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10 Best Wall Outlet Shelfs in 2024

If you have a small room, then a wall outlet shelf will allow you to maximize your space. You can easily install it on the standard power outlet plates without requiring any drilling, and it is suitable for both home and office usage. Wall outlet shelves are available in different designs and allow you to keep different items. It is in thoughtful design and offers you an easy solution by keeping various items. Check out the following list of the top 10 best wall outlet shelves in 2024 to pick from.

List of Best Wall Outlet Shelfs Review

10. ANNQUAN Socket Shelf Outlet

ANNQUAN Best Wall Outlet Shelfs

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The wall outlet shelf easily plugs into most of the standard grounded 3-prong outlets. This multi-outlet also includes six pieces of AC power outlets. Moreover, you can use this device in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other spaces. You will get a pair of USB ports. The shelf offers enough space for a tablet, smartphone, and other devices.

With the help of 2.1amp power output, the USB ports also offer quick and fast charging. Furthermore, this surge protector comes with an inbuilt LED light. This multi-point works with most of the GFCI outlets. You can easily detach the shelf when not in use.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced safety construction for consumer satisfaction.
  • Space-saving and easy setup design for comfort.
  • Sturdy design for improved weight capacity.

9. REXIAO Wall Outlet Shelf


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This wall outlet shelf includes six pieces of electric outlets. Equipped with a pair of USB ports, you can also use this shelf for charging up to two electronic devices. In total, you can use this multi-point to charge up to eight devices. Moreover, you can easily connect this shelf against most of the 3-prong grounded wall outlets.

You will also require no tool for mounting this outlet shelf. Furthermore, the inbuilt shelf offers plenty of space for your keys, wallets, phones, tablets, and other objects. The multi-outlet is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other places. With the help of 2.1amp power output, this shelf offers reliable and faster charging.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multi-point socket for user comfort.
  • Highly compatible design for comfortable experience.
  • Dynamic safety features for enhanced satisfaction.

8. BeraTek Industries Single Wall Outlet Shelf

BeraTek Industries Best Wall Outlet Shelfs

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This wall outlet shelf comes with a slim-profile and space-saving design. Therefore, this multi-outlet also fits the decoration of your modern apartment room. Moreover, the built-in shelf holds up to 10-lbs of weight. You can use this shelf for placing a smart speaker, electric toothbrush, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and more.

You can also mount this multi-outlet upside down. Furthermore, the set brings you a pair of shelf organizers for outlets. You can use this shelf in places, like a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces. The integrated cable management helps you to keep your desk space neat and clean.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy to install construction and space-efficient.
  • Highly universal configuration for consumer comfort.
  • Multi-functional design with added weight capacity.

7. CFMASTER Power Charger Shelf


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This wall outlet shelf comes along with eight pieces of AC grounded outlets. The highly functional surge protector also includes an LED indicator. The inbuilt shelf is wide enough to accommodate a tablet, makeup sponge, Alexa, toothbrush, and more objects. Moreover, the wall plug makes better compatibility with most of the 3-prong 2-outlet receptacle.

The outlet shelf also comes with three USB smart IC charging ports. Therefore, you can use this multi-outlet for charging a wide variety of electronic devices. Furthermore, the wall outlet offers short-circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection. This outlet extender offers resistance against fire up to 1382-degree Fahrenheit.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multiple point design for superior performance.
  • Easy application and versatile design for comfort.
  • Easy weight and mobile design for enhanced maneuverability.

6. WALI Wall Bathroom Shelf

WALI Best Wall Outlet Shelfs

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The set includes a wall outlet shelf and a mounting hardware kit. The shelf also can hold up to 20-lbs of weight. Moreover, the grooved texture on the shelf prevents your gadgets from slipping. The detachable bottom hooks hold your keys, lanyards, tags, necklaces, and other small objects. This shelf includes an inbuilt cord storage slot.

Therefore, you can also keep the wires in an organized manner and keep your desk space clutter-free. You can simply combine two parts and will hear an audible click sound during the period of installation. Furthermore, the shelf offers ample room for placing Google Home mini, cellphones, power tools, and other gadgets.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable experience.
  • Multi-purpose construction for added comfort.
  • Easy maintainable and storable design for longevity.

5. ALLICAVER Outlet Shelf


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This dual-socket design of this wall outlet shelf lets you charge up to two electronic devices at once. With the help of an inbuilt shelf, you can also store a small smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the inbuilt cable management keeps your floor space or tabletop free of wires. You can simply mount this outlet shelf upside-down.

