The use of an electric pencil sharpener is essential for students, office workers, artists, teachers, and more. It is important to find the top 10 best electric pencil sharpeners in 2023 so you can choose which one works best for you. And so in this post, we have narrowed down your choices so you no longer need to spend a lot of time searching the web. All the items we listed here are high quality and they never disappoint. We have chosen the fastest pencil sharpeners in the market with an extremely safe operation for the security of anyone who uses them. These sharpeners are perfect for home, school, and office use. They come with shaving trays that prevent any risk of clutter. And they look great too.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners to Buy in 2023

10. AFMAT Electric Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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200 pencils sharpened at one time seem like a difficult task, but the AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener can handle the pressure. It is designed for classrooms and heavy usage, and it does not give in to frequent abuse. This is a professional grade sharpener that is great for students, artists, teachers, engineers, and anyone who uses pencils regularly. Plus, the helical blade of this product is capable of sharpening more than 6000 times.

Reasons to buy:

  • Industrial sharpener that is certified by the UL for quality and safety
  • Equipped with a heavy duty helical blade for superior sharpening performance
  • 100% risk-free purchase coupled with a 2 years warranty

9. Toolsand Battery-Powered Electric Pencil Sharpener


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Your dull pencils can definitely benefit from the Toolsand Battery-Powered Electric Pencil Sharpener. It is a highly efficient item that is cordless, so you can stop worrying about tangling wires and looking for electrical outlets. This product has two patented modes of operation of manual and battery, so you can easily choose which one is more convenient for you. Moreover, this electric sharpener comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed for no. 2 wood graphite and colored pencils
  • Battery-powered sharpener that comes with the batteries
  • Includes a spare blade for a seamless replacement for sharpening hundreds of pencils

8. Tripworthy Battery Operated (No Cord)

Tripworthy Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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Quality is absolutely what you need in your purchasing a new sharpener, and quality is what you get when you buy the Tripworthy Battery Operated Electric Pencil Sharpener. It is designed for colored and no. 2 pencils, and it sharpens your pencils excellently to perfection. Plus it has an auto-stop feature for optimum safety in operation.

Reasons to buy:

  • Innovative product that is made from extremely sturdy materials for a longer lifespan
  • Safe and secure sharpening system for the safety of both kids and adults
  • Heavy duty sharpener that is backed with a manufacturer’s warranty

7. OfficeGoods Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener


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Lopsided and uneven pencil point is not good for writing or drawing, and so you need the OfficeGoods Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener. It is designed for home, school, and office use, and this product provides the perfect pencil points. This product is super safe to use, and it is built to provide excellent performance for a long time. It is indeed perfect for adults and kids.

Reasons to buy:

  • 10 to 15 seconds sharpening time, which is extremely safe thanks to the auto-off feature when the shaving tray is detached
  • 3 power options: batteries, USB cord, or AC adapter for your utter convenience
  • Sharpens your pencils in three ways: blunt, medium, and sharp

6. School Smart Electric Vertical Pencil Sharpener

School Smart Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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If you are looking for an affordable sharpener that does not sacrifice quality, then the School Smart Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener is a good choice for you. It offers a fast performance and produces evenly sharpened pencil edges. This product is super sturdy and exceptionally efficient in its task to sharpen your pencils. Plus it has a modern design that is absolutely attractive and fun to use.

Reasons to buy:

  • Contemporary style sharpener with a size of 4” W x 6” H, with a color combination of gray and black
  • Made from high grade materials for excellent performance and long-lasting feature
  • Crafted with rubber pads for a non-skid feature that makes this sharpener stay in play while you operate

5. POWERME Electric Pencil Sharpener


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You will never experience sharpening pencils with uneven tips through the POWERME Ultra-Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener. It is designed to work well with different kinds of pencils, such as the classic #2, triangular, watercolor, oil-based, soft pastel, and chalk pastel pencils. It is super-fast since you only need 3 seconds of waiting for your pencil to be sharpened. This product is extremely durable, and you can use it for more than 3000 times without sacrificing performance.

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely durable helical blade is made from premium quality stainless steel
  • Designed with a rotating spiral drill coupled with an auto-jam release functionality
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee for a hassle-free 6 months guarantee

4. JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener

JARLINK Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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For a quick 5 to 10 seconds pencil sharpening process, try the JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener. It offers a super-fast operation through the premium quality helical blade and auto-stop technology. You have the convenience of using two sources of power for this sharpener, which are either alkaline batteries or electrical power. Also, you never have to worry about the safety of your fingers thanks to the auto-stop technology. This product is manufactured with expertise, and it is built to last for more than 3,000 sharpening times.

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely sturdy helical blade for efficient and fast pencil sharpening process
  • Designed with a shavings tray of large capacity and prevents clutter when sharpening pencils
  • Extremely safe to use, compact, lightweight, and cleaning is easy

3. Officeline for School and Classroom


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When you need to purchase a new sharpener for school use, it is crucial to find a product that is extremely safe for the students. And that is where the Officeline Electric Pencil Sharpener comes into the picture. It is designed to have auto-stop functionality in case the shaving tray is accidentally removed. This feature makes it possible to protect the fingers of the students, especially in school where kids are typically rowdy. And aside from school use, this sharpener is perfect for artists and professionals.

Reasons to buy:

  • Helical blade is made from high quality stainless steel for extreme durability
  • Ergonomic design with seamless grip, coupled with a reliable shavings storage
  • Premium quality sharpener that is backed with a lifetime replacement guarantee

2. Bostitch Office EPS4-BLUE Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch Office Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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It is always best to have your own personal sharpener that you can carry to your school or work. And the Bostitch Office Electric Pencil Sharpener is a perfect candidate for your needs. It has a safety switch called MagnaSafe Technology that preserves the life of this sharpener. Plus, this product utilizes the HHC cutter technology to ensure exceptional durability and longer lifespan of this item. Also, this sharpener ceases operation once the shaving tray is detached, so you can be sure of zero clutter.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from high grade plastic for reliable strength and thorough functionality
  • Compact design at 8.38” x 4” x 4.25” size, and a light weight of 14.4 ounces
  • Large shaving bin for a convenient storage and effective clutter prevention

1. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Blue Pencil Sharpener


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In the classroom, you need a reliable sharpener that can withstand the constant abuse of kids. And the X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is a heavy duty product that is especially crafted for schools. Whenever students use this pencil sharpener during class, the rest of the classroom will not be disrupted thanks to the quiet motor. This item is equipped with a helical steel cutter and utilizes the flyaway cutter system for the optimum safety of the students.

Reasons to buy:

  • 33 times more blade lifespan compared to other pencil sharpeners
  • Works well with 6 different pencil sizes thanks to the adjustable feature
  • Product dimension of 8.5” x 8” x 5.68”, with a weight of 1 pound


We have included all the necessary details of the best pencil sharpeners in the industry so it is easier to make your decision. It is our great hope to assist you with your purchasing decision since we understand how confusing it can be to find the most suitable sharpener. What is most important is the durability of the product as well as the portability. And here we have offered the electric pencil sharpeners that can make your life easier. All the items you can see here are designed to provide a fast sharpening process and are constructed to last for a long time.


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