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10 Best Paint Markers in 2024

Art is a form of expressing your creative side. And painting is an indispensable way to express your art form. If you are an artist then you will surely know how essential a paint marker is to your art. These markers have a fine tip and they allow you to work on any surface. Most importantly, the ink of these markers does not smudge. Plus, they are water-resistant too. Therefore, they allow you to produce precise and fine work without any issue.

If you are looking for the paint marker recommendations, then you are in luck. Here, you have the 10 best options that you can buy on the internet. So, what are you thinking? Keep reading.

Best Best Paint Markers in 2024 Reviews

10. AsaniPaint Pens Marker Set

Asani Paint Markers

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If you are going for precision, this acrylic marker set will really come to your aid. Of course, the product has an extra fine tip of 0.7mm of nylon. Therefore, you can nail your designs perfectly. Besides, nylon lends durability to the product. The tip of the product is so fine that you can draw, paint, or even write with the product.

Moreover, the marker set is also completely free of any odors. So, your sensitive olfactory senses will not have any problem. Unlike most products, this set uses premium quality Italian ink. Hence, you can do your artwork without any fear of washing out.

Key Features: 

  • Safety should always come first. For that reason, this product adheres to the ASTM D-4236 safety standards.
  • Next, the product maintains a consistent flow so that you can get your projects just the way you want it.
  • Lastly, this marker works on everything including porcelain, wood, ceramic, glass, canvas, leather, fabric and much more. In other words, you will surely receive multi-surface goodness with this product.

9. Flymax White Paint Pen Maker


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For those who are in dire need of good quality white paint pens, this can be a great choice. The product is a set of six superior quality acrylic markers. Furthermore, this product has a really unique feature that of the pump action. Thus, you do not have to worry about any leaking anytime soon.

The marker promises to dry really quickly so that you can enjoy the final result of your art. Next, the product is also really opaque. Therefore, you will be able to produce fine yet prominent work with ease.

Key Features:

  • To achieve that pinpoint accuracy, the tip of the product is really fine measuring only a 0.7mm.
  • Also, the white paint pens are completely non-toxic. So, you can use them without any concerns.
  • A very useful feature of the product is that it is totally water-resistant. Hence, the spills will not ruin your hard work.

8. Artistro Paint Pens

ARTISTRO Paint Markers

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If you have been looking for oil-based paint markers, go for this product without a doubt. To give your art a rich and vibrant color, the permanent oil-based ink applies high-quality Italian ink. Moreover, this product has a medium tip. Therefore, you are able to get a lot of versatile uses with a single marker.

On top of that, since the paint pen is permanent, you do not require to use any seal on your artwork. Besides, it is water-resistant as well, which eliminates the chances of any water accidents.

Key Features: 

  • With this paint pen, you will not need to use too much ink for one art piece. The pen provides opaque, concentrated ink at the first stroke itself.
  • The product promises there will be no flooding or jamming so that you can complete your work smoothly.
  • These markers even promise resistance against any abrasion.

7. Paint Mark Paint Pens

Paint Mark

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This product will surely not disappoint you. The pens have won the title of Amazon’s Choice with their amazing service. If you still not find the quality of the product impressive then hold on. Certainly, these paint markers come with an exciting 365-day guarantee on them. Besides, the product has a design that is able to handle industrial projects with ease.

The product vouches to resist any fading or even smearing. Hence, the paint stays intact on whatever object you apply it to. Most importantly, it offers 20 sets of markers of different colors to work with.

Key Features: 

  • Apart from the usual colors, this product also provides two metallic colors of silver and gold for even more fun.
  • If you have a sensitive nose, you are in luck. Obviously, this is a low odor product, so you can work without any inconvenience.
  • The product also promises to be able to withstand the usual physical wear.

6. Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen

uni Paint Markers

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This is a water-based ink. The advantage of the product is that, unlike alcohol-based ink, this product will not bleed. Moreover, even if the product is water-based, it does not take much time to work. The markers are lightning-fast. If that was not enough, this product is also waterproof.

Needless to say, no amount of washing will be able to take off your time-consuming art piece. To get beginners started with their art, this is a simple 8 piece product.

