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10 Best Mini Keyboards in 2024

The mini keyboards are highly convenient devices. Controlling your smartphones, smart TV or computer can be troublesome sometimes. Well, you can make it fun by opting for a mini keyboard. Available in wireless as well as wired versions, they provide you with a long-range. So, you can easily control your devices with ease. Moreover, most of these devices come with a touchpad which further eliminates the need for a mouse.

Nevertheless, it can be troublesome sometimes to choose the right one from a wide array of products. Hence, we are bringing to you the reviews of the best-rated mini keyboards. Read through them to make the right choice.

List of Best Mini Keyboards Review

10. Zetira-Tech Mini Keyboard

Zetira-Tech Best Mini Keyboards

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Of course, this one from Zeitra is truly an excellent product to start this list with. With this product, you can say goodbye to the trouble of tangling wires forever. The product has a wireless design, so you can easily move with the keyboard without getting restricted. Hence, you can also use the product anywhere around the house.

The keyboard makes use of a 2.4Ghz powerful radiofrequency. Therefore, you will have a smooth interaction with the device you are using. Besides, with this product, you do not have to worry about compatibility. It can go with a number of different devices, allowing you to interchange easily without much hassle.

Key Features

  • Just plugging a USB dongle gets the keyboard running for you.
  • The keyboard has many shortcuts, making the product really user friendly.
  • The smart touchpad of the product has a built high sensitive feature. The product also allows you to adjust the DPI to your preference.

9. ANEWISH Mini Keyboard


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An excellent product, it comes with multiple functionalities and tricks. This product has a really wise design, to make sure there is no energy waste. The keyboard has the feature of an auto turn off, which turns the product off after a few minutes in order to conserve energy. Not only that, but the product also has a backlit feature. The keyboard lights up into a fluorescent color. This allows you to use the keyboard even in dark without any problem.

Moreover, the keyboard makes use of a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. This means you do not have to keep running to the shop to buy wasteful batteries.

Key Features

  • The charging cable required to charge the battery is provided with the product itself.
  • To give you better control when playing games, the keyboard is designed in the fashion of a handle.
  • In case this is your first time using a mini keyboard, no need to worry. The user manual provided with the product walks you through each function.

8. Anewkodi Mini Keyboard

ANEWKODI Best Mini Keyboards

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With this product, you will not be disappointed. The keyboard has already won the hearts of many and bagged the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. Surely, it will have what you are looking for as well. The keyboard takes your comfort into consideration. All the keys are frosted, which makes it soft to the touch.

Furthermore, with this product, you do not need to be stuck with the trouble of charging. One full charge promises to run for a good 3 to 4 weeks with normal usage. Moreover, it offers multi-backlit design. You can not only turn on the backlit but also change its color.

Key Features

  • The backlit feature of the product comes in as many as 7 different colors, which you get to alternate anytime you like.
  • With the 360-degree flip design, writing on the keyboard becomes much easier.
  • To save power, the sleep mode for the keyboard is activated after 3 minutes, where the keyboard can be reactivated with a press of any key.

7. Rii Mini Keyboard


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It is always welcome when one product can perform more than one function. And this product can come to a number of different uses. The keyboard comes with a sensitive touchpad, which can also act as your mouse, allowing you to control the screen comfortably from wherever you are. Besides, the keyboard also sports an alternative D-pad.

The keyboard comes with as many as 4 different LED light indicators, alerting you about different types of functions on the keyboard. Because of the battery indicator, you can know if your keyboard is getting charged properly.

Key Features

  • The dongle or receiver used to connect the product to any device comes with the product itself.
  • Even though the product is compact, it has fully functioning QWERTY keys.
  • The product can also be used as a remote control for your television.

6. Perixx Periboard-407

Perixx Best Mini Keyboards

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If quality is your primary concern for mini keyboards, go for this product without a second thought. The keyboard makes use of ABS plastic for the material of the body. ABS plastic is known for its durable properties. Needless to say, you can depend on the product when it comes to long-lasting usage. Moreover, the cable which comes with the product is a good 5.9 feet long. Therefore, you can easily connect to the computer, no matter where it is placed.

Besides, with the plug and play USB interface feature, you can use the keyboard from anywhere you want.

