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10 Best Label Printers in 2024

A label printer is a special equipment used for a printing custom or pre-arranged label according to business requirements. It is different than ordinary printers due to their impressive functionality for completing in-house printing needs. The best label printers are manufactured by a variety of companies in different price tags and designs. The process of finding the ideal model isn’t that smoother as we thought. You need to have an eagle eye during the research process for making the purchase right.

At this platform, we are committed to helping the readers in making the right choices. We have made a list of best label printers that you can buy in 2024 after proper testing & research. It took us 70 hours to complete the entire process for maintaining proper authenticity. Have a look at the mentioned models and buy the one you like most.

List of Best Label Printers Review

10. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer (best for roll paper loading)

Arkscan Best Label Printers

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The product begins with Arkscan 2054A that can perform a variety of tasks ranging from barcode labeling to product labeling. It has a printing speed of nearly 5 inches in a second which is pretty great.

It is delivered with free software for making labels pretty quickly. Additionally, you can enjoy 5-star support to the customers for making things easier.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • The very easy set-up process
  • Print labels for all leading platforms
  • Super cool design


  • A little bit hard to understand manual

9. Munbyn Upgrade USB Label Printer (best under $200)


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We will suggest spending money on this label printer if you can afford to spend a little bit extra. It is a brilliant model that can be used for a variety of things like postage barcode, shipping label, etc.

It is available in two beautiful colors like brown and white that is a blessing for choosy people.


  • Deliver with easy to read manual
  • Very beautiful design
  • Superb printing driver
  • Compatible with all types of systems


  • Cause little bit of heating

8. Phomemo Label Printer (best for Mac OS systems)

Phomemo Best Label Printers

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The Phememo brand has done a fine job creating this product for giving brilliant printing experience. It is one of the best label printers for users who have a Mac OS system. You can print labels continuously for over 12 hours without any problem.

There is proper support offered by the company through different means like live chat, email, and even remote desktop.


  • Solid after-sales technical support
  • Compatible with all types of systems
  • Print labels very quickly
  • Capable of performing automatic label identification


  • Minor issues about printer skipping

7. Soonmark Shipping Label Printer (best for long-term use)


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The next printer we want to suggest is this model from the Soonmark brand having impressive functionality. It is made for individuals looking for a model that can bear continuous work for hours.

This super easy to use the unit can work brilliantly for people selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.


  • Built for long-lasting use
  • Give highly stable printing
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Crafted in a spacious design


  • Not compatible with Apple operating system

6. Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Printer (best wireless label printer)

Brother Best Label Printers

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Featuring Zink Zero Ink Technology, this compact printer is an exceptional product for creating rich & vivid color labels. It is a versatile product that can be used for printing photos, stickers, and many more.

You can print effortlessly using WiFi that makes things convenient. It means one can even create labels even using the mobile phone.


  • Capable of producing high-quality photos
  • Liberty to do printing without wires
  • Very easy to connect
  • Deliver with apps with a solid set of elements


  • Demand software update from time to time

5. FungLam Label Printer (best under $150)


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The fifth position we want to recommend here is this impressive label printer that can do the job at a very quick speed. It is a direct thermal printer having compatibility with all the major systems.

You can set this equipment pretty easily and conveniently in a matter of seconds. Having this machine will allow you to print labels of all the platforms like Shopify, Poshmark, Amazon, etc.


  • Super quick to install drivers
  • Very high-speed operation
  • Deliver with Windows driver software
  • Impressively precise printing


  • The high price might be a trouble for a few

4. Rollo Label Printer (best for wide printing)

ROLLO Best Label Printers

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The next product we want to mention is for companies requiring wide label printing. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system brilliantly. It is a very high-speed label maker that can work for up to 4.1” wide labels without asking for any restriction.

Additionally, it has a very easy setup that allows the users to begin printing instantly in a matter of minutes. Investing in this model will ensure you can print labels with minimal issues for a very long time.


  • Compatible with all the shipping platforms
  • Very impressive construction
  • Impressive customer service
  • Quick printing speed


  • Few complaints about light printing

3. DYMO Label Printer (best barcode label printer)


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If you are looking for a label printer that precisely prints barcodes, then we suggest shopping this brilliantly crafted model from the DYMO brand. It has a solid direct thermal printing technology for the elimination cost of ink to greater levels.


  • Give quick customized printing
  • Good price to buy
  • Direct thermal printing
  • Quick printing ability


  • Documentation needs improvement

2. Munbyn Thermal Label Printer (runners up)

MUNBYN Best Label Printers

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This printer has lost the top position by a very small margin, but it is definitely worthy of creating a worthy printing experience. It may cost a little bit more, but the big production houses won’t mind it at all. The biggest feature of this equipment is its quick set-up that helps in saving time.