Key Features:

  • The product is completely safe to use. It is totally toxin-free, so you can use it without any worries.
  • The product also assures that it can adhere permanently to any porous surface, for example, wood or paper.
  • You can use the product to write on a variety of different materials including plastic, metal, plaster, canvas and so much more.

5. Liquitex Professional Paint Marker


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If this is your first time with paint markers, you can go for this. It is undoubtedly one of the best markers you can opt for. The product comes in a single piece. Although, it lets you choose your favorite shade from a wide range of 50 colors. Besides, each color has its very own characteristics of sheer or opaque depending on the shade for even better results.

You get to try your hands on fluorescent, transparent, iridescent and much more. The product is completely water-resistant when dry, even though it can be water-soluble when it is wet.

Key Features: 

  • The product allows you to have the choice between fine as well as a wide tip to give you more flexibility.
  • Furthermore, this marker has promised a long life of 50 years for its ink. Thus, you can produce art without worrying about ink fading.
  • Even if you want to get a multi-surface effect, with this product, no need to worry about any bleeding.

4. Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Marker Set

Molotow Paint Markers

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Everybody has a different requirement. For that reason, this product is available in a range of different sizes. You will be able to get the exact thickness you are looking for. Besides, the paint marker set surpasses all when it comes to quality. It has crucial patenting capillary technology. This gives the product an amazing Flowmaster pump marker system. The product is completely free from any solvent, which makes is soluble in water or acetone.

Also, it comes as a pack of 10 markers of multiple colors. Therefore, you will always have the right color on your side.

Key Features: 

  • Of course, it offers the best possible opacity available out there. These acrylic base hybrid markers are completely weathered as well as UV resistant.
  • An extra advantage of the product is that it is also refillable. Therefore, you do not need to keep buying new markers at a higher price.
  • Furthermore, the tips are easily unchangeable since they can dilute in water or acetone.

3. Sharpie Paint Markers


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Sharpie is a well-known name producing paint markers for a year. If you are looking for paint pens which will not burn a hole through your pocket, Sharpie markers will be perfect for you. Since the product is oil-based, it will be able to tolerate almost any wear and tear effect. The markers are water resistant which means you can wash your items without your paint wearing off.

Besides, it also assures that the marker is totally abrasion-resistant. Being fade-proof, the paint will last on the surface for years to come.

Key Features: 

  • You can nail the precision with this paint marker being available in 4 different versatile tip sizes to cater to all.
  • The product has a valve action design. This lets you have a smooth application without any jolts or jamming.
  • It dries out really quickly so you do not have to wait.

2. Rolodex Uni Paint Markers

Rolodex Paint Markers

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This product is a good collection of 12 different pen markers. Hence, you get various alluring colors you can work with. More than that, the marker provides pastel colors and also comes with 2 metallic shades of gold and silver. Therefore, it allows you to do amazing work on glass or ceramic. Because of the smooth formula, the ink dries up really quickly. Thus, it helps your artwork stand out, no matter what surface you chose.

Since the product is oil-based, the color is much more vivid and complete opacity is maintained.

Key Features: 

  • Of course, the product has a really fine tip, to begin with. Hence, it is fairly easier to write with this marker than the thicker ones.
  • Next, the product can adhere to stone, leather, earthenware and almost any surface you can think of trying on next.
  • Most importantly, you will also be able to paint rocks with this marker too.

1. PoscaPX113605000 Acrylic Paint Marker


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Certainly, an excellent choice, it is perfect for anyone looking for precision in their work. If you are looking for one marker rather than a complete set them you can go for this. Since the product is available in 10 different shades, you are sure to find the color you are looking for. Furthermore, this paint marker has the innovative feature of a mixing ball inside the barrel.

Rest assured, you will be able to paint consistently without needing to shake your marker ever so often. This enables you to have a clean project without any mistakes.

Key Features: 

  • To prolong the use of the paint marker further, the product indeed has the essential feature of reversible tips.
  • It is totally non-toxic. So, you do not need to panic even if you get some paint on your skin.
  • Lastly, the product is both solvent as well as alcohol-free. Therefore, you get to blend colors really well as well.

Colorful paint markers are important to every artist. They allow you to create fine art without any issue. Nevertheless, finding the right markers can be a headache. Well, you can get rid of that now by opting for the right one from the list above.