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10 Best Folding High Chairs in 2024

Your happiness surrounds your child’s well-being. From taking their smallest needs into consideration to buying the top-quality products for them, you want the best of everything for them. However, one of the toughest jobs is to feed them. Without proper handling, you may end-up struggling to feed them. So, get a folding high chair to make it easy for you as well as a child. A high chair is a great way to set your infant or toddler at the dining table. Hence, hassles will be much less.

As safety must be taken care of whenever a child is involved, you must not compromise with quality. Therefore, these folding high chair brands are tested to be safe for your child and you will not regret buying these.

List of Best Folding High Chairs Review

10. Abiie Beyond Folding High Chair

Abiie Best Folding High Chairs

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If you are looking at such chairs, then the Abiie Beyond folding high chair is highly recommended. This chair is used by anyone from a toddler to an adult and its height van be so adjusted in just seconds. You do not need any external hardware or any skills to change the height in this chair. It’s as simple as that!

Next, it features a restraint system that can be set between five-point or three-point hardness. The chair is from wood to add to the aesthetic charm and is foldable. Therefore, allowing you to save space when it is not being used. The wood has also been sterilized at 248-degrees Fahrenheit to ensure an anti-microbial surface.

Key Features

  • When you are getting this, you get a 3 years limited warranty period. Even when the warranty period is over you can extend it at one, two, or three-year packages.
  • Any child who weighs a maximum of 250lbs can comfortably set on it.
  • The 5, as well as 3 point harness, will keep your child seated.

9. J OOVY Nook High Chair


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The JOOY Nook High Chair is going to be your child’s favorite companion for dinner time. This chair is so crafted that you can position it at 4 different heights. This is also a folding chair which means that you can keep it folded away when you are not using it. Next, it has a five-point adjustable harness as an extra measure of security to the user.

You can clean the chair easily and the accompanying tray is easily put in the dishwasher. The legs are also equipped with floor pads to ensure that they do not scratch your floors ever.

Key Features

  • Every bit is free of any material comprising BPA, BOS, lead, phthalates or any other kind of such toxic chemicals.
  • This simple and efficient chair can support a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds.
  • You can remove the swing anytime you want.

8. Gravo Slim Snacker High ChairGraco Best Folding High Chairs

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If you are looking for a high chair that can fit your 1 to 3 years old child, then you can go for this. The best thing about this chair is that this is a foldable unit, that too with just one hand. Thus, you can keep the chair away when not using and bring it out only when necessary, thus saving up on your space.

Besides, the body of the chair is quite durable and is easily cleaned with soap and water. The seat cover could be machine washed but should be drip-dried. Lastly, the leatherette seat is easily cleaned by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Key Features

  • It features a lovely storage basket underneath the seating area. Hence, give you a space to store all the baby’s essentials.
  • The chair measures a terrific 24-inches x 35.5-inches seating area for the baby to completely enjoy its time there.
  • This will certainly fold down in just a matter of 1 second.

7. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair


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The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is indeed a simplistic high chair for your babies. It is from highly durable materials that will last a long time supporting your child and helping them grow. The chair features a security harness to secure your baby into the chair that will keep your baby seated in a position.

However, your baby need to be about 6 months and the harness can secure babies up to 50 pounds. The seat pad is wiped clean after every use to give your baby a clean surface every time.

Key Features

  • You can easily set it up in no time without having to go through any hassle.
  • Its making allows it to stand on its own, without support, even when folded, further easing your storage options.
  • The tray is certainly adjusted to 3 different positions for getting the perfect height.

6. Summer Infant Portable High Chair

Summer Infant Best Folding High Chairs

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A high chair for your baby that you can use at both indoor and outdoor setups. The baby high chair is an integral part of raising a baby as this becomes handiest while feeding them. Your baby needs to be at least 6 months old or about 45 pounds when they start using this chair. The chair is ingrained with a safety harness to keep your baby secure while on the chair.

Furthermore, the feeding tray is from hard plastic to give it a resistant and durable feel. You can easily wash this plastic tray in a dishwasher.

