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Best Shipping Label Printers of 2024

Labeling is important while shipping an item. It helps in keeping track of the product and ensuring its safe delivery. However, labeling is very time-consuming when there are multiple products. Well, this is why you need to opt for a shipping label printer. These printers are capable of printing labels at an incredible speed. Furthermore, they are not very space consuming and can fit anywhere. You can also use them with your windows, Mac or other OS easily. It increases efficiency and reduces manual labor.

In case you need to print valuable information, check the top shipping label printer manufacturers that are excellent in every sense. So, find the details and then place the order.

How do the shipping label printers work?

For almost all shipping label printers, you have to take the benefit of the USB. Since USB is used, you can run the product through many different devices from phones to laptops with ease. Even if you do not find the USB lying around, some printers even give the dual option of Bluetooth, so that you can switch to a clutter-free, wireless printing set up. As far as the systems go, you will hardly find any printers which are not compatible with both Mac as well as Windows, so it does not matter which system you have.

Best Shipping Label Printers Review

10. LabelRange Shipping Label Printer

LabelRange Best Shipping Label Printers

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If you are starting up your very own small business from home, this label printer is a must-have item for you. The product is suited for places with a space crunch. Being really compact, the item can easily settle itself on the desk or your shipping station. Besides, the label printers weigh no more than 2.62 pounds. Therefore, you can easily move it from one spot to another without any hassle.

Even though it may look small, it has a high-quality print resolution of 300DPI that you can count on. Because thermal energy is used in this device, you will not need to spend on ink or toner.

Key Features

  • Unlike other printers, this product makes use of thermal energy for printing.
  • This has compatibility with PayPal, Amazon, eBay and any popular e-commerce platform.
  • Because ink or toner is out of the question, you can print anything, anywhere without running out of supplies.

9. Munbyn Shipping Label Printer


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If a mere operation cannot quite impress you, this product has got a little more that may appease you. The item comes in a range of 3 different colors, so you can choose one which goes best with your interior design. Moreover, this product allows you much freedom when it comes to printing. Multiple size labels can be used inside to be printed, so you can handle all types of orders with no issues.

If that was not enough, the printer has the exclusive feature of overheat protection. The product will perform heat dissipation, so the printer can last you for a long time to come.

Key Features

  • If you are not great with the installation, of this product, the job is done with a simple click.
  • The product can run continuously printing as many as 700 sheets in one go.
  • Non-slip mats have been provided on the bottom of the printer, so that, the product does not skid from its place.

8. Rollo Label Printer

ROLLO Best Shipping Label Printers

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When you cannot afford to make compromises with quality, you will be wise to go for this item. The printer has earned its reputation by earning the title of Bestseller on Amazon. It will surely exceed your expectations as well. Whether you want stack type or roll type, as long as you have the label holder with you. Now, you can print any type of label with this printer with ease.

As far as the efficiency goes, the product is able to print as many as 238 labels per minute per four-row labels. So, getting your job done in practically no time is easy. This product relieves you of the usual complications. With one button, the printer is able to identify both the size and characteristics of your label.

Key Features

  • Compatibility is no issue with this product, the item going with almost all major shipping platforms.
  • The thermal printing technology will help in smooth printing and perfect results.
  • It can print at the speed of 150 mm/s that is pretty fast, to be precise it will be twice as fast.

7. K Comer Shipping Label Printer

K Comer

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The product tries to make the best of the latest technology to give you outstanding results. This printer uses speed balancers with clearer print heads to achieve the desired results. Whether it is a dusty environment or not, this printer assures you to work all day without any issues. It has Advanced Thermal Direct technology that will help in attaining perfect prints.

For a single day, the printer can process 5000 labels. Hence, it will be taking care of your orders with lightning speed so that you can stay on track. The printer vouches to work straight for 24 hours without getting any damages to itself. Whether you have a Mac system or a Windows is no trouble for this product, as it can be run on either.

Key Features

  • The set up hardly requires any time, promising to get it all done within 5 minutes at most.
  • Indeed, an automatic product that will easily catch the label and print it properly.
  • As long as you have some thermal labels, you need not worry about any ink with this device.

6. Besteasy Shipping Label Printer

BESTEASY Best Shipping Label Printers

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This product has a Japanese Kyocera printer head. This adds to the further durability of the product. Keeping practical necessities in mind, the printer also has rubber rollers. This acts to prevent the paper from sticking and getting torn up. More than that, the label guides on this item are movable. Therefore, you will be able to print a number of different sizes of labels with this one printer.

The paper sensor on this product has great precision. To keep all your data in a safe and separate place, the printer also comes with the trinket of a pen drive.

Key Features

  • A sharp-toothed knife has been added to the design, so that, you can easily tear off the label cleanly.
  • The item even has a status indicator to let you know about the process.
  • With the viewable window on the top, you will be able to monitor what is going on inside the printer.

