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10 Best Travel Blankets in 2024

Getting a blanket that is both cozy and comfortable on a trip comes in like a blessing, but we hardly experience that. Most of the time, you must adjust with those low-quality sheets available on the flights and trains.

A comfortable sleep has more significance in our lives than it seems. Moreover, these compact, lightweight blankets ensure that we do not have to worry about hygiene when away from home, staying in hotels and motels. You can simply pack these blankets along with other luggage to enjoy a comfortable nap anywhere, anytime.

In this review, we have rounded up the top 10 travel blankets that are in demand in 2024.

List of Best Travel Blankets Review

10. Bosa Cozy-Soft Portable Lightweight Skin-Friendly Travel Blanket

BOSA Best Travel Blankets

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If you are looking for a skin-friendly and amazingly comfortable blanket that can easily fit in your luggage without taking much space, then consider the one from Bosa. Made from 70% natural bamboo fiber and 30% cotton, this blanket is easy on your skin and helps you keep contentedly warm.

Moreover, the length of the blanket also fits appropriately for most of people. Further, to ensure that the blanket is easily carried, you get the comfortable portable pack that is small and lightweight and can be carried along.

Key Features

  • The blanket is made of bamboo and cotton making it ultra-comfortable and reasonable retainer of the heat
  • Carry bag with soft zipper keeps the blanket safe and clean along with making it fit in the luggage
  • Length of the blanket is standard size fitting most of the people easily
  • Can be carried while traveling in car, plane, train and used as a pillowcase if the blanket is not in use

9. Forestfish No Fade Pill Resistant Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket


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This fleece throw blanket is a superb combination of utility and style with its fashionable appearance. Apart from the portability, the blanket is skin-friendly and comfortable to carry anywhere without much hassle.

Since the blanket is made of 100% polyester, it can be easily washed in the washing machine without the risk of getting faded. The sewn edges, on the other hand, make sure that the blanket feels soft on the skin.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% polyester making the blanket lightweight carry and easy to wash in the washing machine
  • Compact size and, therefore, can be carried along with other luggage or in a backpack to travel, office, plane, train, etc.
  • Water and dustproof drawstring bag for storing the blanket after use and while traveling
  • Can be easily washed in the washing machine with cold water and should not be bleached

8. World’s Best Microfleece Machine Washable Lightweight Travel Blanket

World's Best Best Travel Blankets

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A perfect companion for keeping your warm and cozy throughout the travel, camping, etc. The blanket is 100% polyester fleece-knit making it the best option to be carried around in the luggage without adding to the weight.

You can use this blanket without having to worry about cleaning as it simply is washed in the washing machine. You will get the best wash by using warm water and then tumbling it dry under low heat. Get value for your money with this lightweight, easy to carry and compact fleece blanket wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Compact to easily fit in the luggage but a standard fit for almost everyone
  • Easy to care and wash with just washing machine and warm water
  • Made of 100% polyester making lightweight, easy to maintain and value for money
  • Can also be rolled and used as soft head support when not using as a blanket

7. Cabeau Throw Blanket Cum Lumbar Support French Microfiber Travel Blanket


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What could be better than having a super comfortable blanket that also doubles up as lumbar support? One of the best features about this blanket is that it can be used as a seat cushion and even a comfortable pillow.

Just to ensure the utmost comfort during traveling, there is handle support which can be attached to the luggage. Made of French microfiber, the blanket does come with a convenient carrying case to ensure that the blanket is clean even during the frequent travel.

Key Features

  • The blanket is made from comfortable French microfiber making it skin-friendly and easily foldable into a compact size.
  • Both blanket and the carrying case are machine washable and easy to dry between the flights and trips
  • The company offers the guarantee of replacing the damages or the defective products caused by faulty artistry or crafting.

6. BlueHills Premium Soft Hand Luggage Belt Skin Friendly Throw Blanket

BlueHills Best Travel Blankets

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Let us dive into the best feature if this blanket other than its ultra-soft material and compact size. Yes, we are talking about the hand luggage belt, which makes the blanket perfect for carrying in the airplanes, attaching to other luggage.

Additionally, the blanket can be carried in soft micro plush, carrying case, therefore, ensuring protection from dust and water. Moreover, you can also use this blanket as a pillow when it is stored in the case.

