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10 Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards of 2024

Everybody loves to wear wrinkle-free and smooth clothes. It makes you look smart as well as classy. However, nobody wants to take up the extra place by getting a table or place for ironing. Thus, it is better to opt for a wall mount ironing board. As the name suggests, these boards mount with the wall. So, you can fold them up without blocking any space unnecessarily. Furthermore, these boards have a durable construction. Hence, they promise to serve you for years to come.

To help you out in making the right choice, we are reviewing the best ones out there. So, check out the reviews to make sure you get the right wall mounted ironing board deals.

How stable are wall mounted iron boards stable compared to regular iron boards?

Iron boards are a necessity because when you have that most important appointment or that special interview, you cannot afford to look underprepared in any way. Pressing your clothes regularly makes you look good but along with an iron, you definitely need an iron board. Now if you live in a small space or you do not have a lot of space left, you need a wall-mounted iron board instead. They are modern and designed for the generation that is always moving. Although they are wall-mounted and can leave you with an impression that they are not good enough, but the innovative design and construction makes them equally good or better. These wall-mounted boards are stable, strong, and can be used as per your needs as well.

List of Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Review

10. Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Ivation Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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A good ironing board like this can do a lot of benefits to your life. Because this a wall-mounted board, even the small apartments will not have a problem using this. Extremely space-saving and vertically foldable, not only it maintains the aesthetics but also lets you work comfortably. Along with the board, you will get the needed mounting hardware and instructions for stress-free installation.

When it gets dirty, you can remove the cotton cover and clean it properly in a washing machine or dryer. No need to use an iron board full of stains and marks.

Key features

  • The cover is entirely out of cotton. Hence, it makes sure ironing feels smooth and there are no risks of color transfer.
  • Moreover, it is very sturdy and durable. So, you will get excellent quality anchors and a sturdy frame of steel that can easily handle 25 pounds of weight.
  • Easy and effortless to use, there is a built-in level that helps you open it and also adjust it.

9. Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board


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When you are looking for a smarter solution that helps you do ironing easily, you need to opt for this. Gone are the days of traditional ironing boards because homes are relatively smaller now. A good wall mounted iron board is a must-have if you wish to look good always in your attire. Because it can be folded up to the wall, you can be sure this will never eat up your space.

An included metal plate has to be screwed on to the wall. And you need to then attach the board to that plate. Simple and effective, the board can even be swiveled 180°. Any direction you want to suit your work.

Key features

  • Swivel and lock in left, right, or inclined position so that you can always comfortably press the clothes.
  • You will get a removable and washable cover when you are keeping it folded to keep it away from dust and debris.
  • If there is anything faulty or not up to the mark, you can ask for a full refund or replacement.

8. uyoyous Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

uyoyous Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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Mounted iron boards have a lot of advantages over your regular iron boards. Very similar to the last option, this wall-mounted iron board also has a very small footprint with an extremely easy to use design. When you are using this board, you are saving yourself a lot of useful space in your home which can be used for other purposes.

Moreover, the board as a whole measures 37-inches X 12-inches X 7.2-inches. This is enough for carrying out your everyday ironing needs. Don’t settle for stand up boards when you live in a small apartment or space.

Key features

  • Offers you 180° of turning and swiveling along with a locking feature that lets you lock it left, right, or in an inclined position.
  • The heat resistant cover protects the board from any sorts of damage of any kind.
  • The steel frame is long-lasting and it is enhanced with an epoxy coating for added durability.

7. Facile Home Store Wall Mounted Ironing Board


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Facile Home store has designed this wall mounted ironing board with a difference. Instead of a regular mounted board, here you will get a cabinet where you can keep all the necessary items. A dedicated space to keep your iron as well, the cabinet measures 33.46-inches X 10.04-inches with a very large shelf as well. Extremely easy and effortless to set it up as well, it hardly requires any sort of assembling or wall hanging.

When it comes to the ironing board, this includes a foldable board that will free up useful space in your home. It goes inside the cabinet when you fold it.

Key features

  • It is designed with a dressing mirror, just after you are done ironing you can dress up out there as well.
  • Uses a very reliable and stable triangle bracket to make sure the board doesn’t wobble when you iron.
  • A sturdier and more durable metal plate is used and the iron board is made of MDF wood.

6. Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Superior Essentials Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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When you need the best kind iron board for your smaller apartment or dorm, you need to have yourself a wall-mounted one. Measuring at 37-inches X 12-inches, the board is big enough to handle your ironing needs on a regular basis. From your daily wear to the most amazing sets of clothes you have, if you like them well-pressed you need to have this.

Although it doesn’t support drywall installation, you will get a mounting plate to complete the setup process. The plate is strong and well built to make sure the board stays stable and movement free when you are ironing.

Key features

  • Allows you to move, rotate, and lock the board in different angles and directions.
  • Will last for a long time, if not forever because it is made of steel.
  • When folded, the board measures 22-inches X 13-inches X 5.25-inches.

