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The Best Phone Screen Magnifiers of 2024

Mobile is something that every individual of every household has. However, phone screens seem to be pretty small for some people. For gaming on your smartphone or for watching many movies and videos, it becomes quite difficult to work with the small screen. It gets the eyes fatigued and is also harmful to the eyes because of all the radiation. A phone screen is small and constantly watching it puts a lot of strain on your eyes. What if there was a way to make the viewing bigger? Well, a phone screen magnifier is exactly the option you need for your home.

So, without thinking twice, just check the phone screen magnifier price and then went onto seal the best deal. Found one for you on this list and enjoy the experience.

What’s the ideal size of a phone screen magnifier?

The size should also be considered carefully. Once you start looking for screen magnifiers you will find that there is all kind of screen size options available out there. Between 10-inches and 12-inches, it is you who has to decide which is the most appropriate.

Best Phone Screen Magnifiers in 2024

10. Fanlory Screen Magnifier

Fanlory Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

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Well, there surely is a way to properly view the phone screen with the Fanlory 12-inches Screen Magnifier. This unique device works with light such that you get an automated larger imprint of what is going on in the phone on the screen. You will not need any power source for this simplistic device to function. Next, you can set it up anywhere and the design is versatile enough to handle any modern smartphone device.

The screen can also be folded down when you are not using it. Hence, giving it a compact appearance making it easier for you to store the device. The construction of this device is very simple making it extremely lightweight. Thus, allowing you to easily carry it around anywhere you go. This even protects your eyes from the blue radiation and so, no more tiredness while watching.

Key Features

  • If you are unhappy with the usability of this device you can call for a full refund from Fanlory.
  • From camping, traveling to anywhere in the world, this screen magnifier will let you view your phone screen clearly.
  • This provides a 3D vision when watching through it.

9. Fanlory 14-inches Screen Magnifier


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In case, you are struggling at looking at the small screen of your phone, then it is time to shift to a bigger screen. You can easily go for a bigger screen if you are using the Fanlory Screen Magnifier. This amazing device gives you a 14-inches big, wide, flat-screen display such that you can enjoy the movies and videos better. The device does not need any electric power to work and comes in a simplistic, compact, lightweight design. Next, the viewing isn’t affected in any way and you get full HD vision using this device.

The screen is so made that it will give your eyes constant protection against blue radiation from the phone screen. Furthermore, the device is capable of supporting most of the modern smartphone designs, even smaller smartphones.

Key Features

  • Foldable in nature, you can easily store it and carry it around.
  • This is a device that allows you to enjoy a 3D experience.
  • The latest 2020 design helps in viewing your mobile screen up to 2-4 times bigger and clearer.

8. DLseego 14-inches Screen Magnifier

DLseego Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

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The DLseego Screen Magnifier is an exceptional device that was brought on to give a bigger screen for smartphone users. It so happens at times that the small screen of the smartphone strains the eyes too much as you are watching a movie or reading a PDF. The 14-inches big screen of this device helps you by relaxing your eyes. The screen is from ABS plastic and is very durable while also preserving full HD viewing.

There is also an attached plate for shielding light that prevents any refection and thus protects your eyes. At 15.2 ounces this device is extremely lightweight. It can be easily carried around whether you are embarking on a journey or going on an adventure.

Key Features

  • The screen is foldable down for fitting any corner of your room.
  • It becomes very slim and compact when you want to store it.
  • Due to universal compatibility, you can blindly buy it and gift it to anyone.

7. Dizaul 12-inches Screen Magnifier


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The Dizaul Magnifier is a terrific and stylish device to have if you are a movie buff! Constantly, looking at the small screen of your smartphone easily fatigues your eyes. The screen magnifier is a device that can help you with that. It has construction from premium quality solid wood giving you an aesthetic appeal in a lightweight and handy device. The 12-inches display is ample fit correct viewing and you even be rid of the blue radiation with this screen.

Moreover, the screen is bendable down and foldable. Therefore, it is easier for you to carry the device on your travels. If you are into gaming or typing a lot, you can easily attach your phone to this and go typing with an attached Bluetooth keyboard.

Key Features

  • Whether your phone runs on Android or the iOS platform, this device is compatible no matter what.
  • You will get multiple color options while ordering this magnifier.
  • It’s pretty lightweight and you can carry it effortlessly.

6. GLISTON 12-inches Phone Screen Magnifier

GLISTON Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

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If you had the GLISTON 12-inches Phone Screen Magnifier, such issues won’t be around to bother you. This is a simpler version of a projector that allows you to get a bigger image of whatever is going on in your cellular smartphone. The screen is curved to be easy on the eyes and allows completely 3-dimensional, HD viewing. Next, the screen has construction from ABS material. Besides, it even keeps blue radiation at bay and is a super durable material in itself.

This is an eco-friendly alternative to getting a projector since this device uses no battery or no power source at all. It will help in magnifying 2 to 4 times more than any other product.

Key Features

  • When you get the GLISTON Magnifier, you automatically tap into the two years after-sales services.
  • This is hands-free in nature and you can easily place it anywhere.
  • Due to its lightweight, you will never have any struggle in carrying it.

