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10 Best Sea Scooters in 2024

Most of the people love the sea. The vast oceans with the serene blue waters always fill your heart with joy. However, if you love adventures then you will probably be more into water sports like snorkeling and diving. Well, if you love the sea then having a sea scooter is the best choice you can make. A scooter helps you to explore under the sea. Furthermore, you can easily reach great speeds with the utmost ease.

If you are looking to find one, just check out the sea scooters review. All the top products from the winning brands have been included in the list. So, no reason to regret the investment.

List of Best Sea Scooters Review

10. WINDEK SUBLUE WhiteShark Underwater Scooter

WINDEK Best Sea Scooters

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If you enjoy playing in the water, then going for the WINDER SUBLUE WhiteShark Underwater Scooter is probably one of the best choices. It features two amazing propellers for seamless movement in the water. You can even attain speeds of up to 1.5 m/s which is the track record for the fastest woman swimmer in 100m. You can go pretty deep into water bodies up to 40 m using this propeller.

The device runs on rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 11000 mAh. And it runs for up to 30 minutes after every charge.

Key Features

  • The propellers are encased in a net-like design. Hence, it ensures that you do not accidentally put your fingers through them.
  • This floater is so constructed that it features zero buoyancy and can be easily submerged in water.
  • The handy and fun device is very convenient to use at only 3.5 kg and thus does not weigh you down too much.

9. YAMAHA Sea Scooter


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When you are looking for a durable sea scooter, you have to try the YAMAHA Sea Scooter. YAMAHA is a trusted maker of such devices and this sea scooter is no exception to that. it weighs just 12 pounds and is a lovely tool to move about in open waters. You can immerse yourself to a depth of 15 feet using this propeller-powered sea scooter.

The propeller is encased in a net as a safety measure to prevent your young ones from injuring themselves. You can even set up a sports camera on this sea scooter unit to capture all the action underwater!

Key Features

  • This fun tool for the water lovers is equipped with an in-built mount that allows you to mount your camera!
  • The sea scooter is powered by a lead-acid battery that ensures perfect working. The battery should be serviced every 3 months to ensure long time use.
  • When you are moving around with battery attached, you can attain speeds of up to 2 mph. Plus, you can use it for up to 1.5 hours.

8. YAMAHA YME22400 Sea Scooter

YAMAHA Best Sea Scooters

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YAMAHA is such a trusted name that even the YME22400 Sea Scooter has made it to this list. This ingenious device is crafted to boost the adventurer in you and take you diving into the annals of deep waters. The powerful device is run using a double thrust motor and features a gear to switch between two-speed modes. It is a very capable sea scooter unit and can run at a speed of up to 4 mph.

Moreover, it also features an indicator to tell you about the remaining battery life in your sea scooter. The device is so crafted that it will neither float to the top nor sink to the bottom and is very easy to maneuver.

Key Features

  • The terrific battery that this sea scooter is loaded with gets charged up completely within one to two hours.
  • Once completely charged the battery can last for a cycle of up to 45 minutes.
  • The device is so crafted that you can attach an action camera to it as you are going underwater. So, you will be able to record all your adventures.

7. WINDEK SUBLUE Seabow Scooter


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The WINDEK SUBLUE Seabow Scooter is a terrific companion if you are fond of diving. Be ready to find a whole new world under the seas up to 40 meters in depth using this unique sea scooter. It is powered by a motor to get you speeds of up to 2 m/s. Thus, you can set to your convenience using the gears. It features two-speed modes to select from.

Runs on powerful battery, this sea scooter also notify you when the battery is low. The unit flashes a special led indicator as well as vibrates when the battery is low.

Key Features

  • Loaded with an OLED display that features vital information. So, it shows you your speed and the remaining battery life.
  • Features a lightweight design such that you can easily maneuver the device using just one hand!
  • Most importantly, it offers a great battery life of 75 minutes after a single charge.

6. AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Scooter

AQUAROBOTMAN Best Sea Scooters

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The AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet is a handy and exciting sea scooter to go for. The MagicJet can run at speeds of up to 4 mph and take you down to a depth of 50 meters. You can also set two scooters together. Furthermore, the modular design of this device gives it more power.

Anybody from children to adults can safely use this device. Finally, there is no risk of getting injured because of the net casts on the propeller!

