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10 Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks in 2024

Waking up early in the morning is really hectic. Even if you want to wake up early, your body seems not to wake up. For this reason, we tend to miss a lot of meetings and even important dates. So why not invest in proper alarm clocks? If you are looking for an attractive alarm clock that is sure to go with your décor, choose a Bluetooth alarm clock. An advanced inclusion in your daily routine, you will love how beautifully it wakes you up. So, why not check out some options?

In case you are considering buying one, then study the Bluetooth alarm clocks review. Only the market’s best choices have been listed so that you can make a top choice.

Top Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks in 2024

10. Amazon Echo Dot Alarm Clock

Amazon Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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Indeed, a great alarm clock for your bedside table it is time to go beyond the edge! With the Amazon Echo Dot at your disposal, you can get all kinds of functions in an alarm clock. This device can act as a smart speaker and can also be used for a plethora of things. When the alarm clock rings, you need to just gently tap the top to snooze it immediately. The smart device will also adjust its brightness according to the time of the day.

You can pair this amazing device with a second Echo Dot allowing you to achieve stereo surround sound in your home. Finally, the best thing about this is that it is powered by Alexa and thus slowly takes into your daily routine.

Key Features

  • You can remotely turn off the microphone in this device to protect your privacy whenever you want.
  • The light sensor will keep adjusting the brightness automatically according to day and night.
  • You get full privacy when using this.

9. Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

Echo Spot

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Amazon has come up with all kinds of speakers and Bluetooth alarm clocks. And the Echo Spot is another great deal from their house. This small, portable, and compact device having a 2.5-inches screen backed by Alexa to always be there to help you out! You can also pair smart devices in your home to the Echo Spot. And control all of them through voice commands through a single device.

When you are video calling, you can connect this device to get the voice from the other end loud and clear. Alexa will also jeep learning about you and your routine with time. Hence, be an impressive companion to help you around over some time of use.

Key Features

  • You can easily stream music using this speaker cum alarm clock device from any online platform. These are such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and so on!
  • One can turn off the microphone feature electronically whenever you want to ensure your privacy.
  • This is indeed a compact product that will fit any room.

8. i-box Bedside Alarm Clock

i-box Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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The i-Box Bedside Alarm Clock features a simple device loaded with terrific functions. This device is so crafted in a mild color and stylish finish. Hence, you can set it up anywhere irrespective of the décor. The device works an alarm clock and can also wirelessly charge your smartphone if it is compatible. You can even plug in a USB cord to charge a secondary device through this alarm clock.

It is loaded with 6W speakers that give off a terrific sound. You can really feel the bass from the subwoofer when you are playing songs through your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Key Features

  • Has an impressive one-year warranty that you can call upon easily if anything goes wrong.
  • It is possible for you to set up to 10 different radio stations in this amazing Bluetooth alarm clock to listen to.
  • Apart from dimmable light, it facilitates wireless charging for best results.

7. Abuzhen Wireless Speaker


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Indeed, an exclusive device that allows you to set more than one alarms. This is an interactive and impressive device that allows you to set two entirely separate alarms. It can also run a digital radio and you can also set the FM station as your wake call with this device. The clock can be set between 12 hour or 24-hour modes.

Moreover, the temperature can be set between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. However, when you are running music, the temperature is turned off as the device gets heated up and the sensor receives wrong readings.

Key Features

  • Its simplistic display features all information such as time, temperature, battery percentage and set alarms.
  • The Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures that you can operate the device through Bluetooth from up to 66-ft away.
  • Its mirror LED is not only dimmable but also features every information clearly.

6. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock ER100301

Emerson Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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Emerson is quite a renowned name when it comes to such devices. And the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock is a lovely alarm clock to go with. Next, it features all kinds of terrific functions that will set your heart in this device. It can charge your phone using a USB outlet at 2.1A, 5V. Furthermore, it can play FM music or channel music from your phone just like a speaker.

The 1.4-inches clock display is easy to read and the warm color is good to the eyes. Finally, it is also loaded with soft night light with a bluish tinge for your benefit.

