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10 Best Rolling Makeup Cases in 2024

A make-up artist knows how important it is to have diverse options readily available to serve the client. If you are a professional make-up artist, you must meet an individual client’s requirement always. And that is only done by having every kind of make-up item at your disposal. But how to carry so many items? Will it not get ruined? Well, all your worries are covered once you have rolling makeup cases. As the name suggests, the wheeled cases are pretty big as well as easy to move with. Just use it as a travel bag and it is good to go.

However, one thing that is needed to be taken care of is the safety of the contents. So, these heavy-duty rolling makeup cases will let you store all the items without causing any damage to it. Hence, take a look!

List of Best Rolling Makeup Cases Review

10. AW Classic Rolling Makeup Case

AW Best Rolling Makeup Cases

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This makeup case is a lovely and handy case to have around if you are a young and upcoming or even an established makeup artist. It is a spacious bunch that will help you get all the space you need to store all your makeup paraphernalia. The case features 8 replaceable drawers that be loaded with all kinds of stuff in a very organized manner. Next, the case itself quite lightweight can get heavy from all the load and can be run on detachable wheels.

Besides, the wheels are loaded on a 360-degree swivel to ensure seamless movement in all directions. Lastly, the wheels are detachable so you can easily replace if they are broken after a period of use.

Key Features

  • If you are trying to place a hairdryer or spray bottles you can easily remove the replaceable drawers and make sufficient space for them.
  • You even get a 1-year warranty on the wheels if they are damaged while on regular use.
  • When you are getting this stylish and classy makeup case, you are backed by a 90-day limited warranty. Plus, a scope to return within 30 days of use!

9. Train Case Portable Makeup Case

Train Case

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The Train Case makeup trolley is a wonderful case to go with. It has a construction with the most durable materials to ensure long time use. The body is manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel caps at the corners to ensure the durable. To give it more life, weatherproof effect.

Furthermore, the inner surface gas ABS layers which itself is quite durable. The velvet lining adds a flavourful touch to this stylish trolley design. Lastly, you can run this trolley on 4 wheels loaded on a swivel such that you can move it in any direction without any effort.

Key Features

  • You do not have to necessarily use this amazing trolley arrangement as a humongous makeup trolley. One can easily separate the compartments and use them individually as several smaller makeup cases.
  • Towering at 31-inches and having a base area of 13.5-inches x 9.5-inches, this makeup case. It is immensely voluminous to allow you to store everything you need on the go.
  • Apart from the rose gold option, you get two beautiful color options.

8. Frenessa Makeup Train Case

Frenessa Best Rolling Makeup Cases

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Indeed, a makeup case that showers as much elegance as it is handy. This is a wonderfully crafted makeup case that is loaded with a stereoscopic design to be attractive from outside as well as inside. The makeup case is available in a convenient size allowing you to easily carry it. It is lockable to secure all your items and features 6 trays within to stack all the items.

Moreover, the dimensions of this case are 11.8-inches x 7.1-inches x 8.8-inches which ensures space while also being space-saving. Finally, it features a cantilever design from within that gives this case an edge.

Key Features

  • Each component that went into building the structure of this case is from Grade-A aluminum.
  • This is a protective case that will not cause any damage to the contents inside.
  • The stereoscopic pattern will let you store everything in the proper layers.

7. Train Case Rolling Makeup Case

Train Case

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The Train Case has all the wonders that you can ask for! The case has construction on an aluminum frame to give it a sturdy body. Besides, the corners are made even more secure using stainless steel caps to strengthen them further. Next, the plastic ABS sheets body is heavy duty and very durable. So, no need of causing damages in the exterior as well as the interior.

The makeup case comprises three tiers with two sliding and very spacious drawers. You can keep everything unharmed on it. Lastly, a top tier with two layers is ideal to keep all the smaller stuff!

Key Features

  • Comes with a velvet surface from within to give it a chic and comfortable appearance.
  • The top section is lockable for avoiding the situations of losing anything.
  • It may also be used as a separate, smaller makeup case to take on the go.

6. Ollieroo 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Case

Ollieroo Best Rolling Makeup Cases

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The Ollieroo 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Case features a sturdy aluminum frame construction. ABS sheets are fitted in the frame to give you a strong, dust-proof, durable makeup case that you can take anywhere you travel. It is huge and is loaded with swivel wheels for easy transportation from place to place. The outside material is heat resistant and thus keeps the interiors cool, keeping all your delicate cosmetic stuff safe.

