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10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2024

Laser tag guns offer kids the opportunity to add some spice to their gaming experience. You’ve probably heard your Wads whilst passing out time on computer games use words like “Right on target” or “Headshot”. Hearing words like that could give you a pointer that they are hitting deep on some shooting games. However, sitting behind the screen to have fun is one thing, having a feel of a lifelike experience is a whole new level of entertainment for teens.

It should go without saying that Laser tag games are very safe and really entertaining. They are fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides offering a world of entertainment; laser tag guns are capable of improving the social life of your Wads by expanding their circle of friends. Also to include that; fun time with laser tag guns has a way of imparting certain skills in kids such as teamwork, focus etc.

Now that we are here let’s take you on a journey on some of the best laser tag guns you can order for your kids. Here’s a list of top 10 best laser tag guns in 2024.

Best Laser Tag Guns to Buy in 2024

10. Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag

Liberty Imports Best Laser Tag Guns

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This infrared Laser tag guns offer varieties of gaming experience. With capacity to accommodate four different team settings; the liberty imports laser tag gun is a perfect option to consider. It offers users the options to engage in 1 –one – 1 or in a free for all battle. The toy provides about four different setting for weapon selection; ranging from shotgun to machine gun, rocket launcher to Pistol.

Key Features

  • Infrared signal emission less than 1mW
  • Long range capturing sensor
  • Ultra –realistic firing sounds on each weapon setting

9. HISTOYE Lazer Laser Tag


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This toy has zero injury infrared light. Don’t worry; you see those firing light cannot harm your Wads.  HISTOYE lazer is approved and has infrared signal emission less than 1mW. For family and friends game; Histoye laser tag guns set, promise you an all-time fun; an experience you can relive. The toy allows players to switch firing setting from single shot to machine gun. It also has options for shotgun and rocket. Histoye is designed to prevent cheating during play; by not allowing a sudden change of team color, especially half way into determining the winner of the battle.

Key Features

  • Power Switch: Players cannot reset the system via the power switch, except the toy has recorded a game over. Only your opponent can activate the gun set.
  • Game Vest: The set uses vest that is designed to prevent cheating: HISTOYE laser tag gun set’s vest comes in new anti-cheating design.
  • Set for 2 players

8. Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set

Best Choice Best Laser Tag Guns

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Here’s another amazing toy to consider. The best choice kids’ laser offers a multi-player mode; and allows handlers to use more sets to add players. It has four options for weapon settings, namely: shotgun, submachine, pistol and missile launcher. It’s worthy to note that shooting sounds can be changed before and during battle. When game is one, you probably know who is winning by the number of lights that are left. Each light represents 3 lives; therefore, having three lights on at the start of battle suggest that each team is equipped with 9 virtual lives to guard throughout the battle.

Key Features

  • Each gun has an overall dimension of: 12” (l) X 2” (w) X 7” (H)
  • It has an infrared receiver tracks and captures hits. Its long range infrared light can hit a distance of 130ft
  • Gun offer multi-player mode

7. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag


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Awesome for both indoor and outdoor group activity: This action toy offers set for 4 teams with each team having the color options ranging from Green, Blue, Red and White. Laser tag gun lights and vibrates at 130ft shooting range. The shooting sounds for the four options that are available for ammo selection –pistol, shotgun, machine gun and missile launcher –are ultra-realistic. You should also note that Kidzlane Infrared Laser tag gun is certified safe for kids of all ages.

Key Features

  • Ultra-realistic shooting sound
  • 130ft shooting range
  • Shots come in booming sound

6. Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix

Nerf Best Laser Tag Guns

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The Phoenix LTX Tagger is one laser tag gun that’d blow your mind. The toy comes in a complete set featuring 2 Phoenix LTX Laser tag gun for fun and shooting entertainment. Amazingly, all Nerf laser tag blasters are compatible and as a result they can be used interchangeably. This implies that more than 2 players can ‘war’ it out at the battle front. Nerf lasers support both indoor and outdoor arenas. And speaking about tracking down the counterparty: Hits are registered with light, sounds and vibrations.

Key Features

  • It supports multiple players i.e. you can invite friends to join in via multi-player mode.
  • Guns use a class 1 LED infrared light
  • Adjustable laser tag blaster hits. Players can set their blaster hits 10 or 25 before they are out.

5. USA Toyz Laser Tag Toy Guns

USA Toyz

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This toy promises to provide an entertaining battle games for your Wads. It requires no vest to get down to business. U.S Toyz Laser blasters will blow users’ mind: with 130ft laser range, players would ultimately have some awesome time firing across the neighborhood. Firing mode selection is available; options include pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket launcher. All the four modes can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Key Features

  • Each of the laser blaster features gun target tech. And blasters include Team selector, life meter and grip reload.
  • Certified safe with infrared signal less than 1mW output
  • Blasters require 4 AA batteries.

4. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

Dynasty Toys Best Laser Tag Guns

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Here we present another irresistible laser tag gun. The dynasty Toys come in a set of 4 players and provide users with the options to engage in 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 or in a free for all battle. To get down on the battlefield, players do not require vest as the blasters themselves are the hit target.

Dynasty Toys laser tag guns are compatible and interchangeable; meaning there is no limit to the number of teams that can get on board.

Key Features

  • Requires no vest
  • Each blaster setting comes with different reload time, stoppage power and range requirements.
  • Setting on each laser tag gun are interchangeable and can be set whilst the game is on

3. Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag, Upgraded Blasters Gun Toys


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Design to stimulate real life battle. The Kidpal infrared laser tag gun allows user to select weapon from the four available options spanning from pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and missile launcher. Suitable for indoors and outdoors group activity. Blasters are durable and they provides safe play contest.

Key Features

  • Child safety certified with Infrared signal emission less than 1mW
  • Blasters and Vests offer flashing lights for night mode
  • Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds

2. Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set

Recoil Best Laser Tag Guns

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The Recoil Laser Tag Starter is certainly one of the best tag guns around. This GPS enabled tag gun is capable of allowing players to have a real life ‘feel’ of a battlefield. With amazing features such as 3D audio that literally puts you in the middle of the battle; GPS enabled control points. This amazing set is video game brought to life.

Key Features

  • Supports Wifi game Hub
  • Provides recoil starter set
  • Tag guns are GPS enabled

1. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag


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The ArmoGear laser tag blaster and vest set is an option to consider. With shooting range and capacity covering up to 150ft; one cannot deny that the ArmoGear laser tag gun is set apart from the rest. You can say that this blaster set is without doubt the most advanced set of the laser tag guns around. The set comes with real target vests when you compare with vests from other brands. It supports a multi-player and multi-ammo setting. It is child safety certified; with infrared signal emission less than 1mW. It should go without saying that this product is touted by the manufacturer to have been made according to the highest standards for long lasting, top-quality toy.

Key Features

  • An extreme shooting range of 150ft
  • Night vision flash lights and invisibility mode
  • Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds

Ordering a Laser tag gun may be the best opportunity to keep your Kid away from the computer and get them to have a feel of a lifelike battle ground. This is so because Laser tag guns are scene designed to stimulate real battles. Also, note that the blasters lights do not cause any harm. They are safe and durable. More interestingly, laser tag guns -as players may deem fit -can be used both indoors and outdoors. These blasters are good not only for the joy that emanates from having a lifelike battle experience but also for offering your child a chance to exercise.