Key Features

  • Cleaning the cushions is easy as the covers are both removable and you can wash them in a machine.
  • When you get this chair you will also get a storage bag in which you may even carry the chair from place to place.
  • Due to its foldable nature, you can keep everything in a compact format.

5. Ciao! Portable High Chair

ciao! baby

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The ciao! chair is going to give your baby a grand time. It is from the best quality materials in the best possible way. Hence, it has surpassed all such guidelines set down by ASTM, CPSIA, and other such agencies. It features a very compact design and folds down to a slim structure thus adding to your convenience of travel. The foldable design also imparts a space-saving character to this chair. So, you can easily store it away in the most crammed up spaces when not in use.

This features a tray that one can keep adjusting to reach the recommended height of your kids. Furthermore, it is ideal for infants as well as toddlers.

Key Features

  • Will be able to support a load of up to 35 pounds without any effect.
  • Get a lively carry bag such that you can easily and safely transport it from place to place of you ever need to.
  • You will get numerous color options to pick from and satisfy the taste of your child.

4. Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe

Primo Best Folding High Chairs

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The Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe is an impressive chair to bring to your home for your child. Firstly, your child has to be at least 6 months old when you start using it. However, your child can use this chair until 3 years of age. It features a space-saving aspect since the chair can be folded up when not in use. When folded, it features a very compact size at just 9-inches thickness. Therefore, you can even carry it on your travels.

Finally, the table is loaded with a safety harness that keeps your baby safe when they are sitting in this chair.

Key Features

  • The feeding tray is removable from the setup when you want to wash them.
  • Its feeding tray has dishwasher safe materials allowing you to easily clean it in a cycle.
  • To keep your naughty child seated in one position, it has a 3-point harness system.

3. Serene Life Booster High Chair

Serene Life

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This chair is crafted from durable plastic for enduring all sorts of heavy usage. Next, it is loaded with all kinds of functions to improve your child’s comfort. It is a convenient, lightweight, space-saving unit that can be easily folded up and even taken to beaches, parks, picnics, and so on.

Furthermore, the chair features an adjustable design to support your baby’s changing needs. Above all, to keep the safety concern apart, it is also equipped with a safety belt as an extra precautionary measure.

Key Features

  • It is such that it is non-irritating to the baby’s soft and delicate skin.
  • The chair is spacious as well as comfortable to keep your baby fully secured.
  • It is adjustable enough for infants ranging from 6 months to 3 years of age.

2. Diroan High Chair

Diroan Best Folding High Chairs

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An adjustable chair goes a long way for your growing baby and thus the Diroan High Chair is just perfect for your child. It is also loaded with a safety belt to always keep your baby safe. Even the backrest is adjusted into three different positions. As a result, your baby can get a comfortable position every time. This chair promotes the concepts of keeping it a space-saving and thus you can fold it up when not using it.

It is also provided with an added support system in the form of an alloy rod. Hence, touches the ground and gives the aluminum frame of the chair added support.

Key Features

  • The chair features cushions crafted from PU leather. This is both resistant to spills and very easy to clean after every use.
  • Its tray, as well as the seat belt, is removable to give them a wash from time to time.
  • It is easily set to five different positions without much difficulty.

1. Jeep Classic 2-in-1 High Chair

Jeep Classic

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The Jeep Classic 2-in-1 High Chair is going to be one of the most comfortable places for your baby. Perfect to support both infants and toddler, this chair has an adjustable design to ensure such a great feature. One can recline this into two positions and also has a comfortable footrest that is also adjustable. Even the food tray is adjusted in 3 different positions to support your growing baby. The chair comes fully assembled and all you need to do is to attach the legs.

Finally, the 1680D nylon fabric is resistant to accidental spills and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The tray is removed and cleaned separately even in the dishwasher.

Key Features

  • This is a desirable and safe article to have as it met standards as laid down by ASTM, CPSC, JOMA, and so on.
  • When you have folded up the chair, you can set the feeding tray to the back of the chair to save more space.

Bring an adjustable folding high chair that can let your baby have their meal in peace. Assure your child’s comfort whenever you are getting them seated.