Furthermore, the first and topmost compartment has 2 layers and can be used as a separate, smaller makeup case. Plus, the second compartment also has a separator while the last two compartments have no dividers.

Key Features

  • Features 8 individual locks and 8 keys are provided as the highest concern of security for your items.
  • The towering height of 37.6-inches with a base area of 13.4-inches x 9.8-inches gives you all the space you need to keep all your stuff.
  • Its last compartment is, in fact, the largest allowing you to store a variety of your larger makeup artilleries.

5. AW 1680D Rolling Makeup Case


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A makeup bag should be something with a lot of compartments to fit all your artilleries just like the AW 1680D Case. It has all kinds of good stuff as it features 8 drawers, a separate brush holder to organize your brushes and a set of excellent wheels. The top side of the case has a box-like arrangement with copious space. As a result, you can store all your makeup tools easily.

As a matter of fact, 8 drawers are removable if you need to store larger items. To give it a life of years, the body is from 1680D nylon fabric. Hence, gives it a durable touch.

Key Features

  • The wheels are replaceable ensuring that you can remove and replace them if one gets broken. In fact, there is a warranty of 1 year on the wheels alone!
  • If you are not happy using this terrific bag, you can even return it to AW within 3 days of purchase.
  • Its zippered side pockets are certainly one of the most used sections.

4. Ver Beauty Rolling Makeup Case

Ver Beauty Best Rolling Makeup Cases

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If there was one makeup case that would always strike out because of its usefulness and fro a stylish touch, it has to be the Ver Beauty Rolling Makeup Case. This brilliant utility article is crafted from aluminum which keeps it lightweight. On the other hand, it certainly ensures a high degree of durability. The case is divided into two compartments that allow you to easily store all your stuff in a well-organized manner.

As a matter of fact, the box also comes with an added lid that features a removable mirror. So, it will certainly help you with your skills.

Key Features

  • Features telescopic handles that ensure that it is easy and effortless to carry around.
  • The wheels are on a swivel that allows 360-degree rotation. Thus, allowing you to move in any direction without hindrance.
  • Its latches are pretty easy to close for securing the objects inside. And the key locks will add to the security.

3. SORISE Makeup Case


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The SORISE Makeup Case as a handful in utility as it is stylish. Firstly, it has been transformed into an elegant design entirely from PVC leather. Next, this makeup case is also quite sturdy. The corners are sheathed by metallic caps to give more hardness to the impressive structure. Given that, it is entirely customizable from and loaded with all kinds of spaces and pockets to organize all your stuff.

There are three days to hold the smaller items while a larger space in the lower half can store all your bigger items. It also features a mirror and a stand that will come to benefit for the artist in you.

Key Features

  • When you are traveling you can easily take this makeup case with you because the doors to the case are lockable. The case comes with the lock and key!
  • Since the case has a telescopic handle it is very easy to maneuver from one place to another.
  • It can rotate to a full 360-degrees and provide smooth movement.

2. Hull Professional Trolley Makeup Case

Hul Best Rolling Makeup Cases

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The Hul Professional Trolley Case is going to be a lovely companion to store all your makeup paraphernalia. It features 4 compartments to provide all the kinds of space you need to store all the stuff. The first compartment has drawers to keep the smallest of items. The second layer and the third one are sponge trays. On the other hand, the bottom-most compartment is very spacious and can be used to store bigger items.

Finally, the makeup case is loaded on four wheels that give it quite the support. The wheels are loaded on swivels that allow it to multi-directional motion.

Key Features

  • Comes with 8 keys that can be operated via two locks to ensure that all your stuff always remains safe.
  • Since the rolling case has detachable wheels, you can easily get non-skid feet whenever you want by removing the wheels.
  • This comes with dividers that you can keep adjusting according to your requirement.

1. SHANY Rolling Makeup Case


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This makeup case indeed comes with copious space. This is a trolley arrangement and also the possibility to be carried on your shoulders is also not there. So, you can blindly rely on the product. This is a spacious and well-compartmentalized makeup case that can store all the makeup paraphernalia in a very organized manner.

The case comprises many drawers and trays throughout which are replaceable. Finally, it features wheels with swivel function to ensure easy maneuvering.

Key Features

  • It features a weatherproof body allowing you to easily carry all your stuff in wet conditions.
  • The trays have construction from liquid-proof materials to ensure that n spillage can be too threatening.

So, why create an unorganized mess when you can always opt for a beautifully organize it. The portable rolling makeup cases will be your company to your clients’ space and let you carry all the necessary items.