Key Features

  • Made from soft plush material this blanket is both skin-friendly and comfortable to maintain
  • The micro plush carrying case ensures that the blanket is protected from dust and water
  • The blanket can double up as a pillow making it higher on utility
  • The hand belt ensures that the blanket case can be attached to other luggage while traveling

5. Down Under Outdoors Quilted Fleece Machine Washable


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One of the best quilts this item from Down Under Outdoors comes with leak-proof quilting technology, therefore, being anti-slip. Moreover, the polyester waterproof backing comes coated with polyurethane making it water-resistant in most of the situations.

This extra large and machine washable quilted fleece folding rug comes with a secret pocket to keep your valuable items such as phones and keys. Last but not least, maintaining the blanket is also easy as all you need is to put it in the washing machine for washing.

Key Features

  • This ultrasonically quilted rug is leak-proof therefore solving the issue of slipping over when stepping on the blanket
  • The blanket is coated with polyurethane making it generally waterproof and water-resistant in most of the cases
  • The fleece is thick enough to be used in the cold weather on a trip, camping or picnic

4. Travelrest 4-in-1 Head And Lumbar Support Individual Poncho Style Blanket

Travelrest Best Travel Blankets

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This blanket from travelrest is a perfect option for flight, train, hiking, camping, and other such outdoor and travel activities. What makes it a worthy consideration is the lightweight, compact, and the comfort this blanket has to offer.

Further, the multipurpose option of this blanket, such as using it as lumbar support or pillow, also makes it value for money. Easy to carry as the blanket zips up in its pouch, the poncho-style blanket is easy to maintain as well.

Key Features

  • The multipurpose poncho-style blanket also doubles up as lumbar support or pillow
  • Easy to carry and maintain, the blanket can be zipped into its pouch
  • Can be washed in the washing machine under cool settings and dried in the shade

3. Vellux Insulated Pet Friendly velvety Texture no-pill 100% Nylon Flock Blanket


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A luxurious combination of comfort and value for money, this blanket is made from super soft flocked nylon with an insulated foam base. Feel soft, cozy, and at home with this blanket on even when you are on trips, camps, and other outdoor activities.

Not only is the blanket soft and skin-friendly, but it also avoids the formation of pills on the fabric. Despite all these high-end features, the blanket is simple to wash and care as all you need is a washing machine.

Key Features

  • The classic style insulated blanket is pet friendly as well as compact making it easy to carry everywhere
  • The high-quality nylon flock blanket prevents the pill formation on the fabric
  • Easy to maintain, this blanket can be washed in the washing machine with normal water
  • The fabric of the blanket becomes softer with every wash giving the utmost comfort

2. Hudson Baby One Size 100% Polyester Soft Plush Baby Travel Blanket

Hudson Baby Best Travel Blankets

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This super-soft blanket for the babies is great for everyday use and even travel. Apart from using it as a blanket, you can also use it as a stroller cover, car seat blanket, among other such uses.

Since the blanket is made of 100% polyester, it is also easy to clean and maintain as all you need to do is put it in the washing machine and clean. For those who have been looking high-quality baby blankets in various colors, Hudson Baby blankets offer the same.

Key Features

  • The blanket is baby-friendly and made with 100% polyester which makes it easy to maintain
  • The standard size of the blanket ensures that it can be used comfortably daily
  • The material is free from BPA, Phthalate, Latex and leads making it safe and secure for the babies

1. Bedsure 100% Microfiber Fabric Neatly Stitched Flannel Fleece Blanket



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One of the best ways to stay comfortable and cozy; this blanket from Bedsure is soft on the skin and keeps you warm. The heat-trapping technology of the blanket makes it a perfect fit for outdoor activities and traveling apart from daily indoor use.

Experience and more breathable and lightweight feeling with this fleece blanket, which is made of 100% microfiber fabric for better resistance and comfort.

Key Features

  • Can be used comfortably for outdoor as well as indoor activities like traveling, camping, etc.
  • Made from 100% microfiber fabric and has double side design for more heat retention and better fade resistance
  • The blanket is lightweight and compact to be carried around with ease

Select the best fleece blanket from the list mentioned above to ensure the utmost comfort throughout the travel and between the trips. The all-in-one blankets that can double up as lumbar support and pillow are great to have a comfortable journey and cozy experience.