5. Household Essentials 18100-1 Ironing Board

Household Essentials

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Household essentials is a name you can rely and depend on always. All of their products are well-made with great innovations to make sure you get a good performance. This iron board doesn’t fall behind either; it is wall-mounted and comes designed with a storage cabinet. The stowaway cabinet keeps the board inside when you are not using it, therefore you get to save the space and also store small essentials inside.

With 3.5-inches of board recess into the wall, don’t worry about the space it will take up in your wall. Besides, the interior of the cabinet measures 13.25-inches X 2.37-inches while there are a couple of shelves as well for added benefits. When the board is out, it measures 28.5-inches X 44.5-inches.

Key features

  • Iron board will be swiveling in nature allowing you to set it up conveniently, suited for both left and right-hand use.
  • Rotation can be tightened or loosened according to your needs with the adjusted bolt below.
  • The height can be adjusted even after you have set it up and there are hanging hooks on the board as well.

4. Household Essentials 18200-1 Ironing Board Cabinet

Household Essentials Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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If you are willing to get yourself DIY kind of wall-mounted iron board that can be customized as per your preferences, you need to have this unfinished oak option. This all-wood iron board and storage cabinet is extremely well built, offers unparallel strength and durability, and makes sure you can finish it your way. Now you will be able to have an iron board that can complement the décor you have in your home. As this is a recessed unit, you will have to cut a hole in the wall for the right installation.

Also, people who are left or right-handed can use it without obstruction, you can place this 60-inches horizontally.

Key features

  • Heatshield design to make sure the board or the cabinet is never damaged due to the iron heat.
  • The board has a 180° swivel design for maximum convenience and flexibility.
  • You will get a cover and pad for easy and safe usage and hooks for hanging your clothes.

3. Organizedlife White Wall Mount Ironing Board


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When you are looking for a board that can be risk-free installed on your whitewall or drywall, you need to check this out. Designed for your maximum convenience and usage, this can be installed in a craft room, laundry room, or almost anywhere you please. On the inside of the cabinet, there are four storage shelves where you can keep the small and essential items.

Locking latch on the back of the board ensures proper folding benefits and secure usage at all times. On the back of the door, there are two hanging hooks as well which means you can hang your clothes when ironing. Last but not the least, the dressing mirror allows you to get ready using this only.

Key features

  • As you will get mounting hardware and instructions, it is totally effortless to use and set up the unit.
  • The highest quality of MDF wood is used to deliver maximum environmental protection and durability.
  • Compact and small, when folded the cabinet measures 37.4-inches X 14-inches X 6.9-inches in total.

2. Eureka MFG Wall Mounted Iron Board

Eureka_MFG Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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This is a limited edition wall mounted iron board from the house of Eureka MFG. The orange wall fixing plate is an exclusive edition and is going to look quite fashionable and trendy. Combined with it is the metallic grey ironing board. The board uses removable and changeable covers and the replacement options are available to buy.

This space-saving board is quite modern in the way it looks and functions. One-click release and fold down, using it on a daily basis is super easy and convenient as well.

Key features

  • The total ironing surface you will have on this compact board is 32-inches X 12-inches.
  • Made in Ireland, the quality of the board is top-notch and comes with a 1-year guarantee.
  • It also comes with an orange wall fixing board. Thus, the installation becomes easy.

1. Duwee Store Wall Mounted Iron Board


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This unique and extremely useful wall mounted iron board is going to be the best addition to your home. This is a space-saving board that can be folded down properly to make sure you can make use of the space better. Featuring a mesh top of 14-inches X 38-inches, the ironing area is big enough for your daily tasks.

Owing to the use of the mesh top, you will get better ventilation and the steam will go through easier. Just not in the wall, this innovative iron board can even be installed on your door.

Key features

  • The thickened felt material is smooth and delivers great padding for easy ironing.
  • Comes with a heat resistant cover to make sure there are absolutely no risks of damages.
  • The frame gets an anti-corrosive and anti-rust powder coated finish for added service life.
  • It is quite difficult and expensive to rely on laundry services as a whole.

Why can you adjust and rotate the iron board?

Because wall mounted boards are fixed from a single point, it gives you the convenience of using them with maximum flexibility. These boards are mostly swiveling in nature so that one can easily adjust and use them. Also, with a good wall-mounted board, you will be able to even move it left or right. Plus, lock it in your desired position. With the help of metal brackets or plates that are used for attachment to the wall, you will also get a very stable user confidence as well.

What are the best kinds of wall mounted iron boards?

When it comes to iron boards and their options, there are many to consider. Different manufacturers are designing a different kind of iron boards to suit your convenience. But every single option is designed with space-saving in mind. In addition to that, the best option of iron boards is often combined with a storage cabinet. Some cabinets even have mirrors that can help you get dressed up after you are done ironing.

Foldable wall-mounted ironing boards are an important item for your home. You cannot wear your outfit full of creases and wrinkles to work and so, these will come of great help.