Available in two beautiful colors, it has automatic label identification technology that assists in catching the labels pretty easily. Overall, we find it a very useful machine for having a convincing experience for many years to come.


  • Compatible with all types of systems
  • Work without any cartridge & ink
  • A very quick printing system
  • Equipped with an automatic label identification system


  • Very expensive to buy

1. Dymo Label Writer 450 Super Bundle (editor’s choice)


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The topper for the list is Dymo Label Writer 450 Super Bundle that not only completes the printing job efficiently but also minimizes the waste to greater levels. It is equipped with direct thermal printing technology that helps in reducing the ink & toner cost.

There is DYMO software delivered with the unit for completing the work at a quick rate. It is a brilliant unit allowing the users to print labels in a variety of sizes.


  • Capable of printing huge quantities precisely
  • Available at a very good price
  • Print nearly 50 labels/ minute
  • Minimizes toner cost


  • Work setting needs time to understand

How we have selected the best label printers?

Things you need to check while buying a label printer is mentioned below:

  • Printing Method

The first thing to check in the label printer is what kind of printing method it has. The major ones are direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing, and inkjet printing.

The most option to choose is the inkjet printer due to its impressive set of features and higher resolution.

  • Print Volume

The next thing to check in the label printer is what kind of volumes you have. Please understand that few printers are capable of bringing to deal with small runs of printing while others can deal with a large volume of label output.

Please check the model according to the volume you have in the business for a better experience.

  • Budget

The budget plays a great role in the selection process of label printers. It ranges anywhere from US$ 80 to even more than US$ 200 depending on the number of features.

This post has a variety of options in a different price range for making sure everyone ends up shopping the perfect unit as per their needs.

  • Connectivity

Another thing to consider carefully during the evaluation process is what kind of connectivity it offers. The label printers are usually connected using USB, Ethernet, WI-Fi, and USB among others.

The thing we suggest here is to select the right model according to your requirement. It makes sure you don’t feel many issues during the entire printing process.

What are the benefits of label printers for businesses?

A lot of readers think about whether to buy a label printer is a good investment or not. If you are still thinking the same, then have a look at the potential advantages of label printers for businesses below:

  • Creating Labels Instantly

Having a label printer will allow you to print labels anytime you want without facing any issue. You can print the exact number of labels whenever you need with the help of this type of printer.

We all know that even the most recognized printing companies take time to print labels. However, having a label printer will always this issue for the buyers.

  • Minimizes Costs & Inventory

It is pretty evident that the presence of a label printer will help in cutting the printing costs. Additionally, it will let the businesses to replace the printed labels with the other things according to the requirement.

Furthermore, you no longer have to predict the number of printers you need for your business. It will allow you to focus on the other operations instead of the quantity you required for work.

  • Maintaining In-House Quality Control

We all know how important it is to maintain quality control on the labels. The reason behind that is it attracts the buyers to shop for the product. The presence of a label printer will make sure quality never goes down on the labels at all.

  • Liberty to Create Original Labels

A label printer will ensure you create labels of any design without facing any issue. There won’t be any need to have extensive talks with the printing company for the creation of printers you want.

Best Label Printers – Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove smearing from the printed labels?

To avoid smearing, it is strongly suggested to use the compatible ink with the printer. For e.g. use inkjet ink with the inkjet printer and laser ink with a laser printer. Don’t mix up things if you want to eliminate smearing.

How does label printer work?

Unlike normal printers, they are equipped with special technological capabilities that allow them to print the radio identification numbers along with putting the database on the label.

Can we use a laser printer for printing labels?

Laser printers are considered the most effective option for print high-volumes of labels. In fact, the majority of businesses opt for this type of equipment to tackle the needs of their work.

Can we print labels on a normal printer?

Although there is no issue when it comes to printing labels on a normal printer, quality definitely gets compromised. Also, getting continuous results from an ordinary printer will be a difficult task.

Why my printer isn’t printing labels correctly?

Have a look at the print settings in the printer that may be found like the names of printer properties, printing preferences, etc. Try to ignore any particular settings and use the default ones to get the best results.


Selecting the best label printers is a very crucial task, especially if it will be used for business purposes. The reason behind that is no one wants to compromise with the quality when it to their customers. We have tried to reduce the burden on the readers by giving them a list that solves all their issues.

Still, have any trouble related to the best label printers? Write about it in the comment section for getting answers.