The shelf also has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5-lbs. Furthermore, the multi-outlet easily connects to the wall outlets of your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces. You can simply place your smartphone, tablet, Google Home, and other things on this inbuilt plastic shelf.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Highly universal construction for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Easy to use design with enhanced protective features.
  • Finest grade material for stability and durability.

4. ON2NO Outlet Socket Shelf

ON2NO Best Wall Outlet Shelfs

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This wall outlet shelf comes with an inductive night light. Therefore, the light also offers glare-free lighting during the dark. Moreover, the shelf includes the 2.1amp power output to offer instant and reliable charging. This multi-outlet includes three USB ports and three AC wall outlets. The surge protector is GFCI compatible. The shelf also comes along with four cable holders and an earphone bracket.

Furthermore, you can use this multi-outlet in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other spaces. You can simply plug in this surge protector to any standard wall outlet without any installation. The headphone hanger helps you to keep your desk space clutter-free.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multiple-use design for consumer comfort.
  • Smart space-saving design for user satisfaction.
  • Easy operation design with dynamic safety characteristics.

3. Vicoup Socket Outlet Shelf


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This wall outlet shelf comes along with a built-in and detachable shelf. Therefore, you can also keep your floor and countertop clutter-free by using this multi-outlet. Moreover, the outlet involves the construction of a premium-quality and fire-retardant ABS shell. The outlet extender includes a protected indicator light and a power indicator light for safety.

The surge protector also consists of nine ports to make it extremely functional.

Furthermore, the smart USB IC technology comes with 3.4A output to offer quick and reliable charging. The outlet includes six pieces of AC outlets. This surge protector has a shelf for keeping your smartphones, electronic toothbrushes, and other things.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced connection configuration for consumer comfort.
  • Ergonomic space-saving design with superior load capacity.
  • Highly compatible design for user satisfaction.

2. Allstar Innovations Socket Shelf

Allstar Innovations Best Wall Outlet Shelfs

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This functional wall outlet shelf consists of six pieces of outlets. The AC outlets also keep your devices safe while charging. Moreover, the inbuilt shelf provides you with additional space for storing a few objects. The outlet includes a pair of 2.1amp USB ports. The multi-outlet comes with a surge protector with indicator light.

This versatile outlet is also a must-have item for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces. The built-in shelf offers ample space for a smartphone, laptop, electric toothbrush, razor, Alexa, and more. Furthermore, the 3-prong plug eliminates the needs of the installation of this multi-outlet device.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced heat-dissipating technology for improved safety.
  • Versatile configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Multi-application and spacious design for enhanced performance.

1. WALI Wall Outlet Shelf


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This wall outlet shelf comes along with an included mounting hardware kit to make installation hassle-free. By simply combining two parts, you will hear an audible click after assembly. This multifunctional shelf also holds a speaker, clock, or a cellphone up to 10-lbs. Moreover, the wall outlet helps you to keep your floor and desk space clutter-free.

You can also store power tools, toothbrushes, keys, and other things by using this décor outlet. Furthermore, the sleek profile outlet shelf makes your room and wall look beautiful. You can use this outlet in your dorm room, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and other spaces.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Environment-friendly design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Robust design for enhanced robustness.
  • Plug and play configuration with added safety features.

Buying Guide For Wall Outlet Shelfs

Check out the main points that you should keep in mind.

Construction: For having long lasting use, you need to go for the one that is composed of high-quality materials. Always go for the one that includes metal parts or durable plastic. It must deliver exceptional performance and must be in an attractive design that can easily blend with your decor.

Versatility: See if it is available in a versatile design and allow you to install it anywhere you want. Some of it can also let you use it as a toilet holder so that you can make the maximum out of it. Consider the one that includes a multifunctional shelf that can be perfect for keeping different items. In addition to this, you will have to see if it comes with wide applications.

Installation: The wall outlet shelf must allow you to have a hassle-free installation. Go for the one that eliminates the need for having any hardware and allows you to set it quickly. It must come with an installation guide, and some will let you fix it conveniently with the help of adhesive tapes. Select the one that includes all the necessary installation tools.

Usage: The usage is one of the most important considerations that you will always have to see while buying a wall outlet shelf. Always get the one according to your requirements and see if it suits your purpose. It is available in different designs and sizes so that it can accommodate different items. Apart from this, you will have to consider the weight capacity so that there can be reliable performance.


We have enlisted the best possible wall outlet shelfs for you to choose from as per your requirements. There are various types of them available to meet your needs perfectly. If you are buying it the first time online, you should definitely take your time to go through the buying guide and understand parameters for better understanding of the products.