Key Features

  • If you have any doubts about the quality of the product, Perixx drives all such concerns away with an impressive 12-month warranty on the product.
  • The product comes with a special line of built-in 11 hotkeys, which gets the job done much quicker.
  • Furthermore, it is perfectly compatible with devices using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

5. Aodoor Mini Keyboard


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Certainly, this product is one of the best out there. And a lot of innovation is in the design of this keyboard. The mini keyboard has a slim design. The front of the keyboard is thin, while it tapers down to the back. This allows the keyboard to stand upright, which helps better when typing. Also, the slim design makes the keyboard even more suitable to carry.

In case you travel a lot, this product can come in handy. Besides, the keyboard comes with the unique feature of a non-slip mat on the underside of the product, making sure it does not slip down from any surface.

Key Features

  • Not every person has the same taste. For that reason, this product is available in as many as 3 different alluring colors to choose from.
  • With superior quality technology, the keyboard can operate even from a distance of 33 feet with ease.
  • With this product, you do not need any driver.

4. Backlit REIIE H9+

Backlit Best Mini Keyboards


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Why go through the trouble of a clutter of wires, when you can have this mini keyboard. With a wireless feature, it keeps the keyboard mess-free. Moreover, being wireless, this keyboard is also easily portable. The keyboard can be used for a wide array of different devices, from Xbox to computers.

With the ergonomic handheld design, it is much more convenient to play video games on this keyboard. More importantly, it offers a maximum range of 15 meters. As a result, you will be able to use it with your devices without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Keeping everybody’s needs in mind, the keyboard comes with a much-needed user manual to acquaint you with all the features easily.
  • The keyboard runs on a lithium-ion battery, which has a much longer standby time.
  • The battery is rechargeable, saving you money spent on wasteful disposable batteries.

3. Gecen Mini Keyboard


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If you hate the distracting noise of keys when you type fast, this is the product you should go for. The keyboard comes with the exclusive feature of silicone rubber pads. Therefore, you get a noiseless operation, so you can work without disturbing others at night. Furthermore, the product has the thoughtful feature of a LED battery indicator. This will alert you when the keyboard has low battery, so you do not run out of battery while you are using the product.

To top it off, the product assures you about the quality of the keyboard with a matchless 12-month warranty on the product.

Key Features

  • The product has a massive range of 49 feet. Hence, you can easily use the keyboard from any corner of the house.
  • The highly sensitive touchpad has the useful 360 degrees flip feature, allowing you to have much better control.
  • Most importantly, this product is compatible with PCs, Mac devices, PS4, smartphones and a lot more.

2. Fosmon Mini Keyboard

Fosmon Best Mini Keyboards

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For those who are looking for a compact keyboard, this can be a great choice. The product will easily fit in your bag, making it extremely portable. Besides, being really lightweight, you will barely feel any bulk when you are carrying the product. The product comes with the feature of backlit LED. Therefore, you get to work in a dark environment without any problem at all. The product comes with very innovative features.

Supporting Bluetooth 3.0, this keyboard can easily connect to any device without any issues. Furthermore, it also offers a limited lifetime warranty. So, if you ever face any problem, you can get help immediately.

Key Features

  • Even with constant working, the product promises to be able to work straight for 10 days before needing a recharge.
  • As an added trinket, you get the USB cable required for charging the battery-free with the product itself.
  • Even though the product is compact, it comes with a touchpad which performs the function of a mouse.

1. Ponybro Mini Keyboard


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If functionality is not enough for you, this mini keyboard will appeal to you with it’s appears. Not only is the product available in a range of 7 different colors that you get to play with, but it also allows you different modes for more fun. Moreover, the product has a high-speed 2.4G technology, which has an amazing range of radiofrequency. With the various shortcuts available, the keyboard is much easier to use.

The product has an auto sleep and wake-up function. This allows the keyboard to be on standby for a much longer time, with minimal energy consumption.

Key Features

  • With the availability of the receiver, you will not need any driver for this product.
  • This one keyboard can perform three different functions, including that as a remote, as well as a touchpad.
  • Since the product has a handheld design, it is perfect for gamers as well.

Certainly an ideal option for your minicomputers, the portable mini keyboards are certainly going to help you put the write inputs. So, why not get the best product?