Key Features

  • If you run out of battery while cruising, you can swap it in a snap!
  • The speed can be set between two modes to suit your convenience.
  • This sea scooter has three amazing mounts to hold your cameras and get you the most amazing shots.

5. Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter

Jerry Rat

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The Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter is a stunning and stylish sea scooter that you can opt for. It not only looks good but is loaded with all kinds of functionalities. It is a powerful device with enormous thrust. Hence, it can carry up to 4 adult persons in one go. The propellers are run by a powerful Li-ion battery.

Besides, it can run for up to 100 minutes after every full charge. You can take the sea scooter up to a depth of 16 feet safely. However, it can go up to 66 feet underneath.

Key Features

  • Since this device is loaded with a progressive acceleration system you can have the speed change gradually while in motion.
  • Next, the device can also take up speeds of up to 5.6 mph.
  • The device is designed with a spot that is capable of mounting any camera that you want.

4. DYHJU Scuba Scooter

DYHJU Best Sea Scooters

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There are many kinds of adventure sports that can be done on the water. From snorkeling, scuba diving to Beach diving, and others, you can do a lot. You need a device like the DYHJU Scuba Scooter to enjoy such activities to the fullest. This amazing device is a great friend to take your underwaters. You can manage the buoyancy of this device to fix the height to which you want to go.

The motor is run through a magnetic power switch that is very easy to operate. The device packs in the power of 300 watts in its brilliant and efficient motor.

Key Features

  • It has a brilliantly lightweight design. So, it allows you to easily use its services with only one hand.
  • The sea scooter can be used without any problem until a depth of 30 meters underwater.
  • Most importantly, the special design of the scooter allows one-hand operation.

3. G GENEINNO Underwater Scooter


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There will be lots of amazing sea scooters out there if you are looking for one. However, nine can be as astounding as the G GENEINNO Underwater Scooter. It is built in a stylish manner to help you around. Plus, it gives you an amazing time in an amusement park, scuba diving, and so on! The propellers are run using a rechargeable battery which takes only 1.5 hours to get to full charge.

Once fully charged, you can enjoy this device for up to 45 minutes. The thrusters of this are powerful enough. So, you are likely to get speeds of up to 4 mph in this amazing device. You can also take it to a depth of up to 164 feet underwater.

Key Features

  • It is made from plastic material that gives it a non-abrasive and durable body.
  • You could be sure that you never lose the device in the waters when you pause it. The efficient buoyancy system helps you to do that.
  • Besides, the turbo boost design allows you to swim like a fish in the sea.

2. Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter

Geneinno Best Sea Scooters

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If you are looking for a compact and durable sea scooter, then you can add it to your arsenal. Thus, it is essential to give the Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter a try. This is modeled in a compact, lightweight body to add to your convenience. It can go to speeds of up to 2.7 mph to take you on a joyride underwater. It is ideally crafted from such material such that you can easily keep yourself balanced. Plus, it always keeps you submerged in water.

Moreover, the material will not put a drag on you to float up or sink down into the water. The sea scooter is powered by dual thrusters added on each side in a balanced manner to give you much convenience.

Key Features

  • This tool is great if you are going into shallow waters such as in water parks or when you go scuba diving.
  • Features a gear system to work between two-speed modes to choose from according to convenience.
  • After every charging cycle, this sea scooter can run for up to 45 minutes.

1. YAMAHA YME22500 Underwater Sea Scooter


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This is the third sea scooter from the house of YAMAHA to make it to this list. And it is quite an innovative one too. This shows that you can trust anything that you are getting from the house of YAMAHA. The YME22500 Underwater Sea Scooter is a lovely device to have if you enjoy water sports.

It is also loaded with gears and there are 3-speed modes to choose from. It runs at a speed of up to 4.35 mph at the highest gear settings. Next, the motor drives out a power of 500 watts to help you reach such great speeds. The battery loaded in this sea scooter is also very impressive. Thus, it can last for a cycle of up to 90 minutes after every full charge.

Key Features

  • It is set to feature automated buoyancy control. So, it does not sink too deep or float too high.
  • The driving motor is encased in a high-quality cover that ensures high-quality prevention of flooding.
  • Besides, it can go up to a maximum depth of 130 feet under the sea.

So, deep dive inside the water body and explore the gorgeous underworld. The powerful sea scooter will let you stay safe even underwater.