5. Netum Shipping Label Printer


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If you are one who works on a number of different platforms, this product will be ideal for you. Going with all major platforms, you can carry out your printing smoothly with just one device. Furthermore, this has a special feature which takes care of all paper jams, all by itself, without requiring your help. The label printer works through the USB. Hence, you can use a number of different devices to print your labels.

With the presence of the dissipation hole, the printer does not run any risk of overheating. The design has been intentionally made portable, so you can print whatever you want, wherever you like.

Key Features

  • Since the detection of the label is automatic, much of your workload is reduced.
  • While the label marker allows you to choose from a number of different sizes, you can also customize it with the adjuster.
  • It’s a high-speed printer that operates at 150/mm for perfect results.

4. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan Best Shipping Label Printers

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This little friend will make your shipping management simpler than ever. The top of the printer has a viewable window. Thus, you can monitor the printing without requiring to take off the printer to check. Besides, this product offers you free software in the package. As a result, you do not have to spend extra bucks to buy one.

As far as the speed of the item does, the printer is able to give the service of 5 inches per second. The product supports both roll paper and fanfold paper type, so you do not have to fuss for one.  This enables the thermal scan for smooth results.

Key Features

  • You can avoid spending wastefully on ink or toner with this product.
  • It is completely compatible with Mac OS and Windows.
  • The 5-star real-time support helps you solve the problem through live chat, phone and so on.

3. Neflaca Shipping Label Printer


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As far as the installation goes, the printer allows you much flexibility. Both the USB flash disk and CD-ROM drive options are provided. Hence, you can choose one which is easier for you. Further, if you are absolutely new to this whole label printer idea, you need not stress. To walk you through all the steps of the installation, the package also includes a helpful installation guide that you can follow.

The superior quality printer promises that the text or image will not smudge or fade upon contact. Besides, the product comes with as many as 100 pieces of fanfold labels in the first place. Thus, you will be able to use this item immediately after delivery.

Key Features

  • The resolution is as much as 230DPI for perfect and crisp results.
  • It is compatible with FedEx, Amazon, Ebay and all the popular platforms.
  • The product also has a quiet operation so you are not distracted by unnecessary noise.

2. Jiose Shipping Label Printer

Jiose Best Shipping Label Printers

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Jiose takes the technology of printing a step further ahead. Apart from the usual label identification, this product has a special switch. With the press of this switch, the product will automatically study the materials and gaps of the labels as well, so no label is wasted during printing a long row. Besides, this product is able to identify thermal paper labels all by itself so that you do not have to open the printer each time you feed it new labels.

The product outdoes itself when storage is concerned. This is extremely compact in size, it hardly takes up any room.

Key Features

  • Whether it be Windows or Mac OS, you can run this printer through any of the systems.
  • The printer proves to be cost-effective, not making use of any cartridges of ink.

1. Offnova Shipping Label Printer


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If you cannot find the USB lying around, no need to panic. While this product can be run through the USB, you can also use Bluetooth technology. It allows wireless and hassle-free printing. Besides, the USB cable required for the purpose comes with the product itself, allowing you to test the printer right when it arrives.

Also, since it goes with a number of varying sizes, you can use this with almost all direct thermal papers. As far as the height of the paper goes, the printer has no restriction.

Key Features

  • The lightweight item can be easily shifted from one place to another.
  • Even though the product does not make use of any ink or toner, you do not have to worry about the text or image fading or smudging with this product.
  • You even get an alcohol pad with this product.

Why should you buy shipping label printers?

Unlike your little home printer, shipping label printers are run on software. For this, the job becomes much more automated and easier, rather than selecting each time to print one label, which is a really tedious job, even for a small business. Moreover, shipping label printers make use of thermal technology in order to print out your labels. Rather than wasting money on ink or toner, and running out of them at odd times of the day, this printer will run smoothly as long as you have your thermal papers nearby. The thermal technology creates superior, top quality print, which does not run any chances of getting smudged or faded if it keeps coming in contact with fingers.

Besides, the printers are specially designed so that they are suitable for a number of different shipping platforms, making your work even simpler on a day to day basis. To top it all off, most of the shipping label printers are designed so that, they can identify the characteristics of a label all by themselves, so that, you do not have to keep on customizing it each time. Working with a number of different sizes, you can print any type of label you want on this product.

What are the two different types of thermal labels used on shipping label printers?

The first one that is probably the most common is the fanfold type. This can be put inside the printer directly, no requiring any other accessories to get the machine working. For the other type, it is called the roll type labels. For this, you will need a label holder, which has to be placed inside the printer, which is usually not provided in the package. Most printers can be used with both types of labels.

What two things are a must for shipping label printers?

Since the printers are supposed to work for hours on an end without any break, you should get one that comes with an efficient heat dissipation system, to prevent any damages that might arise with overheating of the machine.

Also, if you can get a product that has the top viewable window on it, you will be able to see all that is happening inside, so you can make sure things like paper jamming are not hindering the process of printing.

Final Verdict

Print the labels in full clarity with the commercial shipping label printers and get the perfect results. So, reduces your work pressure and obtain spot-on results.