.5lbs and is easy to carry around. Additionally, the bag has three compartments, which get divided based on needs like for storing books, clothes, and other electronic devices.

The bag can fit a 17” inch laptop easily into the pouch. The elastic side pockets give enough room for storing water bottles. The bag comes with a simple design that can fit in for all occasions.

Key Features

  • Made from highly durable polyester fabric and has water-resistant property, which is best for any weather conditions.
  • Thanks to the soft and breathable padding that comes with good airflows for a most comfortable carry on the back and relieves the shoulder from all the stress.
  • Another handy feature of this bag is the external USB port design that is connected to charging cable inside.

Choose the best anti-theft backpacks that will ensure that all your stuff is safe, giving you peace of mind. The product reviewed here offers maximum safety features with affordable pricing that would fit into your budget.