5. ORETECH Screen Magnifier


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Indeed, an innovative solution to get your smartphone screen bigger, you will be right to go for the ORETECH Screen Magnifier. The innovative idea is not only a great help; the device is crafted from eco-friendly materials. Therefore, making it environmentally adequate. The device is extremely lightweight. Besides, allows being folded down into a slim design when not used. This makes it easier for you to carry the device around wherever you go.

Furthermore, the specialty of this device is the lens made from acrylic Fresnel material. Therefore, this makes it resistant to UV and other rays coming out of the phone. The screen is also adept at preserving HD videos giving you a grand viewing experience.

Key Features

  • The phone holder is lined with a non-slip clothing material. Hence, your phone is stably held in position as you are watching a movie.
  • Its simplicity allows you to easily use it with all the smartphones available out there in the market.
  • This 3D magnifier will let you see your mobile screen 3 to 4 times bigger than the rest.

4. Fanlory 14-inches Screen Magnifier

Fanlory Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

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Fanlory makes some amazing screen magnifier devices and this 14-inches curved screen magnifier is no exception. The screen is from acrylic fresnel material that is durable and very effective. Next, the material gives you a much clearer screen than most other similar devices available nowadays. This material is also resistant against blue ray and UV radiation coming off the phone and thus plays a larger role in protecting your eyes.

Furthermore, the focal length of the screen is adjustable such that you can set any smartphone down. Since it does not work on power but on the laws of physics, you can use an Android smartphone or an iPhone with equal ease.

Key Features

  • If you are unsatisfied and looking for a way to get a refund, simply call Fanlory and they’ll be happy to help.
  • The 14-inches screen has a curved design giving you an appropriate and comfortable viewing angle.
  • This is very durable such that you can force it to be flat. However, the moment you release it, it goes back to being a curved screen.

3. APZNOE Phone Screen Magnifier


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The APZONE Magnifier is just the perfect device for you if you are looking for a screen magnifier to watch movies. The screen is from acrylic lens material that is good at preserving the HD videos and movies that you watch. Next, the rest of the design is from ABS plastic that is sturdy and durable. Given that, it features Bluetooth speakers such that you can get a theatre-like feeling as you watch a movie.

Moreover, the 2 3W speakers add insufficient and crystal clear volume to the already amazing device. The 10-inches screen is also curved such that your eyes get a full-on comfortable viewing angle.

Key Features

  • At only 523 gm, this is a terrific and very lightweight screen.
  • It comes with attached speakers that you can go for and take around with you.
  • To make it more convenient, the screen magnifier comes in a foldable design. Hence, you have an ultra-thin screen that can be easily stored.

2. Weewooday Retro Pine Screen Magnifier

Weewooday Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

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Indeed, a stylish and unique phone screen magnifier, you need not look further than the Weewooday Retro. This stylish device is like a retro-looking TV set. Besides, is loaded with the finest curved screen for enhanced viewing. The screen has construction from acrylic material and has a superior finish and a durable body. Given that, the curved screen features a wide-angle for viewing. Plus, it blocks all the harmful rays coming from your phone.

All kinds of Android and iOS phones are compatible since the laws of Physics guide it and not any power or battery source. Being 3D in nature, you will enjoy a 3-dimensional viewing experience with any phone.

Key Features

  • The chances of reflective lose and harm to the eyes due to reflections are considerably lowered because of the closed design.
  • There is a bracket behind the device that securely holds your phone and you can go entirely hands-free.
  • The box is from high-grade carton material that is likely to last a long time without any defect.

1. LAIKETE 12-inches Screen Magnifier


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Having a screen magnifier is a great deal. It allows you to see everything on your phone bugger and larger but also allows you to go completely hands-free as you are watching a movie or reading a book. The LAIKETE 12-inches Screen Magnifier is a terrific device that will help you with both of these. The device has an acrylic, curved screen that allows 3D HD viewing at your leisure.

Furthermore, it works just like a normal projector and does not even require a power source to operate. The screen is of high quality and will give you the best images out there.

Key Features

  • This unique device is also loaded with Bluetooth speakers. You can connect it to your phone to get a high-quality audio output as you are enjoying a movie.
  • The 12-inches screen magnifier has a foldable design such that you can easily handle the device.

What’s holding you back? Buy a phone screen magnifier online to view movies, images, videos or any media files in the clearest possible way.

How to choose the best phone screen magnifier?

A phone screen magnifier is a unique and terrific device to have. It ensures that you do not spend long hours looking directly at the phone screen and end up hurting your eyes. If you are looking forward to buying a phone screen magnifier, there are certain tips that you should be remembering.

You should not go for a screen magnifier where the screen is made from low-quality materials. It will magnify the image but give you low color quality and end up marring your viewing experience. Going for acrylic screens ensures that your 3D experience is preserved along with the HD quality of the video.

Lastly, you will find many options that are loaded with Bluetooth speakers, if you are going for such an option, ensure that the power ratings of the speakers are high enough such that it produces crisp and clear sound.

Why is the weight and construction of a phone screen magnifier important?

The weight and overall dimension of the device should also be noted down. Remember, you are buying a screen magnifier that you can use anywhere you go in a versatile manner. That is only possible when it is lightweight and compact. Since most screen magnifiers are made up to 14-inches big, the issue of size does not matter much. The lightweight body depends upon the material of construction. If you go for magnifier screens made from ABS material or even solid wood, you can be sure to get something that is both durable and extremely lightweight.