Key Features

  • The alarm clock comes with a memory capable of listing 20 different FM radio stations for you.
  • It runs Bluetooth 4.1 technology and is very capable of working for long distances.
  • This supports a USB connection and establishes a secure connection.

5. Fitfirst Digital Alarm ClockFitfirst

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The FitFirst is a brilliant and interactive cube to set on your bedside to give it a stylish look and also to set your alarms. This alarm clock device allows you to not only set the alarm but fix the days when the alarm is supposed to ring. This means that you do not have to worry about the alarm going on a Sunday morning disturbing weekend sleep.

Besides, the Bluetooth feature is very strong and is operable from up to 33-ft away. You can play FM radio in this device too or play songs through a TF card.

Key Features

  • You can set two different alarms using this device to set reminders for different things. Or to be sure that you will wake up within time in the morning.
  • The alarm tone that wakes you up to anything from preset tunes to the music of your choice to your favorite radio station.
  • You can also connect your phone or a media device using the aux cable.

4. iHome IBT29 Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock

iHome Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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Firstly, a translucent body that immediately comes to life and lights up when you touch it. It features a lovely display which is good to the eyes and displaying the time, connections, alarms, and so on. You can even play music through this device when you want to by connecting your phone over Bluetooth.

Not only your phone, if you have any device that allows Bluetooth function, but you can also connect it to the speaker and listen to songs.

Key Features

  • When you go for the iHome IMT29 Alarm Clock you are going for a color-changing device. There are 5 LED cabinets for you to choose from and 6 colors for the display.
  • Comes with a microphone, talk and end button such that you can even take calls through this device.
  • You get inbuilt tones as well for proper alerts.

3. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio


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When it comes to sound systems, JBL is a name to be reckoned with! They produce amazing sound devices and the JBL Horizon is no exception. Built as a compact, small, yet loud alarm clock, this device features several features. It is not only a clock but may also be used as a media device to play songs from numerous streaming platforms for your phone.

The device has an attractive LD display featuring the date and time and any alarm that you have set. It runs on rechargeable batteries and a USB cable to charge the device is included in the pack.

Key Features

  • You can play music not only through online streaming but also using the radio feature available in this alarm-clock device.
  • The device is fitted with a large snooze button allowing you to easily silence the alarm clock.
  • This has a compact as well as stylish design for creating a great impression.

2. Emerson Dual Alarm Clock

Emerson Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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Want a Bluetooth alarm clock setup that is both stylish and classy? You should go to the Emerson Dual Alarm Clock. A fantastic name when it comes to such devices, the Emerson Alarm Clock is a personalized device with lots of functions. It runs Bluetooth 5.0 enhancing the range of operation to up to 10m. This device works as any other alarm clock would. And may also be used as a radio or a media device by plugging in the aux cable.

The design of the device is made to allow you to reset your phone as you are watching your favorite series or something else.

Key Features

  • The classy device can be charged up efficiently and smoothly using the micro USB cable for charging.
  • Its level of brightness in this handy alarm clock device can be adjusted between 4 levels. Hence, ensures that it is not too bright for your eyes ever.

1. WITTI BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock


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Certainly, an exquisite and handy alarm clock tool to put up on your bedside table. You can go for the WITTI BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock. It is designed and crafted to help you with sleep as well as to wake up. The device can generate several white noises that give you a comfortable time to focus on your sleep. It runs on rechargeable batteries such that you never miss an alarm. The batteries are chargeable through a USB cable. You can set up to 4 alarms with this alarm clock and it even has snooze functions for all of them.

Not only do you get an interactive Bluetooth alarm clock but you can also use the Bluetooth feature to play music through the device.

Key Features

  • Comes with changeable faceplates to match with your room décor or your mood.
  • You can also set different mood lights from among millions of color options and different brightness levels.
  • The clock can be controlled through an app and an auto-sync feature is also available.

So, wake up in time and do not miss any official meetings. The Bluetooth alarm clock speakers will keep you punctual and you will certainly wake-up peacefully.